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  1. t_revz

  2. t_revz

    P.s. if your water pump is leaking it could let you down when you least expect it. If it leaks out and you go for a drive it will get hot before you even notice. Is it leaking coolant? Or noisy? Or what?
  3. t_revz

    I’ll do it if you can wait til after my holiday. End of July. Water pump, cam seals tensioners and timing belt etc Don’t need to touch turbo yet. Unless you really want but if your not rolling in cash then do it later.
  4. t_revz

    You pantsless on the couch is probably what drove them away Let’s be honest, it’s not something you started doing recently
  5. t_revz

    So anytime from.........now
  6. t_revz

    Who let the prado club in? Haha
  7. t_revz

    Feels like chunks
  8. t_revz

    Mine. Think it’s infected
  9. t_revz

    Blap blap!! Miss having a bike
  10. t_revz

    Hand blew up at work today. Just found part of a spike in my hand. Hopefully got it all out and is good in the morning
  11. t_revz

    Sorry Gotta make an appearance at work
  12. t_revz

    Some poutines smell far from amazing
  13. t_revz

    went fishing and hooked a Trev Ouch
  14. t_revz

  15. t_revz

    Guys at work mig only because of the speed I guess. I don’t think they have a dedicated welder for ally. Just set it up and do a tonne of jobs at once.