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  1. t_revz

    Tried them first dale as I’m a regular there but no response yet. Might get them sent to sister in Darwin then she can send to me sneaky sneaky
  2. t_revz

    Now now... one at a time. Not at at once
  3. t_revz

    Bitchezz... what’s a cracker nursery in Perth that might have hard to find seeds? After a type of mint from japan which is permitted here but can’t find a stockist yet and eBay sellers won’t post to WA or TAS
  4. t_revz

    And lack of nasal sensitivity
  5. t_revz

    At first...
  6. t_revz

    Yep good holidays had here. Back to reality tomorrow but
  7. t_revz

    Happy Boxing Day. It’s beer o’clock Let’s get these indians out in the cricket!
  8. t_revz

    Merry Christmas all. All the best!
  9. t_revz

    I’m more an 85 type of guy
  10. t_revz

    Saw the Shoeymobile today going through pinjarra@shoey85
  11. t_revz

    Hank... Wassup
  12. t_revz

    How old mate? Legal yet?
  13. t_revz

    So my 33 has a seized/tight front shock... If only I knew a guy...
  14. t_revz

    Woohoo Go Corey! How did you find the time?
  15. t_revz

    Or maybe he is...