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  1. WANT TO BUY: R34 GTR (any version) - Serious buyer! I have been on the search for an R34 GTR for 2 long years (on and off) both locally and internationally.. During this time I have seen many cars but yet to have found one yet.. I am looking for a LOCAL car, that is both clean and accident free first and foremost. With that, I am happy to look at all cars! In a perfect world, I would like a car that is maintained well and have a degree modifications on the car (more the better). I would very much prefer if the car still retained the Japanese Deregistration papers and/or the auction sheet - would save plenty of time on both ends. I have a budget that varies far and wide with each car! *Please do not be put off if you think I cannot meet your asking price without informing me about the car* -Please no dreamers with sentimental prices attached -I would really like to deal with truly motivated sellers only I am located in Melbourne, but willing to travel if need be. If you have something I am after, please message directly into my private messages. Thank you
  2. claywong

    PM'd mate! Still looking. Please don't hesitate to message myself if you are considering selling at all! Cheers.
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  4. claywong

    I would think and say it was Allen.. ? He loves his GTR's
  5. claywong

    Can I trade your GTR for $?
  6. claywong

    I ended up buying an NSX, so the thought of owning a GTR drifted away.. Now it's back and I am ready to own both.
  7. claywong

    So, after two years of searching locally and internationally, on and off.. I have finally decided to stay 100% focused on purchasing a R34 GT-R. I am looking specifically for a car that is/has: - R34 GTR V/M-Spec or higher - Original Japanese Deregistration Papers - Original Japanese Auction Sheet - Clean, well kept, and accident free - Tasteful modifications are more than welcome - All colours will be considered (except for Silver, Bayside Blue and Yellow) I am located in Melbourne, Victoria but am willing to travel anywhere if the car meets these requirements. My budget will vary from car to car so please do not ask - I have funds... I will not entertain dreamers or owner's whom are not motivated to sell the car. Please only reply/message if you are 100% certain on your sales. Thank you for taking time to read this, Caleb.