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  1. Crop dusting is great. Should be more of it
  2. The car fell 5metres from a restaurant car park... The 81 year old driver got a bump to the head, but the 81 year old passenger received a broken neck
  3. Who let the prado club in? Haha
  4. Feels like chunks
  5. Mine. Think it’s infected
  6. Blap blap!! Miss having a bike
  7. Hand blew up at work today. Just found part of a spike in my hand. Hopefully got it all out and is good in the morning
  8. Sorry Gotta make an appearance at work
  9. Some poutines smell far from amazing
  10. went fishing and hooked a Trev Ouch
  11. Carlton?
  12. Guys at work mig only because of the speed I guess. I don’t think they have a dedicated welder for ally. Just set it up and do a tonne of jobs at once.
  13. Should of had it natural and not cesarean;)
  14. Allowed by doctor or Robyn?
  15. It’s never fkn ending. Cut up a tonne of ally today to make a stone deflector for the front of the van to handle the 800km of gravel in July. Just need to organise someone to glue it together. Also modified the awning on the van today and have measured up to make an ally frame to slide out of the boat roof and put shade in the back of the boat. Ally is awesome, just need a decent mig in the shed now