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  1. If you find time for a build thread, my mind will be blown
  2. Pics or it’s still a pile of parts stacked away on a pallet
  3. yeah good mate, been meaning to drop in lately but im doing an office job and not having as many weekdays off. not much exciting stuff. still wood collecting and odd jobs around the house how you going?
  4. Hey Martin, long time no see. Doing well down this way. i was watching a dashcam complilation a few weeks back and one of the vids had your name in the corner ? where did you end up picking up work? all going alright? babies yet? bitchez love babies!
  5. hey ladies, got an office job for a while so i thought i better drop by and see whats happening... not much by the looks
  6. Not saying “hey Trev” is just rude
  7. Had a crf which made metal when road riding. Just gotta keep it pinned!!
  8. I can fit multiple bumpers in the back of my Ute
  9. Oh so it still has 4 doors... sadface.jpg
  10. Remind me what happened to the last one? And what have you got now or about to have?
  11. It maybe be normal if there is a hinge lower than the photo shows but normally there isn’t. The arm is splined onto the tapered shaft and if the nut is loose it allows it to pivot as shown in your photos. If the nut is loose it’s only a matter of time before the spline strips. Tl:dr. Pop the bonnet and make sure it’s tilting at a hinge and not at the motor. It looks wrong and I think you’ll have to pry up the cap hiding the nut and tighten it.
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