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  1. use BBK he can paint them so you get no orange peel.... 0415371404
  2. Nathan Webb

    Commercial Sales & Leasing Consultant

    Email: [email protected]

    Mobile: 0411 084 886

    this is were he works and his current moblie number

  3. $700 or i will be selling it tonight to someone not on the forums.
  4. the car ran identical trap speeds of 179.69klms. So it backed off quite early from the finish line.... All that being said congratulations to lil bro and cant wait to see the times when its prepped and caged for targa... P.S Cant wait till my bloody one arrives.
  5. Hi looking for the front end parts for an R34 GTR preferably in bayside blue or silver. pm me bonnet bumper (front) fenders
  6. why is it for sale, they can be bothered trying to hack the ecu systems and codes on it to modify it.....?
  7. what colour was the one you know of 2GU UP?
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