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  1. Nights have started to cool down. I wanna bring this warm weather home with me
  2. I still have 10 days or so off but the missus wants to start working Monday so she doesn’t lose any students (she started private lessons) Maybe she should go back by herself...
  3. Hey bitchez, warm weather is nearly over. Enjoying another sunny day in Broome before charging towards home [emoji57]
  4. Good base for Litchfield. Plus free accommodation at sisters
  5. Sorry too old n soft to change now
  6. So looks a bit wet down here next week when our holiday starts so might drive straight through it and get up to Darwin and the Kimberley
  7. Have it running full speed in the back of a quiet Ute
  8. Nothing wrong with a Briggs n Stratton!!
  9. https://www.youtube.com/embed/ulLEdsAIqBA?feature=oembed
  10. Didn’t get invited [emoji14]
  11. There’s enough water for my 33 to get through
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