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  1. Meth heads
  2. Good colour to hide bird shit
  3. Need a hoist
  4. 8 before 8!!
  5. Take it to the bedroom instead
  6. Woohoo Shaggin wagon
  7. Is it really that big a deal? I'd love to spend my days off driving my car, fishing in my boat and countless other fun stuff but a family, new house and countless DIY projects doesn't leave much time. Everyone has their reasons for not going out all the time including many of us who work weekends. I've had my skyline for 15 years and had plenty of fun but nowadays it's in moderation
  8. Hey new guy
  9. That's not a welder, it's the first radio [emoji343] haha
  10. Been there, done that
  11. Warmer bed apparently but they just want their mum.
  12. Learner driver
  13. I get up at 430 most days. I guess both our lives suck [emoji57]
  14. The dog is Much easier at night.
  15. Samez. Kids kept trying to sneak into our room all night. When they finally stayed in their room I had to get up for work [emoji17]