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  1. Stinky Rooster

    good luck with it bro. I know the pain of getting seeds to WA. Last time I drove through the WA border, the guys on the front line were way more interested in the apple in the cab, than they were about the 15kg of smack in the back of the truck
  2. Stinky Rooster

    Trev - I am a big fan of guilford nursery. They do heaps of edibles and have an awesome staff that know everything. They also do pretty good blueberries. Corey - at Kwinana but apparently I will be gracing pinjarra from time to time.
  3. Stinky Rooster

    Like most problems in life, the answer to this, is coffee! Srsly, its why they put bowls of coffee beans on perfume counters in stores. If your nose stops working properly, have a big sniff of some coffee beans, and it will wake right up again. Unfortunately, this is not recommended here. Losing smell at work is a good thing. The burgers at the canteen are pretty tits though. also YAY FKN FRIDAY!!!
  4. Stinky Rooster

    Damn straight. Gotta love that extra soapy feeling
  5. Stinky Rooster

    Close - alumina
  6. Stinky Rooster

    shit no. This place doesnt even use hi vis clothing (but the contractor I work for does - he likes us to stand out like balls on a drovers dog) But you would have to be tapped in the head to want to walk around a refinery in t shirt and shorts. Pretty much every single thing in this place will kill you on contact.
  7. Stinky Rooster

    lulz you make it sound like I am back on the tools not gonna happen brah I am the annoying git in the extra-shiny-hardly-ever-leaves-the-office hi vis carrying a clipboard and a tape measure.
  8. Stinky Rooster

    Then you don't know the true meaning of Christmas Baby Cheesus!!
  9. Stinky Rooster

    Also, happy date related festivities to everyone, and I hope you all kept in mind the true meaning of this time of year
  10. Stinky Rooster

    A looooong way from the CBD.... Back in the on site designing game on the Kwinana strip. Just follow your nose to the biggest stink.
  11. Stinky Rooster

    Oh hai lunch. First day on site at the new digs. It feels good to be back in hi vis. Feels even better to be wearing it in an office. (as opposed to a workshop or truck cab)
  12. Stinky Rooster

    Pft softies. Softies everywhere But Yeah, Jan would be betterer for me too
  13. Stinky Rooster

    You could always show up and sit elsewhere for a bit 😛 as much as I would love a BBQ I am busier than a one legged man in an area kicking competition ATM. Changing contracts (and possibly whole work environment) is keeping me flat out.
  14. Stinky Rooster

    fkn breeders 🙄 Imma bring the furkids. How about the 15th? Anyone have a preference for a (central) location?
  15. Stinky Rooster

    well, it has nothing to do with Yule, but why the hell not!!!