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  1. Ahh that would still be crap then. What's the point of having it on screen if you can't input destinations using the interface buttons and instead have to enter it in at the GPS device itself.
  2. Just saw this on Carsales: http://www.carsales.com.au/dealer/details/Nissan-Skyline-2007/AGC-AD-15087809/?Cr=6&sdmvc=1
  3. For sale, set of used Vertec Manaray VR5 M7 2x 19 x 8.5J +35 2x 19 x 9.5J +35 PCD: 114.3 Wheels are in excellent condition, only been on the car for around 1500kms. Tyres and wheel nuts not included. Pickup preferred, SYdney, NSW. Price: $1700 neg. Pics:
  4. As title states, for sale I have a pair of Bridgestone RE050A 245/40R18 with excellent tread, maybe 2000kms max use. These are superb tyres, in wet or dry. Basically one of the better 'performance daily driver' tyres out there. I have a set of 16" RE050As on the rears of my FD and they grip very well. Pickup from Hills District ONLY as right now not really wanting to entertain postage/shipping requests. Price: $400 for the pair.
  5. It's a Mark II. Not a Chaser. Mark II: Chaser:
  6. For both V35 coupe and sedan Dixcel PD Front Rotors Brand new, in box Non slotted $100 Pickup preferred as they are heavy.
  7. I can vouch that these wheels were only used for a short period of time. Basically brand new Take advantage of this guy already.
  8. Looking at a V36 myself but the depreciation and big increase in supply by importers of these cars scare me. Thanks to huge amounts of importing, there are quite a lot of V35s out there now and subsequently they've dropped in price. I'm pretty sure the same thing will happen to V36s too.
  9. Hmm Do V36s come with card readers for Mp3 playback?
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