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  1. FOR SALE: Top Secret RB Carbon Ornament Cover Product Number: TOPSECRET_RB26_ORNA_COVER Description: Replace the standard RB26DETT ornament cover with this carbon fiber replacement from Top Secret Jp. Made from genuine carbon fiber and clear coated for protection from the elements. Price: $200.00 (Shipping extra) Buy online: https://www.vspecperformance.com.au/top-secret-rb26-ornament-cover Buy in-person: Visit us in person 17-19 Terra Cotta Drive, Blackburn, VIC 3130 - Accepting Cash, Mastercard or Visa.
  2. Thank you for that link! We didn't hear much about the entire process apart from questions here and there to confirm various aspects. It definitely was a costly exercise. A good read. Thank you. Sure! let me know which one you want and I'll email it to you. Don't forget to give me your email!
  3. Yep! Could be anything. As far as we are concerned it's literally the exact same thing, just in carbon fiber.
  4. Nismo were fairly lenient on what options we had, though we let them make the majority of the decisions - after all, it is a Nismo restoration. We did convince them to let us change the colour, add the Nismo Carbon Intake Piping Kit - but didn't allow us to add the Nismo Carbon Airbox.
  5. The Z-Tune is finally HOME - After the what felt like an eternity of waiting the car has arrived in showroom condition. Some of you may have even seen it at GT-R Festival! Thank you to those who did stop by our stand to say hello! Our guys will be in soon to polish & protect it up to 110%. Here are some photos in the meantime straight off the truck and into our workshop.
  6. I agree! I would've loved further documentation on the process. Especially with the coin we've spent, which we cannot disclose at this stage..
  7. I believe Nismo personally selected cars #1-#13 and the remaining were customer provided cars.
  8. The purist were the first thing to come to mind when painting this another colour, but sometimes, you just need to do it for you and only you, at the end of the day you don't need to please anyone else. Thank you so much for your kind feedback!
  9. Sounds like a good plan! Make sure to pop in and say hello when you're there! It's nice to know that the previous owner has enjoyed the car, after all, that's what these cars are for aren't they? But in our circumstances, we'd prefer the car to be in it's original state with a few changes here and there that don't deviate from it's initial OEM spec.
  10. We couldn't have picked anyone better for the job! Nope, you'll be able to come up close and personal.
  11. Introducing Z-Tune #15, Australia's newest resident Z-Tune. We found and purchased Z-Tune #15 with the intention of doing a simple refresh before shipping it back to Melbourne, Australia - Plans change however. With the uneasy feeling of a modified Z-Tune the car was instead delivered to Nismo Omori Factory in Yokohama, Japan there would be nobody else more suitable for the job we had planned. A complete certified Z-Tune restoration by Nismo. Starting off with the vehicle; silver, a little tired where you can expect it but in hindsight still a very good base to begin our project. Though we can't ignore the elephant in the room; the HKS V-CAM & Steering wheel which are addressed at a later stage. Whilst we didn't receive any photos during the process, I'll try to fill you in with as much information and photos as I have on hand. An introduction to Z-Tune #15; As you may or not know is that the Z-Tune was built to celebrate Nismo's 20 year anniversary in 2003 and of course 19 customers & their R34 GT-R V-Spec's were used as a base with less than 30,000 kilometers to undergo the Z-Tune program. Here's our car, before our initial inspection (An agent inspected and confirmed the vehicle prior to purchase) and before it was sent to Nismo Omori Factory. It's new home for the next long months/year ahead, Omori Factory. Our plan; A complete head to toe restoration, no cut corners, all work certified by Nismo Omori Factory and done to their particular high standard of work many of you know so well today. This was a must. Inside and out, the car was taken apart for it's rebirth. Obviously the car was driven and modified, enjoyed, thoroughly perhaps. That's ok! That's why it's here. Here you can see some photos of the undercarriage which is in wonderful condition despite being driven. Purist look away; The biggest controversial topic, as some of you may already seen is that we had decided Z-Tune #15 to be resprayed Midnight Purple III. A full respray, engine bay, boot, undercarriage and obviously the body panels were all resprayed by Nismo. We couldn't pass up an opportunity to respray the car a different colour, at a cost of course. We didn't just stop at the body and surrounding aspects; we did the subframes too! with fresh Nismo arms, suspension and bushings to compliment. As usual high traffic areas covered in protective film to prevent any potential unnecessary scratching. No stone left un-turned. The Z2 RB28 engine was removed to undergo it's full restoration returning it to OEM specification. This means, the HKS V-CAM is gone! As great as the V-CAM system is, we think it'll be better to return this engine back to original condition. We thought it'd also be fitting to add in the Nismo Carbon Intake Piping Kit to suit even if it wasn't on the original Z-Tune parts list. My only gripe is that the carbon weave found on all Nismo products are not 'visually' consistent. I would've loved it if Nismo took photos during the process so I could expand a bit more on everything, but unfortunately they did not so I've worked with what I've got. Apologies! Here are some photos of the completed MNPIII Z-Tune! As some of you may have already seen, our car is in the latest issue of GT-R Magazine (#147) Here's a behind the scenes photo of the shoot. On it's way to Melbourne, Australia! (With a quick detour to GT-R Festival 2019 at Sydney Dragway before coming home) Come see this car at GT-R Festival before it heads back down to Melbourne!
  12. FOR SALE: Nismo 1.3 Bar Radiator Cap Product Number: 21430-RS012 Description: The NISMO Racing Radiator Cap maintains higher internal pressure in the cooling system than the standard cap (valve opening pressure : 0.9kg/cm2 *1.2kg/cm2 for Z32). It prevents the coolant from easily boiling and vaporising (the boiling point is approximately 6℃ higher than the standard cap’s 0.9kg/cm2 threshold) and improves cooling efficiency. The NISMO Racing Radiator Cap can also be used on vehicles with a small radiator cap (external diameter 45). Product Warning Because the NISMO Racing Radiator Cap maintains high pressure in the cooling system, be sure to inspect the radiator and hoses before installing the cap to be certain that they are not damaged and that there are no leaks. Cars are particularly prone to problems due to wear. Even if your radiator and hoses appear to be working fine at low pressure, flaws may appear at higher pressure. Cap can be used on vehicles with a small radiator cap (external diameter φ45). Price: $54.95 ($15 Shipping) Buy online: https://www.vspecperformance.com.au/nismo-racing-radiator-cap Buy in-person: Visit us in person 17-19 Terra Cotta Drive, Blackburn, VIC 3130 - Accepting Cash, Mastercard or Visa.
  13. FOR SALE: Nismo R-Tune Air Cleaner Duct Product Number: 16554-RSR46 Size: 34mm M12x1.25 Description: The Nismo R-Tune Air Cleaner Duct reduces compressor intake pressure by 30% at the moment of initial boost pressure also decreasing air-path pressure simultaneously. Made from black FRP with a embossed Nismo logo. Easy installation procedure without any further modifications. Suitable for R34 GT-R's with the R-Tune carbon bonnet, OEM aluminium bonnet or carbon V-Spec II bonnet including those with Nismo Air Inlet Pipes or the OEM inlet pipes. Price: $508.00 (Shipping extra) Buy online: https://www.vspecperformance.com.au/nismo-r-tune-air-cleaner-duct Buy in-person: Visit us in person 17-19 Terra Cotta Drive, Blackburn, VIC 3130 - Accepting Cash, Mastercard or Visa.
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