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  1. Cheers guys Nudged it into the 400 club today, 414kw on 23psi on a Dynapack Hitting the track Thursday for its first drive in 2 years.....expecting to change jocks after the first couple of laps LOL
  2. Sorry for the excessive photos...........its tune day and ive done my normal ritual (wash the car and take pics of it before shit goes down haha) Just realised i forgot to put the splitter on to complete the effect (and my rear diffuser is on its way from my in-laws workshop too, so excuse its nekkid bum)
  3. Cheers bloke. They're Varrstoens (i think they were the 2.2.1 model from memory) - 18x10.5 +20. Ive got 265/35s on there at the moment, but a) theyve gone extremely hard after 2 years and b) i want 295s now haha
  4. Its nearly done kids tomorrow is d-day......first start up in 18 months
  5. PRICE DROP $200 this week only!
  6. More progress, she looks less than pretty at the moment. Mark (Jenkies) from Dogzilla Racing came and tacked up some splitter mounts for me last night (apologies for the blurry shots, i think i need to paint the front bar so it doesnt wash out / darken all my pics) 2 weeks till we tune!
  7. Bride Super Low seat rail - drivers side Suits R32 / R33 / A31 / C33 (and should by rights fit S13) Comes with VELO steel side mounts welded on (415mm gap between side mounts, had a Sparco Sprint V mounted to it previously) $150 Located Salisbury North
  8. Want to upgrade your RB26 injectors? I have a set of 6 Siemens Deka 750cc injectors (model# FI-11445). Requires 14mm rail to fit Low impedance, so straight drop in for RB26s. E85 compatible Only removed due to going bigger again $250 or best offer Located Salisbury North, willing to post or drop off
  9. I got a 32GTR a few years back through Iron Chef uncomplied and that was 10k landed, so if you're getting a $5k GTR id say its probably f**ked Def need deep pockets even for a track car, or be prepared for lots of downtime in between
  10. Errrrmmmmm, you're in the SA thread man..........thats where we live LOL
  11. cops have definitely made the car scene a hell of a lot more low key than it used to be facebook has killed nearly every forum these days too and then you've got the scene kids, the haters, the shit talkers.....
  12. Just a few from the weekend. Finally come back down from its storage / workshop for some fabrication love. Was briefly joined up there by its other partner in crime (and my other project car)
  13. Well if thats the case, you'll have no dramas at all. They wont even need to see the car, it'll be done when you transfer your licence back. Piece of cake
  14. If the car is "already in your name" as you say, its a lot different. To have it in your name in another state, you'd have to hold a licence there (and have lived there whilst holding that licence). Then the transfer is more paperwork than anything (a few friends who have moved from interstate have just done the paperwork style transfer, no inspection or anything) But having a guess you're probably talking about purchasing a car rego'd in QLD.....its gonna be an ID check. If they see anything needing more attention, you'll get sent round the corner for a full inspection
  15. Not custom made Ravi, its a KKR Eliminator kit (basically the same as the Driftworks / whatever other brands sell them. Cost around the $250 mark, and for the size of arms you get compared to the steering rack arms, its a must do in my books. Jenkies steered me that way (pardon the pun) by thinking about corner loading on a race track. Id rather have something a bit chunkier that isnt going to bend or break should the worst happen
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