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  1. How are you getting it to the Bush?
  2. Had a crf which made metal when road riding. Just gotta keep it pinned!!
  3. I can fit multiple bumpers in the back of my Ute
  4. Oh so it still has 4 doors... sadface.jpg
  5. Remind me what happened to the last one? And what have you got now or about to have?
  6. It maybe be normal if there is a hinge lower than the photo shows but normally there isn’t. The arm is splined onto the tapered shaft and if the nut is loose it allows it to pivot as shown in your photos. If the nut is loose it’s only a matter of time before the spline strips. Tl:dr. Pop the bonnet and make sure it’s tilting at a hinge and not at the motor. It looks wrong and I think you’ll have to pry up the cap hiding the nut and tighten it.
  7. Thanks for helping me out mate I’ve been looking around for a bit
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