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  1. Thanks for the input. I hadn't thought about that with the undertray. Like Mark said, it's a V-spec since only the MP2 V-specs like this one I have or an M-Spec Nur are legal for US import right now (although the latter will remain much more of a hassle until 2023). The trailer I'm planning on renting will be an 8.5x20 ft model with both D-rings and E-track so hopefully I can just do something like this without too much hassle:
  2. I was wondering if anyone here has had to trailer an R34 GT-R before? I'm from the US and as most of you probably know they're generally illegal here until they turn 25 years old but there are a few exceptions under our Show or Display law. I bought one of those eligible cars and currently have it stored in Canada until next year when I can bring it in. Once it's legal I'll need to trailer it since it's 2500 kilometers from where it's at to Arizona where I live. Needless to say there aren't many people I can ask here in the US who've had experience securing an R34 on a car trailer before so I was hoping someone here could give advice. I've trailered my R32 before when it needed to go to a shop for work but I don't know how the R34 compares in terms of attachment points for straps, clearances, and such. When I trailered my R32 I used an open U-haul trailer with front tire straps and then used Vulcan rim straps crossed in the rear and everything was nice and secure - that was for trips about 320 kms long. For the R34 since it'll be a much longer distance I'll probably be renting an enclosed car trailer for weather protection and security (especially since they're so rare here in the US that it'll probably be an attention magnet on the way down). Any tips or insight you guys could give as to the best way to secure the car on a trailer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  3. Thanks! Glad you liked it!
  4. Just went to the Prince and Skyline Museum in June and decided to make a Youtube video about it: This was my first attempt at a proper video so please forgive any amateurish stuff on my part.
  5. Thanks for the kind words guys! It's been a long hard slog to get her to this point and there's still some tweaks left to do but I'm happy to at least have saved her from the sad state she was in before
  6. Finally had a chance to do a proper photoshoot of the car and post an update on my blog. The biggest milestone since I seemingly fell off the face of the Earth was the engine work being completed by Black Market Racing in Phoenix where the car put out a healthy 517 whp. Not bad for a nearly three-decade old car :) I picked her back up from their shop April of last year and since then have been piecing the interior back together as well as returning some exterior elements that were missing like the front grill, fender liners, badges, and so forth. I also recently had a carbon hood put on. She's fairly complete now but there's still a few more finishing touches to sort out – most importantly replacing the AC compressor which is an absolute necessity here in Southwest Arizona where the temps put the lava pits of Mordor to shame. More details and pics here on my blog post.
  7. Thanks! I'm hoping I can get some time soon to post better pictures.
  8. Hello everybody! I'm bringing this thread back to life after a VERY long hiatus. I had to step away from the car scene for a while for various reasons but I slowly kept progressing on my Nismo R32 project. Lots of stuff has happened since my last update - the main thing being that it's running and has dynoed just over 500 whp. The interior is now complete again too but there are still more finishing touches to be done like replacing the AC compressor that broke, doing some suspension tweaks, and installing a new carbon hood. I'm hoping to do a more thorough update once the hood is on but in the meantime here are some teaser photos and if anyone wants more detail as to my long hiatus feel free to check out my blog at 23GT.net
  9. Thanks! I hope I can get to hear those sonic booms soon lol.
  10. Quick update on my R32's progress. Everything is pretty much ready for her to fire up but the cam angle sensor doesn't seem to want to play nice Waiting to get that sorted. More info on the blog of course plus some pics of a nice RB26-swapped 300ZX: http://www.23gt.net/...4-sensored.html Hopefully I'll have better news soon. Fingers and toes crossed!
  11. Been a while since I posted an update. I was hoping my next post would be to announce that the engine build was done and the car was running strong but we're not quite there yet. Looks fairly complete right? That's because it is and we're just waiting for some final details to get done before she starts up and gets tuned. All the fluids are being put in already and if we can get a couple of final parts in she may even start up and be ready for tuning this week. Fingers crossed lol. As before, more pics and details are on my blog: http://www.23gt.net/2016/12/progress-bar-r32-part-14-close-but-no.html Hopefully I can report soon that I got a nice Christmas gift in that my R32's running
  12. Quick progress update on the R32 – the car is now at Black Market Racing in Phoenix, Arizona and they've been gradually finishing up the jobs that were left over when my local friend had to leave. The turbo kit is pretty much all assembled along with the new custom intakes and IC piping plus the Nismo intercooler that I mentioned before. The finishing touches on the new fuel system such as the new TurboSmart fuel regulator are done and they're in the process of wiring up all the sensors for the ProEFI standalone ECU. The Leask Spec catch can is also installed. Still quite a few little jobs left to do and a few needed parts to acquire but the end seems finally genuinely in sight. If it weren't for Black Market having to finish some other cars that were ahead of me and are on a much tighter deadline the car might even be done by now but I'd rather they take their time to do it right. More pics and info on my blog of course: http://www.23gt.net/2016/09/progress-bar-r32-part-13-black-market.html
  13. That's basically what happened with this intercooler. At first I was hesitating because I didn't know how much more I'd have to spend to finish the build and I was trying to be thrifty for a bit but the guy offered me such a fair price I thought I'd be crazy to pass up this chance to get a new-in-box Nismo IC lol.
  14. It was actually from someone local here in Arizona. A friend put me in touch with a friend of his that had bought the very last Nismo intercooler that RHDJapan had a couple of years ago and was planning to put it in his R32 but he changed his plans. My friend told him about my Nismo project and he offered the intercooler to me for less than he had it advertised. I just got super lucky to get it Glad you like it! I'll keep updating as work progresses.
  15. A friend of a friend hooked me up with this little beauty - a brand new in box Nismo R32 intercooler
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