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  1. Waking up an old thread here rather than start yet another new one on the same subject. Let me start by stating this... in my country we are not allowed to import any vehicle over 2 years old. car PARTS can be imported for old vehicles but the body can not be imported. There are no R33 GTRs here. There is however a GTS-T which is up for sale. I'm looking at buying this R33 GTS-T if it is possible to fully convert it to GTR spec. the question is this... if I buy the GTS-T, then buy a GTR in Japan and get it stripped and all the parts other than the body sent over here, will everything bolt on to the GTS-T body ? (Yes I know the rear quarter panels need to be cut out and swapped) someone on another forum mentioned that the GTR chassis legs curved upwards allowing for the front drive shafts. Implying that the GTS-T chassis legs are different. What is the true fact here ? can the swap I'm suggesting be done ? doingvthe huge amount of work involved is not an issue as I have a fully equipped workshop and skilled mechanics. wecare currently doing a Stagea conversion in the same manner. Converting a the body of a base non turbo RWD 25G model to 25T RS-V from Japan.
  2. WANTED- MASA wing / spoiler HI all I'm looking to buy a new, used or copy of this particular rear wing / spoiler for my C34 Stagea. It is the largest spoiler I have seen on a Stagea. Delivery within Australia. Photos taken from these forums
  3. Hi all, On series 2 Stagea C34, if I buy a DAYZ rear lip spoiler, can it be fitted to the bottom of a stock bumper ? Is that how it was fitted to DAYS kitted cars anyway ? just bolted to the bottom of the stock rear bumper ?
  4. HI all, I'm looking to buy a Dayz front bumper for a S2 Stagea. I have a delivery address in Australia.
  5. Thanks guys. My email address is [email protected] In Sri Lanka we have only 1 Nissan dealer / agent for the whole country.
  6. Hi all, I purchased a neglected C34 series 2 Gtagea a few days ago. Non turbo RWD auto. It had 2 burnt coil packs, bad plugs etc which I sorted out. Once I did the first test drive in the car, it was apparent that the transmission is always in 4th gear (I think it's 4th) It certainly does not start off in 1st and it does not perform and gear changes at all. Feels like it's always in 4th. Sent it to the local Nissan dealer and they have plugged it onto their "consult" and apparently it says there is a fault with a solenoid. However, before they look inside the transmission pan, they want to ensure that the external wiring to the transmission is all good but they don't have the wiring diagrams for this car. They wanted me to try and source the transmission related wiring diagrams to make their job easier. Please point me in the direction if these diagrams if any of you have access to them. Thank you !!
  7. That is right Sir. That is exactly what I am saying too. There are several of the TE37 versions that have the inverted spoke appearance. The spokes look more and more concave as the outer edge of the rim moves further and further towards the outside of the car, compared to the position of the hub. negative offset or the smallest positive offset. What I want to know is, say for 17" and 18" wheels, (never mind what brand or style) what is the width and maximum offset usable, which will bring the edge of the wheel closer to the outside of the vehicle but still not cause fouling with the wheel arches.
  8. I did bother to look at the link. Reading through it and finding that, the "track edition" is not available in rim size 18" confirmed to me that it is not the only edition that can give the inverted spoke look. The photos below are of a car which has Volk TE37 in 18" ... not replica. These photos show the wheels to have that inverted spoke appearance which I am after.
  9. Thanks but I know what make and model the wheels are. What I don't know is, what size will work on a RWD auto C34 and will the spokes look inverted on wheels of that spec
  10. I just want Volk TE37s with spokes concave like in the 2 cars in the post above. I want them on my RWD Auto C34 and I need to know what size and offset will do this for me
  11. If installed in the right offset, the TE37 spokes bend inwards going from the outside towards the middle. Thus giving the concave appearance which looks nice... see photos attached
  12. Hi all, I'v searched both on this forum and on the internet generally and not found a definitive answer to my set of questions. There is a lot of discussion out there about the TE37 wheels on teh AWD Sytageas but not much at all about them on a RWD Stagea. My car is a Series 2 C34 Stagea RWD Auto. I want to fit Volk TE37 wheels but they must have the nice concaved look. If I go for 17s or 18s, what width and offset of wheel could I use ? Will that offset on a TE37 have that nice concave spoke look ?
  13. Hi all, I am desperately searching for a rear seat for my 2001 Stagea. Please see photo for the design on the fabric in the middle
  14. ceejay

    stagea rear seat

  15. Thank you both for your input. what I want to do is not so much install a turbo onto my engine or install a turbo engine into my car. What I want to do is to find a factory original RWD Turbo Stagea in Japan, strip it (because we can not import a body shell into Sri Lanka) bring down all the parts and do a full conversion onto my body shell. I want to basically strip my car to a bare body shell and install every thing from the Japanese car, onto my shell. I have a big automotive workshop and we do collision repairs etc so doing this work is not a problem. What I want to establish, is that it is possible to transplant everything from a RWD Turbo Stagea onto the body shell of my RWD non turbo Stagea.
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