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  1. Stinky Rooster

    Yeah but we know which one you are going for In other news, journalism done right
  2. Stinky Rooster

    Also - menu suggestions. I read a piece on smoking koftas last night. Having never tried smoked lamb mince before, and knowing where there is currently a dead rosmary bush, I think this weekend I will be trying it out
  3. Stinky Rooster

    I dunno mang, taking on someone willing to go out in the middle of nowhere to spit roast a whole hogget is pretty fkn hardcore. we did better veggies though
  4. Stinky Rooster

    you NEED a sous vide bro I may never reverse sear any other way, ever again And I am keen AF to get the offset down there next year. The "set and forget" aspect is looking pretty damn attractive if we are going to do brisket. Plus, burnt ends!!!!
  5. Stinky Rooster

    *shrugs* Hopefully they can fix it without bleeding you dry!
  6. Stinky Rooster

    I gotta admit, I would almost blow Hank for his ribs.
  7. Stinky Rooster

    few pics of the weekend for ya's
  8. Stinky Rooster

    sup kunce we won "organizer's choice" which probably had a lot more to do with Hank blatantly bribing the officials with delicious bbq than anything else no idea where we were at the end, but that isn't really the point of lemons Hence the team that re-entered their silvia, fitted with a not-very-fresh RD28
  9. Stinky Rooster

    A whole weekend of meat, charcoal and motorsports. I am like a kid at xmas with his first stiffy!!!! Oh, and 500 odd km on my bike!! the weekend starts NAOW!!!
  10. Stinky Rooster

    and yet you chose a 300cc 2 stroke... O_O the last 300exc I rode was WAY more savage than mine. Was a lot more fun on the back wheel too. Main difference I could pick, was how much more comfy a big bike is at road speed. Watching the boss in the mirrors at 80kph was a show that should have come with a dinner
  11. Stinky Rooster

    600cc or GTFO
  12. Stinky Rooster

    Oh jeebuz, one of them..... I have personally seen 3 of them die mid ride now. Last one was my boss, he cooked the engine 50km from anywhere, and the only good thing about it, was pulling him out of there on the back of the bike he had relentlessly pulled the piss out of for 6 solid months. Keep a close eye on your service times, but I have heard that slow trail riding has killed more 300exc's than thrashing the guts out of them. Its the heat build up in the clutch apparently
  13. Stinky Rooster

    What are you riding? I didn't even know you had a dirt bike. Imma be down your way on mine this coming weekend. You ever ride Collie? I has some epic "unfit old man" trails around them parts
  14. Stinky Rooster

    IIRC it was an anniversary present
  15. Stinky Rooster

    In honor of the current health of this thread, I present the buttplug used when embalming a corpse