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  1. Also wasn't allowed in an onsen over the weekend at a hotel in Oita. They said I could book a small private onsen room between 9-10pm only. I'd say expect the worst on the tattoo issue
  2. Oh... Bought fireworks too
  3. Big day was big. Burnt kids out at the park. Then lunch, followed by fishing shop and novelty shops all afternoon. Time to crack a tinnie
  4. Probably fark all
  5. Looks like can't get to asahi factory or disaster centre. All reasonable or cheap hotels are booked out due to golden week. Struggling to find a bus to get to the airport too. Gonna have to stay
  6. Morning all
  7. Its $1 per plate here
  8. Kids?? What kids?? Unfortunately my wife said we had to bring em home!!
  9. Honey, I'm home Back from Oita. Was a good couple days with friends. Saw lots and drank heaps
  10. How long were you at WOT at 6k? Did you notice boost pressure while it was happening?
  11. You better be on commission!!
  12. Thinking about changing them out?
  13. Off to Oita to see what's there. Only gone through on the train before but not stopped. First stop is an aquarium.
  14. Morning all. Crap sleep was crap
  15. No worries. I'm in Japan for another 2 weeks. I'll message you closer to then and get your address and see what your after