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  1. *joins the queue for a 20 year old seized nissan import engine with dubious history and blown turbo* I was told there would be cake?
  2. Are you flirting with me, with all this meat talk? its working
  3. The joys of being a mech fitter, raised by a mech fitter. *waits for rebuttal*
  4. reminds me of when I was a kid, playing in the front yard with the old mans welding screen. A bloke in a van pulls up, wanders over and asks me if I had ever seen a bloke naked. I told him I had seen my dad naked and went back to pretend welding. Then he asked me if I had ever seen a mans penis I told him 'just my dads" but I was getting leary It was when he asked me if I had ever touched a penis that I ripped the welding screen off my head and told the guy I wasnt really a boilermaker....
  5. I wanted to be a boilermaker but dad said I had to do a trade boom tish
  6. That sucks. Driving to Darwin, I mean. Because more Red Bearded Lurker for us But Yeah, white miso doesnt have the "oomph" I am looking for. Plus, the red stuff looks exactly like sodium hydroxide when its dehydrated to powder, so it makes me feel at home.
  7. oh hai breeders! Trev - solved the powdered miso crisis by dehydrating my own. Worked better than I expected, but now I need a hot tip on the best brand of miso to use. Tried some korean stuff and was slightly dissapointed by how salty it was, so if you could ask The Good Wife what brands I should be looking for, I will make it worth your while at the next bbq
  8. you really going to get lobotomised and have your brow lowered just for a job? You do you mang.
  9. Oh I dunno. Getting a golden handshake is a lot better than a simple DCM. Anyway, old mate Clive Palmer id going to get us all employed beyond our wildest dreams isnt he?
  10. There should be plenty to do. The mrs keeps a supply of shit for loinspawn to amuse themselves with, and failing that, I have some pretty graphically violent ps4 games to horrify them with
  11. def replace. Only time regassing them is cheaper, is when replacements arent available, and stupidcheap has a pretty decent range of replacements. Oh, and +1 for a day off. SAUWA Meat Up doesnt happen very often. Manne - sorry boss, cant come in I'm sick Mannes boss - mate, we are really busy and I need you here. How sick are you? Manne - Well, right now I am in bed with my sister.......
  12. I realise I am probably the only sad old D+B fan in here, but ermagheeeeeerd http://amplifiercapitol.com.au/event/inhibit-presents-aphrodite/
  13. Next up Imma have to get a kamado so we can do 4
  14. I will admit, more than a bit excited. Hank and I will be upping the ante, and running more bbq's simultaneously than ever previously attempted. Oh, and of course, there WILL be cake.
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