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  1. Built by V-Spec Performance Here's the finished product! RB28 Photos: R34 GT-R Photos: Thank you all for reading! I hope I didn't miss out on too much. Don't hesitate to give us a ring for more information or bookings (03) 9877 7736. We're based in Blackburn, Victoria.
  2. Hey SAU, With our customers permission we're able to share with you his 02' R34 GT-R V-Spec II Nür build, currently at 62,XXX kilometers and all original - a super clean example. Simon's goal was to build a purposeful street car capable of hitting the track every now and again with figures up to a responsive and respectable 400 kilowatts whilst retaining an OEM appearance both inside and out. I won't cover the entire build process but I'll add as much as I can. Modification List: Exterior Nismo S-Tune Front Bumper Bar Nismo Z-Tune Side Skirts Nismo Z-Tune Rear Skirts Nismo Smoked Front Indicators Nismo Smoked Side Indicators Nismo LED GT Tail Lights Nismo Fender Cover Set Nismo Carbon Wing Blade Nismo Carbon Pillar Covers Nismo GT Diffuser Set Nismo Carbon Exhaust Shroud Nismo Fuel Cap Cover Driveline Nismo Twin Coppermix Clutch Kit (Competition) Nismo Slave Cylinder Nismo 1.5 Way LSD Modified Transfer Case The Driveshaft Shop Carbon Tailshaft Reconditioned Front Driveshafts Brakes & Wheels RAYS Nismo LMGT4 Omori Edition (Matte Black) 18x10.5+15 Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 285/35/18 Nismo 50mm Extended Wheel Nuts ARP Wheel Studs GT Brembo Big Brake Kit (6P/4P) Suspension Ohlins DFV Coilovers Nismo Front & Rear Swaybars Nismo Rear Lower & Upper Arms Ikeya Formula Rear Adjustable Upper Camber Arms Ikeya Formula Front Adjustable Upper Arms Ikeya Formula Front Roll Center Adjuster Lower Arm Kit Ikeya Formula Front Tie Rods Mine's Titanium Strut Bar ECU Haltech Elite 2500 ECU Wide Band Flex Fuel Composition Sensor Fuel Pressure Sensor Haltech Boost Solenoid Turbo 2x Garrett GTX2863R Gen 2 Turbochargers HKS Heavy Duty Actuators Engine Nismo Intake Plenum Nismo Oil Catch Can Nismo Intake Piping Kit Nismo 100mm Intercooler Nismo Intercooler Piping Kit Nismo Oil Cooler & Carbon Ducting Nismo Air Intake Duct Nismo Radiator Nismo Radiator Cap Nismo Oil Cap R35 GT-R Coil Pack Kit & Wiring Loom Kit Tomei Super Response 2.8L Stroker Kit (Titanium coated Bearings & Piston Rings) Tomei Oil Pump Tomei Oil Gallery Orifice Tomei Berry Ring - Exhaust Side Tomei Titanium Valve Spring Retainer Naprec Valve Guides Naprec Oversized Core Plugs Supertech Valve Stem Seals Nismo GT .9mm Headgasket Nismo Heavy Duty Timing Belt HKS Valve Spring Step 2 HKS Step 2 Cams - 264,10.0 Lift HKS Cam Gears ATI Super Damper Harmonic Balancer (750HP) ARP CA625+ Head Stud Kit ARP 2000 Main Stud Kit ARP Crank Bolt Ross Performance Power Steering Idler Assembly Kit 2x HPI Billet Airflow Meters with R35 Sensor Mine's Cam Cover Baffle Plates Hi-Octane 9Lt Extended Sump Hi-Octane Trigger Kit Nissan Water Hose Kit Nissan Engine Reseal Kit Nismo Engine & Transmission Mounts Top Secret Oil Catch Can Exhaust Mine's VX-Pro Titanium Exhaust System Mine's Stainless Front Pipe HPI Dump Pipes Fuelling FPG Twin Fuel Pump In-Tank Fuel System 2x Walbro 525L/ph Fuel Pumps Injector Dynamics ID1050X Injector Dynamics ID F750 Fuel Filter SARD Fuel Rail Magnafuel Prostar EFI Fuel Regulator Speed Pro Black Anodised Aluminium Fuel Line Speed Pro Assorted Fittings Starting off with a somewhat blank canvas of a car, this Pearl White V-Spec II Nür already has some high-quality parts fitted at our workshop including the Ikeya Formula arms and Brembo GT Big Brake Kit, not a bad start. The legendary RB26DETT removed from the body and stripped apart ready for machining and future assembly. As requested, Damon from Auto Attention to detail Simon's engine bay prior to his motor returning. The 24U R34 GT-R Engine Block back from Speedworks, Ringwood to suit his Tomei 2.8L Stroker Kit. Acid cleaning, crack testing, boring and coating are only a fraction of the process. Not a cheap exercise. Cylinder Head also back from Speedworks with a plethora of work completed. There's something about a freshly machined surface that is so appealing to the eye. Test fitting the HKS cams to ensure all clearances are correct. I've missed a few steps in between but an update nonetheless. Tomei 2.8L Stroker Kit, Water Pump, Tomei Oil Pump fitted - Standard Turbo Manifolds and Sump dummy fitted, for now. HKS Cams fitted and intake plenum gasket test fitted. HKS Cam Gears fitted. As good as the cam gears look the standard Silica Breath cam cover will be covering them. Garrett GTX2863R Turbos & HPI Dump Pipes fitted and mounted to ensuring no clearance issues and or abnormalities whilst doing so. Everything is going well so far. Starting to come together nicely, Turbo Manifold Heat Shields were also cleaned and coated, although we can't guarantee it'll stay like that forever. In fact, it most likely wont. Hardlines also fitted. View from the back for those who are interested, it really does look like a big mess from here. You can see the racks of parts patiently waiting to be fitted to Simon's car in the background. In the meantime, our go-to fabricator/electrician Scott 3D scanning Simon's engine bay to create custom brackets