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  1. ah shit that sucks. Sorry to hear that. if you are looking to offload the still, I know a guy.
  2. Then your dad has impeccable taste. I'm on the hunt for something new to try, if dad has any suggestions
  3. waaaaay ahead of you sweetcheeks The Glenfiddich Distillers reserve is a "good thing" just saying
  4. Dang tootin' Besides, all the parts are being made by S+S and it's the first time they have offered bits for anything other than a hardly drivable so it would be rude not to.
  5. Yeahnah Only upside, is I have managed to work my way up to a pretty flash building to work in, and scored a fairly consistent rate rise with each move.. Hoping to fund a new "big block" engine for the new bike before years end. 650cc < 835cc
  6. when nature vs nuture, nurture wins every time spewing huh? It could be worse, you could be stuck contracting in the fkn minerals industry. Im on my 4th different contract in 18 months.
  7. In all honesty, that would be much more likely to be the fault of his greyhound....
  8. You had to come home to get wood? I didnt think Broome was THAT bad.
  9. Well, I survived the swim down south! Also stopped in at the Collie track on the way home to check out the historic racing. Met a 72 year old bloke that races a 81 year old velocette. So now I have a new life goal, to be racing a bike older than me in my 70's.
  10. dont be a softie I am heading for Balingup this morning. Just finished strapping the oars to the side of the bike
  11. Just take an XT600 through in third gear. Fluffy - the bike was stupidly cheap for what it is. Came to just shy of $10.3k with the fuwlly sik zorst. Still got a couple of hundred to blow on other farkles when the genuine accessories become available in a few weeks, needs a fairing, crash pad for the bars and soft panniers.
  12. Yes, yes it is. Its also a LOT more fun in the tunnel than a single that sounds like a huge briggs and stratton. Its a Royal Enfield Interceptor. Brand spanking new 650 twin designed by ex-triumph engineers.
  13. Yeah, but on a brand spanking new bike. Finally traded in Ragnar The Yamaha, (after 6 months thinking about it) and stepped on to a shiny new one with all the mod cons like EFI and ABS, but it looks like a late 60's triumph Plus, in true hoon theism, I made sure to get some loud pipes fitted before delivery. Pretty sure they will fail a sound test, but YOLO.
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