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  1. t_revz

    Yeah would suck to be a boily
  2. t_revz

    Humidity sucks
  3. t_revz

    P.s. I won’t be at the bbq anymore as I’m driving with my sister to Darwin to help her move house
  4. t_revz

    We use the stuff from coles/woolies. Shiro(white) miso. Yep racist miso does exist. I think we have previously got it from Asian supermarkets in Perth but not been that fussed either way
  5. t_revz

    Gives you a break from yelling at the kids
  6. t_revz

  7. t_revz

    Darn straight
  8. t_revz

    Fark that Lately All we have needed is meat milk bread and rice. Chooks are supplying eggs and fruit trees supplying kids recesses
  9. t_revz

    I spent a bit of time in the veggie garden. Been over a month since we bought any veggies. We now have 22 different veggies on the go with more going in this month.
  10. t_revz

    The dogs will keep it looking tidy I’m suprised takeshi hasn’t pulled the yukkas out
  11. t_revz

    Relaxing Chilled out mostly during the crap weather. You?
  12. t_revz

  13. t_revz

    Aaand last day at work
  14. t_revz

    32 work days til you piss in the urn?
  15. t_revz

    Ah it’s at your place Dale? Cool didn’t realise a location was chosen