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  1. feet up today Dale?
  2. I’ve always said that but starting to rethink
  3. Better crack the whip
  4. You have the gearbox or Marc is supply?
  5. My offsider went too hard yesterday and cooked himself Had to have a shower and lie down for a bit. Was 49 in the pit where he was working
  6. Only if she gets her jobs done in time??
  7. Character building!! What clutch is going in?
  8. They have beer.... Don’t worry
  9. It’s Friday bitchez. 7 glorious days off
  10. About time someone worked on it [emoji14]
  11. Your place [emoji847]
  12. +1 Dale you coming?
  13. +1 Dale you coming?
  14. Were they soiled?
  15. And his sister/first cousin in the passenger seat?