to hold the various fuelling components. More parts fitted, it never ends. Sard fuel Rail and Injector Dynamics Injectors fitted, throttle body also fitted with a new Nitto gaskets to suit. We also ported the Throttle Body in house. ATI Super Damper and ARP Crank Bolt fitted. Finally starting to look like a motor. Nismo Intake Plenum installed and engine covers are starting to go on. Just about completely assembled - At this stage I'm giving you guys as much as I can in regards to the overall build progress. Giving the block mating surface a thorough clean before fitting the new 9L Extended Sump from Hi-Octane. It's a two person job fitting these heavy sumps and more importantly seating it properly to ensure no leaks or damage internally and externally. Remember Scott 3D scanning? This is the result. It's not quite done in this photo but you get the idea, housing the Magnafuel Fuel Regulator, ID750 Fuel Filter and Haltech Flex Fuel Sensor complete with Speedflow fittings. A nice tidy package that is incorporated well once the motor is back in. It's always exciting watching the motor return back from where it came. You can never have too many guard covers and rags. View from above, you can see the Top Secret catch can that SL Customs had sprayed matte black for us. Note how the fuelling bracket fits snugly between the strut top and plenum. Out with the old, in with the new. You can see the Driveshaft Shop Carbon Tailshaft in the back waiting to be fitted also. Brand new Nismo Intercooler and Nismo Piping Kit installed. We had no issues fitting this unit, as you know Nismo make OEM like fit and finish and is an absolute joy to work with. A plethora of parts still waiting to be fitted, it's just about done at this stage. Engine completely assembled and fitted, minus the spark plugs and more. Also in-house our dyno tuning facility, capable of tuning Power FC, Haltech and so much more. Currently on its run-in tune, 250kw @ 11psi - We recommend 1000km+ in varying conditions (low stress, high stress) before re-tuning to its full potential. This car in particular will be expecting a conservative 400kw +/- on E85 post re-tune, perfect for street and circuit driving. A perfect GT-R for somebody chasing the less wild.
  3. Good luck with the sale Phil, beautiful example of the R34 GT-R.
  4. Hey Guys, We have an R35 GT-R coming really soon from Japan and now would be the perfect time to advertise it. 2008 Nissan GT-R (R35) Red 39,000km $98,000 - Negotiable Nismo Tuned ECU Nismo Springs Gearbox rebuilt by Top Secret Japan 2013 Transmission Update Blitz BOV 4 Rear Lights - Light-up Kit Project Mu Spec B Pads - Changed July 285 Bridgestone Run-Flats All 4 Wheel Alignment - September Oil Change - Every 5000km Nismo & Top Secret Warranty Available HID/LED Globes/Lights HKS Intake Stand out from the crowd of white, silver and blacks. this Red GTR has features NO OTHER GTR in Australia has, first of all, the ECU (computer) was tuned by Nissan’s racing division, Nismo Japan at their Omori facility to bring out the optimal performance of the vehicle. The speed limiter has also been permanently removed, at the same time, the stock GTR standard springs were swapped for Nismo springs specially developed for the R35. you’re free to take it up to it’s full potential at any given moment, with confidence and superb handling. In addition to the work done by Nismo Japan, due to a close personal relationship with Mr Smokey Nagata from Top Secret Japan, the master himself overhauled the transmission personally in July 2015, he updated the transmission’s operating software to the latest version, reinforced the clutch, C link and tweaked the gears, of course brand new transmission oil. (all work done is documented detailedly, will provide with sale) Many fear the early generation of R35’s transmission to be unreliable, This work done has removed any uncertainty. This GTR drives just like a brand new 2015, if not better, BUT! the transmission is toughened up to take 800HP with totally reliability. There is no other GTR R35 in Australia that was worked on, tuned, tested and approved by Smokey Nagata himself! (if you don’t know who Smokey and what his company is, just google or youtube him, he’s world famous) the quality of his work is unparalleled worldwide, let alone an Australian tuner. to get something similar in Australia done would cost over $15,000. I have also taken the liberty to size up the front tires to standard GTR 285s, the car now runs on 285s front and rear, unlike the stock standard 255s in the front, which often people complain about AWD’s understeering behavior. this upgrade has eliminated any understeer, she drives like she’s on rails! Never Tracked Car mainly used for long distance drives from Shizuoka to Tokyo (Non-Daily Driver) Just past standard 2 year Japanese Road Worthy Check in June 2015 (AKA “Shyaken” which has much higher standards than Australian RWCs or MOTs) always parked indoors and under shelter Sale comes with RWC included and all receipts and warranty. Contact us today for all inquiries!
  5. Hey All, Just wanted to make an official "Newbie Introduction" to the SAU Community. Check out our official 'trader' introduction here!
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