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  1. Stinky Rooster

    I use it in the base for my dry rubs, so it needs to be a powder. I do use the paste as well, (render it down in lemon juice and add it to coleslaw dressing - its absolute tits) and have an awesome Asian supermarket that I get it from, but pretty much no one there speaks English worth a damn, and I am having issues explaining what I want.
  2. Stinky Rooster

    Yeah, thanks for that mate. I especially appreciate the fact that you obviously think I am stupid enough to pay well in excess of $1000/kg for it...... Imma just keep getting the soup packets I think.
  3. Stinky Rooster

    GTFO actually, wait. Before you do, I need a source for red miso powder. Getting sick of sifting all the tofu and seaweed out of instant miso soup packets. Suggestions?
  4. Stinky Rooster

    Yeah, not a fan of anything I have seen coming out of that place, especially the catastrophic collision of dessert and dinner IMO no one should be allowed to mess with dessert, especially the yanks. Soooooo many burger choices in this city, it makes me wish I actually ate lunch when I was at work. I walk past short order every day (and its packed to the walls everytime)
  5. Stinky Rooster

    I am not sure we can still be friends after this statement. Its so fkn wrong on so many levels. Plus, it was only invented to keep stoned jazz players happy, and if you have stoned jazz players as your go to, you have much bigger issues than WHY THE FCUK ARE YOU PUTTING MAPLE SYRUP ON FRIED CHICKEN YOU WIERDO
  6. Stinky Rooster

    You don't go anywhere in a hurry, but you go anywhere. Decided where the confederate flag is going yet?
  7. Stinky Rooster

    that's pretty fkn exciting. and probably due in no small part to those lunatics @ antilag. Onya guise!
  8. Stinky Rooster

    way to kill the thread Martin
  9. Stinky Rooster

    oh lawd I love the internets PM forgot to renew his domain, it has been bought out from under him and fkd with
  10. Stinky Rooster

    I actually ate raw fish for the first time a couple of weeks ago, it was farken tits! Sushia in Brookfield Plaza - solid tip for Japanese fine dining.
  11. Stinky Rooster

    damn skippy! You don't need to spend stupid money keeping your dog healthy, you just have to be smart. As for giant turds, the greyhound makes the dane look like she has the metabolism of a sloth on beta blockers. He may be skinny, but that boy can SHIT!!
  12. Stinky Rooster

    Dog farts you say? Try living with a great dane X who is recovering from a near fatal case of gastro. Even the son of rajab himself couldn't have forseen the nasal destruction being wreaked upon my house. I thought the vomit was the worst part, and I have never been so wrong in all my life
  13. Stinky Rooster

    greyhounds bro all the cool kids are doing it
  14. Stinky Rooster

    its pretty much the only way I can stop ze wimminz from molesting me. but hell, who can blame them? If I was a woman, I would def do me.
  15. Stinky Rooster

    I figured out what caused it, and put a stop to it almost 2 decades ago.