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  1. Got a few parts lying around left over from when i had my HR31. OS Giken TS2BD twin plate for RB20DET - Requires a rebuild and new pressure plate as its too far worn but once done can handle anything you throw at it! http://www.otomoto.com.au/osgiken/overhaulparts.htm $400 ONO. A pair of old school Recaros - perfect for throwing in a 31 or 30. have been re-padded and new side bolsters, one has a small stain on the base (bit of elbow grease will get that out though) $300 for the pair. Also have a fiberglass copy GTS-R rear wing that requires some repairs as it's cracked. $50 Cheers Karl Edit: can't seem to post up pics of the seats.. pm if your interested and i'll email them.
  2. Bump. another pic for the trainspotters out there.
  3. Has Z31 Californian turbo front hubs, so 5x114.3, the rears are still the 4 stud stock hubs however ANY 5 stud rear hubs off a Z31 are a straight bolt on, i've never bothered converting the rear because both sets of rims i use are multistud. Rear hubs can be purchased from most wreckers for -$100 (what can i say? i'm lazy..) I'll get some more pics up tonight but interior pics will have to wait till next week as i'm currently interstate on work.
  4. Make: Nissan Model: Skyline HR31 Gts-x Milage: ~80,000 Transmission: 5 speed manual Colour: Black/Silver Location: Adelaide Complied? Yes RWC supplied? No Currently registered? Yes Price: $12,500 Firm Contact: Karl - [email protected] Comments / Modifications: Engine RB24DET bottom end Tomei 82mm pistons RB26DET crank/rods 1.2mm Tomei stainless HG fully Rebuilt Cyl Head Splitfire coilpacks rebuilt R33 RB26DET injectors Apexi Power FC + HC Z32 AFM Custom Garrett 2871R with RB25det Rear HKS cast low mount manifold 3" exhaust incl custom dump R33 GTR cooler Trust BOV Turbosmart boost controller Suspension Bilstien shocks King springs Whiteline front 24mm adjustable swaybar custom Whiteline rear adjustable camber kit Hicas removed Tien camber tops All nolythane bushes front/rear Brakes R33 GTS-T rotors and calipers all round Braided lines all round DS2500 brake pads Motul fluid New master cylinder Cusco master cylinder stopper Driveline Fresh Rb20det gearbox Extreme HD clutch (under 1000km since new) 1.5Way LSD diff (getting noisy) Interior HKS gauges - Oil temp and pressure Greddy turbo timer Power FC hand controller Alpine HU JVC front splits Pioneer 6x9s Thats about all i can think of at the moment.... Images: --------------------------------------------------------------------------- As you can see loads of money has been spent, super quick car with shitloads more potential left in it. Has made 230rwkw on 17psi with a fairly conservative tune, Throw an external gate and bigger rear housing on the 2871 and it'll make even more, but i enjoy the huge mid-range torque so kept the 33 housing. I've owned the car since importing it from Japan 4 years ago and have spent too much to bother counting.. Reason for selling is i've bought an Evo IX and its just taking up garage space at the moment. All test pilots and low ball offers will be ignored. PM or email me with serious offers.
  5. Man, i'm freaking amazed at how cheap people are selling thier HR's for these days, i've thought about selling mine but if thats the type of price i'll get i'd rather keep it. or if i do sell it i'd consider advertising it over in japan and send the fckin thing back there, probably get more for it that way.. Good luck with the sale dude. just stop dropping the price, your breaking my heart! :laughing-smiley-014:
  6. So does the front bar include those indicators? they dont look like standard 31 blinkers. I'd definatly buy the bar, grille and lids if you bring them in Trent.
  7. By the looks of it, yea the filler and grille are a one piece item. the front end is really growing on me, bumper lines and rounded corners make it look alot more modern. wonder if you could shorten the skirt half an inch without butchering it so it wouldnt look stupid without any sideskirts. under 2k for a full kit including new bars is pretty damn good though.
  8. Front bar looks sweet, but i think the rear and side skirts are alittle loud and overdone. the HR31 skyline looks boxy enough without adding a rear bar like that! It's a pity really, cause there are pretty much no kits for the 31 available in Aus aside from the powerplay/r31house kit, and thier overpriced and just skirts anyway. i think thats the first entire bumper replacement kit i've seen. i do like the lids and grille replacement.
  9. is there a towing capacity written anywhere on the car? dunno about jap cars but theres usually something written on an ID plate on aussie cars and i cant find any specs on the net.
  10. Hey guys, chasing a RB20DET gearbox, in adelaide preferably but if your willing to frieght it here i'd still be keen.. Cheers Karl
  11. yea i figured any car with good fuel economy and anything close to the style and luxuries of a stag would be close to the 30-40k mark. so with my max 20k budget i've got limited options. i was thinking about a jeep but the option of having the skyline breakdown at a meet and just taking the tow car out for a thrash really appeals. however if the tow car looses a rear wheel on the way out there i could be in trouble!
  12. Hey guys, Well my HR31 is getting to the point of being taken off the road and turned into a stripped out race car. so i'm now looking at finding a second car with all the luxuries, comfortable to drive, shitloads of space and still being able to tow a car trailer with a 1300kg skyline onboard to and from motorsport events (interstate trips included). have been looking at some stageas and they look like everything i'm after. But, what i'm after is if anyone has had much experiance with using these to tow cars around? do the diffs last? are the autos strong enough to tow 2000kgs? does the rb25det have enough torque to pull 2000kgs up hills? Cheers guys, any help appreciated! Karl
  13. Just make sure you get everything machined nice and smooth as with metal gaskets everything needs to be spot on, pay attention around the head bolt holes if your just going to clean up the block as they can tend to pull up if they've been overtorqued.
  14. Looks like some serious porting done there!
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