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  1. Hey guys i am looking for a body kit and rear brake calipers for a r32 skyline
  2. Anyone in Adelaide that can wire up my r32gtst with rb25det s1 motor. Need help spend 2 days on it and getting no where
  3. Looking for a good turbo upgrade for rb25det
  4. All fixed turned out to be the o2 sensor wire was touching the body thanks for your help
  5. Have pulled ecu out, doesn't smell burnt pulled, cover off and looks ok on inside and is dry. Have swapped ecu to std unit to check but still blew the when ignition turned on. Have bypassed fuel pump relay to test pump and pumps works fine. Checked fuse block with multimeter found that the fuse is shorted to earth (where earthed is don't know). Been looking for wiring diagrams to help but have found anything yet.
  6. All the wires in the engine bay look fine
  7. It was wet but not raining still going through all the wires in the engine bay
  8. Ok R33 s2 gtst Mods turbo back exhaust Fmic Hi flowed turbo running 14psi 550cc injectors and nistune z32 computer. Nothing has been done to the car for the last 6 months drove fine still went hard. This morning started the car this morning and let it warm up then started to drive to work got less then 1km away for home and it just stopped. Checked the fuses and found one to be blowen replace it and now when i turn the ignition on it blows straight away.
  9. Need help asap R33 skyline keeps blowing engine control fuse Any help will be much appreciated
  10. rofster61

    r32 drift car

    my drift car build
  11. rofster61

    r33 skyline

    my daily driven r33 with 280kw
  12. wtb 6 point bolt in roll cage for r32 passage seat
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