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  1. I should really dig out my pics of the NISMO HQ visit from my last trip
  2. Great stuff mate - was a bit of a trip down memory lane for me hahaha.
  3. Kyosho Shop at Venus Fort - Odaiba.
  4. There's only so many temples and similar things to visit - after some time it all seems alike.
  5. Few more interesting visits over the last few days - NISMO HQ and Nissan Gallery in Yokohama. I'll load up the pics when i get a chance.
  6. Visited Garage Active in f*kuoka prefecture. Sakamoto-San had 20 GT-Rs on display plus another 40 in various stages of repairs/mods/stripping at his main workshop. Liberty Walk R35 with 1000bhp was quite a looker.
  7. Its good to see I'm not a rare sufferer from the 32-33-34 GTR Obsession disease. Great stuff - just one question, why hasnt this been stickied yet?
  8. Its gonna be a long wait if you rely on American demand for the R35 to push up prices - year 2033 is when they can import them.
  9. I'm currently in Kyushu, and maybe I'll spend more time here.Hoping to make it to the R's meeting on the 11th September at Fuji.
  10. Been reading the May 2016 edition of the GT-R magazine and it had a breakdown of all the GT-R models total production numbers. Of interest to note is that total R35 production up to the end of Feb 16 is in the order of 9600. Considering when it came out, and compared with the previous models, this is really low production. From the special models, they only made 220 of the NISMO edition ones.
  11. Hehe, but I'll need rehab after Japan, way too much booze. History Garage shop is truly addictive. Few more pics, Super GT BRZ, Few Toyotas and a GTR mag front cover - to show people that Japanese do drive their cars.
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