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  1. Officially an apprentice again
  2. Shit already home n packed up
  3. Morning babes. Perfect day to float around in the boat.
  4. Just go E85.
  5. 5 fkn hours to put the dash back in my Ute. Unbelievable
  6. And the turbo Will need a t51r
  7. better get some jerry cans for next time
  8. yes it would have damaged the CAT beyond repair. remove immediately and show us your flames
  9. Sounds good. Another track is a win
  10. Horrify me too. They are fearless Probably knock the house down
  11. its already levelled back out. just need to compact it a bit
  12. Knocked down!!
  13. Just pulled this out
  14. its saturday today and for the next 6 days
  15. Morning all.