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  1. Well, I survived the swim down south! Also stopped in at the Collie track on the way home to check out the historic racing. Met a 72 year old bloke that races a 81 year old velocette. So now I have a new life goal, to be racing a bike older than me in my 70's.
  2. dont be a softie I am heading for Balingup this morning. Just finished strapping the oars to the side of the bike
  3. Just take an XT600 through in third gear. Fluffy - the bike was stupidly cheap for what it is. Came to just shy of $10.3k with the fuwlly sik zorst. Still got a couple of hundred to blow on other farkles when the genuine accessories become available in a few weeks, needs a fairing, crash pad for the bars and soft panniers.
  4. Yes, yes it is. Its also a LOT more fun in the tunnel than a single that sounds like a huge briggs and stratton. Its a Royal Enfield Interceptor. Brand spanking new 650 twin designed by ex-triumph engineers.
  5. Yeah, but on a brand spanking new bike. Finally traded in Ragnar The Yamaha, (after 6 months thinking about it) and stepped on to a shiny new one with all the mod cons like EFI and ABS, but it looks like a late 60's triumph Plus, in true hoon theism, I made sure to get some loud pipes fitted before delivery. Pretty sure they will fail a sound test, but YOLO.
  6. *joins the queue for a 20 year old seized nissan import engine with dubious history and blown turbo* I was told there would be cake?
  7. Are you flirting with me, with all this meat talk? its working
  8. The joys of being a mech fitter, raised by a mech fitter. *waits for rebuttal*
  9. reminds me of when I was a kid, playing in the front yard with the old mans welding screen. A bloke in a van pulls up, wanders over and asks me if I had ever seen a bloke naked. I told him I had seen my dad naked and went back to pretend welding. Then he asked me if I had ever seen a mans penis I told him 'just my dads" but I was getting leary It was when he asked me if I had ever touched a penis that I ripped the welding screen off my head and told the guy I wasnt really a boilermaker....
  10. I wanted to be a boilermaker but dad said I had to do a trade boom tish
  11. That sucks. Driving to Darwin, I mean. Because more Red Bearded Lurker for us But Yeah, white miso doesnt have the "oomph" I am looking for. Plus, the red stuff looks exactly like sodium hydroxide when its dehydrated to powder, so it makes me feel at home.
  12. oh hai breeders! Trev - solved the powdered miso crisis by dehydrating my own. Worked better than I expected, but now I need a hot tip on the best brand of miso to use. Tried some korean stuff and was slightly dissapointed by how salty it was, so if you could ask The Good Wife what brands I should be looking for, I will make it worth your while at the next bbq
  13. you really going to get lobotomised and have your brow lowered just for a job? You do you mang.
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