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  1. For a concave rays Te37 you need +22 or less. For rwd S2 stagea 8.5+30 front 9.5+35 rear, these are not concave. The pictures are 260rs or 4wd which take a 9 or 9.5+22 all round. Te37 only come in a big offset for small width. You will need reps for the look. Or deal with how te37s look in the correct size which are Also pictured in this thread somewhere.
  2. Who was driving the white 180 again? He was saying he might have footage of my off at turn 1??
  3. Yeah I have a bad experience from there. Don't wanna talk about it here but will share on PM for anyone looking to buy from there.
  4. I'm in! See I'd I can't scare a family member or two
  5. Yeah was a little committed. Turn 1 Has been a weakness of mine, and I really wanted to find some time.
  6. Finally had a chance to sit down and see what i got from the weekend. PB on Sunday! happy with that. Saturday was ment to be a bit of fun in the Stagea that ended up not as fun. Got a couple of laps in before radiator couldn't handle the heat. After having to take cameras and loggers of the windscreen only ended up with one vid, lucky it catches the radiator pop.
  7. Got knocked back for windscreen/suction cup mounted timer and camera yesterday (been running the same setup for about 5 years) Any one else had/having the same trouble today?
  8. Hi Looking for a pull type RB gearbox front cover for rwd r34 gearbox. I do have the push type and can swap or purchace.
  9. Email sent. Renewed mine last year too. Anyone still preping cars?
  10. For Sale: light weight 2 piece wheels! Brand: Enkei Model: RS01 Tyres: Yes 235/45r17 Pair/Set: pair Diameter/ width/ offset: 2* 17x8 +35 PCD: 114.3x5 Location: South East Melbourne outer 3810 Willing to ship: no Willing to swap: no Price: $160
  11. For Sale Brand: Enkei Model: RP01 Tyres: Yes 235/45r17 255/40r17 dunno brands Pair/Set: set Diameter/ width/ offset: 2* 17x9 +42 2* 17x8 +38 PCD: 114.3x5 Location: South East Melbourne outer 3810 Willing to ship: no Willing to swap: no Price: $390
  12. Saturday entered as well now! Can't wait
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