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  1. Can we get an update on whats happening with the wings?
  2. that's including installation, yes. providing they dont run into problems or anything. eg. drill out the bolts or watever coz of rust. RHETT i dont have aftermarket turbo. i already have front pipe, its just the dump pipe im getting done. Thanks for your input guys. Greatly Appreciated.
  3. This seems a little high for a small 3" inch stainless steel pipe. It's not even split as well. Is this worth it? or are there any other shops around Melbourne that do better? Can anyone help me out a bit?
  4. im interested. put my name down. are they really good quality?
  5. Can u add my name down too, I met with Hus the other day and paid the full amount. He told me to PM him but i dont know what his username is on SAU. You can ask him to confirm.
  6. I want to buy one, put me down for one. I live in Melb. I'll send you a PM too and I've also added you to MSN.
  7. Hey guys, have any of you ordered any items from Nengun over the holidays? I'm just wondering because i placed an order on the 29th of last year and its been over 2 week and no update of what’s happening with the parts. I've emailed him 4 times and still no reply. Was it a bad time to order over the holidays? Sorry if this is in the incorrect part of the forum.
  8. the gtr pumps are fine (unless you plan on more then 250rwkw), and are a direct swap for your old gtst fuel pump. Unless you want to go a nismo item (which is roughly $600 from memory) you'd be hard pressed to find one that is direct fit around here. They are cheap, but by no means a 'crap fuel pump'. Walbros are another good pump which is well priced, and in a few group buys i've seen of them, the guy threw in an installation kit consisting of all the other bits and pieces that you need to get it installed (with instructions in some cases). Didn't seem like much modification was required.
  9. Selling 4X nissan r33 wheels came off my 33 with 95% Tread. 5 stud, excellent conditon. $250 Contact me on ven800@gmail.com or pm me Endeavour Hills, VIC - edit Tyres: Sumitomo HTR 55Z 205/55ZR16 (16 inch)
  10. Looking to buy a R33 GTR front bar and gtr grill (prefered if they were fitted before) to fit my 33 gts-t Eg. One with the air vents at the front.
  11. i agree with 600hp, yes.
  12. I think you will find any atmo-venting bov will make the sound that you are after. The installation is easy as long as you get one that is already suited to fit the stock r33 bov adapter. It shouldn't take you more then 5 minutes. The problem with the atmo-venting bov's is that you might run into the idling problem that so many others have, but if you have some sort of aftermarket management or even a simple piggyback ecu then you can get your tuner to fix up the idling problem. I think GFB have made a BOV that half vents to atmo and half plumb-backs so it gets rid of the idling problem, but i have no idea how they sound like.
  13. _Ven

    Import Dealers in Melb

    i was looking at this white 1995 model. i like that one. the price is fairly good, its only the interest rate that is kinda high. like 12. something % ive found a place on 517 victortia street, abbotsford. they will give me 9. something % rate but the car isnt as good quality as the one at kamikaze motors. (also the one at kamikaze has sunroof ) im gonna keep looking and try find some more. thanks again for all your help. greatly appreciated
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