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  1. Slaz

    Tas Whoretown

    Thread officially stickied!!!
  2. Hi guys, First, just letting you all know at once that I have removed the "Grey R33 VSpec" thread as it was completely about street racing, which cannot be posted about here at SAU. Please read the forum rules found here: http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/an...nouncementid=50 Just to let everyone know that street racing is illegal and cannot be talked about on Skylines Australia. If you have any questions, please feel free to PM me. Regards, Slaz.
  3. Slaz

    R32 Parts

    Err... Obviously this thread began while I was away up north. Just to remind everyone, For Sale ads have to be put into the For Sale forum on the boards. This one obviously has been going for a while, so I will move it to the For Sale section and leave a link soon. Thanks guys. David.
  4. Yes, but PHat MR30 has not objected- he even contributed to his own thread being hijacked. So no worries I think.
  5. I am assuming the offset is not right for an FC3s Rx7? Cheers Slaz
  6. *Sniff* it's true... So maybe I am not a pimp... but the car sure is... Someone buy it!!! Baby is one week away!! Open to offers.
  7. Oh, and more pics soon, I promise! I am at the library now, I have just moved house and have not connected net yet. So when it is, up the pics go!!
  8. Err, the pimp comes from everyone else lol. Like 'Man, that's pimp!!!' or 'Cool, your Soarer is so pimp!!!'... Okay, okay, I am a wannabe pimp daddy. No, really, it looks a lot more impressive in the flesh. Very suave. Arkad... yeah man the car does stop quicker than the 'line. I did not believe it was possible either. But stock pads vs Project Mu makes a huge difference. The rotors and calipers on the TT are not small.... But maybe it is just the G-force from the weight. I dunno. Seems to stop better to me...
  9. Hey! Cheers man! *slips Phat $50 bill* No really, it is a good ride peoples. Very quick, awesome looks and all the luxury you need. Quicker than a Monaro, handles better and I personally think it looks better. And it is wayyyy cheaper!!!
  10. And another one. Will have more pics (interior) etc very soon!! Cheers David
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