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  1. I remember the good old "is that rain guys???" and everyones phones going off then "ampol meadow springs boys we goin drifting!!!" Has been a while kimbo... mandurah has changed hey... noone is game enough to take their cars out anymore... in the words of NWA ... F**k tha police!! :wassup:
  2. 21 grand tool!!! I can vouch for this car... Its fast hey. Well looked after and good condition.
  3. Hey all wats up. I've been looking for bodykits for r32's and i can't seem to find fark all around. Can anyone help me out with some sites to find one???
  4. I'm in...even if it aint on i'll carboard widebody my bunky car and drive round the track with no zorst pretending to be one!!! :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: NEone else in???
  5. I'm in I'll vote the biatch out... :Bang:
  6. Gav loves accidental drift into the ditch. "i didn't even hit boost" :bs!: .. how did you end up in there backwards wedged unda a bush??? Meh it was a good effort tho man
  7. exhale32 ran a 12.54 at quit motorplex in his 32 gtr. That is pretty much stock. he was limiter launching tho!!! He hated the Heavy duty clutch.
  8. man i wish i had the $$$ nice lookin ride tho dude shouldn't have too much trouble
  9. It was in victoria and they did mention that it was in melbourne. Those guys are useless f*ckers anywayz. The burnouts were lame and so were most of the cars. The blue rotor had a PROMAZ Sticker on the window. I saw a similar thing about 1 yr ago on today tonight and it had cars drifting around a u turn in perth and about street racing. Meh sif care if you're stoopid enough to let urself get caught then deal with it. I know cos i got 9 months for drag racing and resisting arrest... in a COMMONWHORE!!
  10. sorry to say but 100 over isn't jailtime
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