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  1. Facebook is the devil in disguise
  2. Your nudes got out? Link? [emoji12]
  3. Morning bishes. It's Friday for me
  4. I knew one in Brisbane and worked for him for a bit. It was great watching him shape panels and massage dents out
  5. Fyp bro!!!!
  6. Barely
  7. We have a 55" tv and it's equal to normal to quality. Do a 3 day trial and see what you think
  8. Japannettv.com We use iSakura Plus
  9. As apposed to non-native Indians who wouldn't?[emoji12]
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  11. No doubt!
  12. Sup travis pastrana? Making the most of the wet weather on the bike?
  13. Over night parts from Japan And 2 of the big ones
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