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  1. Pushrod V8 could only dream about sounding this good. 😂 Parallel twin FTW.
  2. ohai how goes fatherhood? I saw you are selling the dirtbike, any joy? I fitted an induction kit to the Inteceptor. Wife called me a hooligan, Im not even mad
  3. I dunno guy, its not that crappy Legitimate excuse to continue being a hermit, more time alone with my dogs, roads are as clear as a bell for rides, and I havent worn pants to work all week. Yet to see a downside here!
  4. A baby I can hand back? How the hell could that be a bad thing? You should do it. Get that bitch a baby. Bitches love babies.
  5. Not yet. That's going to change, come September..
  6. Lolz. I'm officially too old for the chook chasers mate. Hell, I'm old enough for the Ulysses club now
  7. Hay Corey, how many engines has the Kim been through? Boss at my last job had one, first ride he came on with me and some mates, it ran out of compression and I had to tow it almost 30km with my busted arse xt600. The engine rebuild came to slightly more $$ than he paid for the bike. If you get a triumph, look up Perth cafe racers on fb. Awesome bunch of blokes to ride with
  8. WR's are good bikes, but damn high maintenance to keep them running. They also don't have a cush drive in the back wheel, so if you ride them on the road it destroys the gearbox pretty quick, so I would avoid a motard version like the plague.
  9. you missed me by about 18 months. Off the chook chasers now and on the road. Currently riding a Royal Enfield Interceptor, which is pretty fun. For 2k what ever you end up with, its going to teach you a LOT about fixing bikes Avoid anything KTM (fantastic powerful bikes, fragile aF and will cost the earth to fix) If you want to ride it to and from the bush, try not to go under 400cc.. Suzukis are good, DR-z400 and DR650 (if you dont mind it a bit agricultural) but goes forever. You just need to do a fair bit to them for the bush, so keep an eye out for ones with lots of bolt ons. The owner, he knows Or just get a postie bike, they are fkn hillarious fun, there is a whole world of bolt on bits available, and its got no clutch so you can teach your missus to ride it. Its ugly AF, but an absolute diamond in the rough, (soooooo much styling potential) but if I was going to buy another one, this is what I would look at first https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/kelmscott/motorcycles/kawasaki-650/1238483936
  10. Oh hai Tab, very long time no see. The lady is old now her face is rapidly turning grey. She is also about 70kg and now has a greyhound as her best mate
  11. ah shit that sucks. Sorry to hear that. if you are looking to offload the still, I know a guy.
  12. Then your dad has impeccable taste. I'm on the hunt for something new to try, if dad has any suggestions
  13. waaaaay ahead of you sweetcheeks The Glenfiddich Distillers reserve is a "good thing" just saying
  14. Dang tootin' Besides, all the parts are being made by S+S and it's the first time they have offered bits for anything other than a hardly drivable so it would be rude not to.
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