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  1. "late response" Essentially I got some decent laps in up until September last year, when I moved overseas for work, and sold everything but the car. However, have recently sent it back into galvsport to prepare it for Racewars 2017. Cliff Notes:- > Holinger Sequential > new tune and will lean on it a touch harder for 8,250rpm as oppose to 7,500 running last year. > will get it wrapped > fit up the new wheels with fresh rubber for the event > sort out the 4wd gremlin > Rebuild the shocks which were starting to let go towards end of last year. hoping to get a few days at rac and barbs in while back in Perth!
  2. no dramas with 740whp through a getrag with circuit, drag and 1000m racing.
  3. Preference for a Gen 2 OS88 with the “option 3” of ratio’s Preference for all inclusive kit including transfer case, cross member, direct shift kit etc Please PM with price, History, Location and confirmation of Ratio’s.
  4. Shannons Agreed Value 90k $2,100 PA, however is on laid up cover as living overseas now.
  5. that's unlike josh not to recommend a stroker, I went in for a stock rebuild using HKS GTSS twins, 2 years and several $ later had a completely rebuilt car. end of the day he would have provided a tailored solution to what you want, budget, use, etc
  6. engineering documentation will run you about $1,500 if it is built correctly first time around Josh has engineered several big single cars so know what needs to be done from the get go to get it over the line. as oppose to building it, and then needing to spend more cash getting it compliant for engineering one car is a holinger equipped 934whp R32 GTR with a 72 series precision (cant remember exact precision) Check them out on facebook
  7. if you are in Perth go see Josh @ Galvsport, has got several single high mount R32 GTRs Engineered with A Class Rego
  8. +3 for galvsport did the entire build on my RB28
  9. if it goes ahead, I am keen for fibreglass and think I could round up a few more people keen
  10. thanks for the PMs Guys much appreciated!
  11. Hey Guys, Would you be able to recommend any workshops that specialise in the R32 GTR / RB26 in the USA? For engine building, maintenance and dyno tuning Location does not matter. Thanks in advance. Regards,
  12. i have a 34 GTR 6 speed getrag in a 32 GTR with 4.11's 1st gear is essentially useless for launching i.e. 2 gear launches required. top speed of 263kph @ 7,250rpm get there quick tho
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