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  1. Won't last, will need repairs before you've got 1000 hours on the washing machine, be prepared to do this atleast 3 more ti... Sorry my bad, changing focus is hard for me.
  2. Yes, but there's a pretty drastic difference between getting 300,000+kms out of an OEM engine and the kms you will get out of an engine making 3 times as much power as it was engineered for. I just feel this is a bit of a funny mentality in this industry, everybody expects they will never have to spend more money on their build because they dropped a fortune on it in the first place; when realistically the more money you spend on it the more you are going to need to spend. I don't have any problems with people building stupidly powerful engines, I just wonder why we aren't more aware of what we are getting ourselves into when we do it.
  3. If the cars are being maintained by people that know what they are doing, then they probably aren't breaking things - they're pulling them down and rebuilding them before they get to that point. I'm not even talking about RB's, I'm talking about any engine. Honestly, how long do you think a V8 Supercar engine lasts? It would last less than that on the street too. The best in the business with a vested interest in making them last as long as possible can't make them last, but you get guys on YouTube that have built 30 engines saying they can make a 700kw engine indestructible? Garbage.
  4. Yeh this is the thing - a track car actually uses 500hp. If you have a car that once made 500kw on the dyno, but all you do is drive it 20kms to work everyday at under 3000rpm - you don't have a reliable 500kw car, you have a reliable 120kw car haha. And even then, you will probably still find yourself pulling it down before it ever gets close to 50,000kms. Nobody is jumping into their 160,000km-since-rebuild 500kw Skyline, driving it to the track and thrashing it for 3 hours, then driving it home. Nobody.
  5. Crank is still a short nose crank, same as any other RB25 so not hugely sought after. If its in great condition is doesn't need a grind then maybe ~$200. If its got some gouges or enough where to warrant anything more than a links then the nitriding will be removed and I'd say its pretty worthless, 50 bucks maybe but more likely a bin job. Pistons for the bin. Rods, these days probably not so popular anymore, people probably more likely to go with a set of Chinese forgies if they are building a cheap motor. Maybe $150?
  6. All about how its presented on Insta. The breakages get left out when you're trying to sell reliability.
  7. Sydney Composites should be able to sort you out. Doesn't look well made though. That isn't a crack in the 2nd and 3rd pics, thats a delam from a poor lap joint. Somewhat difficult to fix permanently, though I'm sure Sydney Composites can work with it.
  8. If you REALLY want the ultimate solution of OEM looking with top quality hardware, save your pennies for a Motec C1212 with Display Creator. Pinnacle of performance. Program it to look exactly like the OEM gauge cluster. Only going to set you back ~$8000 + mounting/wiring/programming. But baller is baller!
  9. https://letmegooglethat.com/?q=identify+rb25det+vs+neo
  10. I think they are just like that to deal with sometimes, probably a symptom of being far busier than they are equipped to handle. Ive spoken several times to Herman about developing a product with them and everytime I speak to him he is very interested and keen, but then in between it is very difficult to get a reply and I can go months without hearing anything back from inquiries. No stress for me as I'm not in a rush to develop, but as a customer it sucks. Have been in that position as a business myself though, where you're really just too busy to take on a job but you are still interested so you don't want to say no so you don't reply while you try to think of a solution, then before you know it you've forgotten and its been 2 months since they contacted you.
  11. Can confirm on the 350Z pedal. It's super easy though, just throw it in the vice and bend it a little bit. Its a steel arm, so not going to break and you can manipulate it around to your liking. It only needs to move like an inch to the right, and fitment otherwise is perfect.
  12. 90's ABS systems are extremely over-rated. They are more-or-less an elaborate system of wheels and pulleys, clunking their way to a kind-of-but-not-really effective result. I wouldn't worry about losing it. To answer your question though, my ABS worked just fine with my Link Thunder. I just ended up deleting it because it made removing my engine harness THAT much easier. And also, see above.
  13. I actually don't feel the police here are too harsh. Before I got pulled over and defected, I hadn't been pulled over once in 12 years of daily driving my 34. And while the things I was actually defected for were crap; clear front indicators lenses despite amber bulbs, and too LARGE an exhaust (not too loud, it wasn't, specifically too large)... to be fair, my car was perfectly defectable. It was still registered as an NA, so the 500hp turbo hanging off the side and external gate venting atmo weren't the most legal things. Race seats, etc. Plenty to sticker me for if they had known what to look for. I also gave them a reason to pull me over. Made a mistake and pulled out in front of a guy on a scooter. I saw him last minute and stopped, he saw me early and stopped, so it was all good. But cops were there and saw it and pulled me over and from there I was in trouble. For the most part though, in my experience if you dont give them a reason to pull you over and defect you then they probably won't.
  14. Man, I feel like every second post I make in here is explaining that my previous post was good natured, so perhaps my brand of online commentary isn't all that welcome. No problem. I'm just a guy on the internet man, don't need to defend yourself to me. As I said before, you do you.
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