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  1. So much this. So much this. I paid $4000 for the donor car I used, including importing it from Japan. That included everything, engine, gearbox, driveshaft, diff, brakes, some of the interior including matching dash cluster with the correct*** kms, etc. In the end it was a very simple job just to swap everything over out of the one car and into the other. All I needed was a radiator and a front mount due to the front impact on the donor car. I sold my DE Neo engine for 250 bucks, and the DE gearbox including clutch for $200. The rest went in the bin. Try and get that value out of any donor car these days, you'd likely pay atleast 10k for it. Collect the parts individually and it will probably take you 2 years and still cost 10k. Jesus Christ, these days people are paying $1500 just for a DE Neo motor, and the same again for a DE gearbox. Crazy sauce. These cars just aren't good value anymore, they are expensive to own and modify now for sure. If you're going to do it, it shouldn't be because of prices.
  2. Also - what fuel resistant epoxy are you using? Epoxies are generally not fuel resistant long term, you need a specialist epoxy like a phenol novolac for that. They also don't bond well to that sort of plastic, so you're going to have it shrink and pull away from the plastic fuel lid.
  3. 5k doesn't necessarily go far when it comes to making a custom loom. The materials for my loom cost around 4k. If you're using Tefzel, DR-25 and autosport connectors, you will easily get over 5k very very quickly. I'm doing mine myself so there's no labour cost, but if you're paying for labour then 5k doesn't get you a whole lot. It's an extremely time consuming job. I think you need to ask what you are actually getting for that money. Wiring can cost you anywhere from $1000-$20,000 and over.
  4. This really doesn't make much sense, unless your copper plugs were old and fouled and the problem was fixed with new plugs. Iridiums dont give you a better spark than coppers, they are just supposed to last longer. But on a modified high performance engine you dont tend to get that longevity out of them and need to replace them more often anyway. The price difference between coppers and iridiums is why most people on here will be running coppers. But yeh, I agree with GTSBoy here, gapping plugs is SO 2010. Nowadays R35 and Audi R8 conversion kits are a dime a dozen, I'm amazed 'Splitfire' and 'feeler gauges' are still words that people know.
  5. Ask PRP, they will be able to run you through it. Best to ask them direct, they revise their gear so often there's a good chance those on here that have been through it are already out of date haha. P.S. not convinced you can tell the difference between -5 and -15 just walking outside. The cars and shit not working is another matter! 😆
  6. Haha I'm sure he will ask how we function at all when we get over 40° here, you just do. I function better in the cold though, I'd much rather -40 than +40! Atleast with -40 you can just put on more clothes, with +40 you just suffer through it. To be fair though, once you go below -5°, cold is cold, you dont really notice the difference. I was in Greenland last year for 11 days, 8 of which were below -30. But you dress the same for it, you're still wearing all your gear so its not super noticeable. Your face gets pretty cold pretty quick though!
  7. Yeh I dunno... I drove my mates GTR with a 6466 making 507kw - it's too much. It's dumb haha. The tunnel vision you get as it goes past 180km/h in the blink of an eye is just insane. I was genuinely terrified 😅
  8. Depends if you get the integrated main caps or not. If its just the brace, then nah not a great deal of machining. If you get the integrated main caps then you need to get that line bored with the block. Easy in theory, but a really really hard job to do properly.
  9. Yeh for me grout filling is a drag racing thing, I wouldn't do it on anything that needs a cooling system. Obviously there are those on here that would disagree with me, and thats cool - but for me, no. A block brace could be a useful investment, but again - plenty have gone 500kw+ without one.
  10. Are you still using the factory hard lines from the fuel tank? If so, these will be a restriction at that power level and you'll want to change them. I also don't like the idea of running these Hellcats in the same way as a smaller pump with a conventional relay, they draw a massive amount of current. You really want to use a solid state relay and be controlling it through the ECU via PWM so that you aren't running the pump flat out at idle. Minimum 10g wiring on the high side as well.
  11. Jesus. From someone who has just suffered through the removal of all the sound deadening from their car - this hurts me. If you ever sell this car, someone is going to turn it into a full-time race car and hate you immensely 🤣 Glad it somewhat achieved what you wanted though. I'll never admit it verbally, but there were times I wished my car wasn't 'F1 car leaving the pits' loud. Lucky I never succumbed to this though, cos I'd have absolutely hated removing it all again!
  12. Eh, personally I think it's 6 of one, half a dozen of the other. I 'converted' my GT to GTT years ago (years before this thread was even started, I can feel the weight of my own swag) and wouldn't say I ever really regretted it. Would I do it again now? Probably not. There were headaches along the way that were 100% a result of the car being a GT. Realistically if it had been a GTT from factory, it probably wouldn't have been such a big deal when it got stickered and it would still be on the street. There are probably loads more headaches to come now that it is a full time track car. But then again, maybe I would. Sentimental attachment plays a big role. As does knowing my car like the back of my hand. Where the rust is, where the dents in the chassis rails are, where the paint has a bug in it from when I resprayed it in my garage. I think once you've owned a car for a length of time and you have genuine attachment to it other than finding the cheapest car you can and making it faster, then it takes a strong stomach to sell it for the sake of getting a turbo model. All the logic and reasonable thinking regarding investment etc doesn't change that. So end of the day - who cares right? Modifying cars is not an investment game, so just do what you like.
  13. And I presume you have no affiliation with aforementioned website? 🤔
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