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  1. Spotted after Powerplay in Sydney a blue r34 GTR with GTR70Y plates anyone know who it is and if so message me I was the one having a play with him in a blue r35 I'd like to know how much power he has etc Ps it sounded mental in boost
  2. Mines or Amuse but expect to pay the around $6-$7k just for a catback
  3. Cheers what's his user name and it would look good with 3 blue r35's cruising around Newcastle or wherever
  4. Is that the one with GTR505 plates and I'm working that day I'm going to try get it off
  5. Sounds great mate I'm keen on which ever day and I know at least one other r35 that will be super keen as well
  6. That's what I was aiming for but no one seemed to keen for it which is a shame
  7. Only got this pic which some randoms took and I ended up getting tagged in it
  8. It's was good catching up mate and great chat learn more and more everyday with these things. Maybe next time we will have more people interested
  9. I may come just gotta see if I can get off work that day and many other r35's attending?
  10. No need to be a racist pig and new members being housos?? yeah sorry mate but I actually have a r35 like many new members here and you clearly do not belong in this forum if your so V8 minded and have so much hate for us and our cars!!! Close this thread please or someone put a link up for a Commodore forum for him
  11. 3X the price of the new VF I don't think so and fine put it against your beloved corvette zr1 or whatever it would smash it round a track and on the straight I don't think there would be much difference and remember these so called cars 1/3 the price have more power!!! Also look at M3s and stuff they are dearer then the gtr are as well and gtr is best value for money when you put it against super cars that are dearer but are they faster NO so your price there's goes your price tag theory Discopumpkin
  12. No offence but your imports must of been lemons or something I know many people who have been V8 crazy until they sit in a boosted import and change there mind about them straight away and never the other way around
  13. In saying all that my mate has a gtr r32 which ran a 10.9 on pump fuel and running twin turbos still with bugger all lag and on a launch it took off faster then mine and it feels so much faster and that's a street car stock transmission and wasn't even a perfect run and got kicked off. Don't bag out my turbo lag it gives your V8 a chance
  14. I ain't complaining haha I actually think its a joke mysef lol And as for seeing idiot r35 drivers to be honest there's not much on the street which would be worth toying around. I also always have people drive like idiots around me or ss's rev me up and try race me I pretty much just take a quick look and laugh. No offence to anyone but I just hate to see a grown man cry
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