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  1. I really want to get the same size, I'd miss that induction noise too much if it was smaller I think Do think there is any reason I should replace the POD filter? As long as its in one piece and kind of stops the main stuff getting in it wont be a problem right?
  2. Distraction, OP is super keen Yes its 6" or around 15cm, Photos attached showing the tight fit and POD and attachment
  3. Not sure if that's being sarcastic or not about the legality of it, I'd happily post a pic if that would help as to your 2nd point I though the same but I have searched and searched and found zero that have a 6" Flange and 13cm height
  4. Just after some advice here My R33GTST has a "M's K+N" (Only markings on it) Pod filter, that would have to be a number (probably 10 or more) years old My questions are What does M's mean? My POD filter seems to be quite hard or more metally than the Cotton Gauze most seem to have these days Which leads into how do I find a replacement? I've searched high and low for 6" Flanged Clamp on POD filter and find nothing matches the height of mine (13cm), mine seems an inch shorter than anything I find online with most with a 6" Flanges around 16.5 cm high ie RF-1042 and definitely nothing with M's in the product name. I also struggle to see how I would fit anything higher than 13cm without some major rework Or am I being over cautious and as long as I wash it now and then and reoil it will last forever even though it looks like its seen better days
  5. Did you clean out the IAC when the gasket was replaced? The AFM Solder issue is also quite common Do you have BOV that vents to Atmo? "stall when braking at slow speeds etc when the engine is at operating temperature." I have this issue on my 1994 R33 S1.5 Manual and from what I've been told this is a common issue due the BOV
  6. Anybody know what the actual Paint Code is for AN0 Wine Red Everywhere I go says AN0 is Super Clear Red and that looks nothing like Wine Red, somebody said the Skyline is actually painted silver first and then Super Clear Red over it For Daniel check your VIN plate and then match code on Page 1
  7. What's the problem you are having? Tried cleaning the AFM?
  8. Just find a Glass / Windscreen place I had my drivers side made up on the spot for around $50 after the old one fell out and smashed
  9. I just put two RE003s at the rears on mine and they feel fantastic Just ordered another 4 for my XR6 Turbo
  10. Could this be why my car stalls when coming to a stop only after the car is warmed up?
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