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  1. Their limit is 300kw atw. When I had my tuned that was its limit anything more and cooling wasn't efficient I've had -7's, injectors, fuel pump,. exhaust, intake, haltek 2500 - basically all bolt on mods minus the cooler. If you are chasing more than 300kw then get aftermarket
  2. Yep, budget GTR ftw, but now even that is gone haha - needed the space as we are building and I dont want that on the street collecting dust.
  3. Hence why no JDM's for me for a very very long time haha
  4. haha sadly nothing like that - this was a product of me going to some meets and a shop for a tune. Conversations start of like normal, whats done to it, plans etc nek minit hey do you want to make some money and give the above proposition lol
  5. You haven't been asked yet? Hahaha I've been asked quite a few times out of nowhere. But yea minority ruin it for the majority sadly
  6. Some things just never change. But basically they insure the car, after a couple of months they say it has been stolen (but really kept at a mates place). After the investigation is concluded they get a pay out and have a full car to strip and sell the parts etc. So if they bought it even two years ago for say 70-80k, they could have insured them for 100k + parts, so the margin is there for them to do it. Sad but true I remember this happening with the 33gts-t's when everybody was importing them and they had them insured for a big amount.
  7. Subscribed - nice editing and very informative, keep up the good work!
  8. All GTR's are good cars just a matter of preference and staggering to know how they rise in $ in recent times. As it was said before you are better off waiting until you have the savings before you start looking so you know where you stand. If I was in your shoes I would be open minded to other cars e.g Evo great value for money and parts are readily available - food for thought
  9. https://postimg.org/image/ctsiv1nop/ not sure if new owner wants his plates known and im sure he will post many later - but here she is for now
  10. Glad to hear it mate, hope you enjoy her like I did gl and all the best
  11. I got -7's on mine, walbro fuel pump, bosch 1550cc injectors stock cooler, 3" full exhaust made 306kw on 19psi on ron98. Plenty for road and if you go e85 and crank them to 22 you will be set. But again as everybody says it depends on how much power you do want, response or top end etc
  12. Not going to lie I was looking at the 370z Nismo for some reason, but moment i opened up the garage and saw the 34 there it quickly went away haha. I would stay away from euro - simple to the fact if you ever need to fix something it costs a lot and every part of the car is bound by like 15 screws and clips makes you go crazy. Would be good to see if somebody is willing to do a swap maybe? Whats giving you thoughts on selling the 34, old age?
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