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  1. Nah, just need to buy a house with a pool!
  2. Deep water fording kit! Hank would fkn love it!
  3. You know it moite! Talking to multiple people trying to source a car, this is the latest offering, but it's about $3k USD over budget. It does have the later 6.5L engine though. Car is in Arizona, only one state over from Cali.
  4. May or may not volunteer rolling coal that weekend.
  5. ... yeah nah m8
  6. TBTT is a classic.
  7. If you don't follow this facebook page, you should it's hilarious! https://www.facebook.com/KTEBMADS What isn't hilarious is that so many people don't understand sarcasm (Some of the comments, wow.)
  8. Yeah, it's pretty fkn close You might have to have a shave!
  9. Job interview is good though! I'm not sure, we will see what the Iron Chef says...
  10. Ugh, importing cars from America is way harder than Japan. Now I have to worry about asbestos!
  11. Sounds like my sort of party
  12. Don't need to even watch the video to know the answer - "Because they're awesome"
  13. No spirits? Boo!
  14. Fark, not bad at all.