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  1. Dear internet friends. Once again I am asking you to pay me some attention. I am bored during lockdown (or whatever version your state/country has). The social distancing thing has sort of been lifted "ish". I don't know, i'm just trying to avoid you all anyways. 

    A few days ago we had an SAU meeting, and we did a special stream from Garage35Racing's (SIN35 & MAD35) workshop. I currently do some IT work for the owner (Lance) and he was kind enough to agree to show us around during the monthly meeting (now online). 

    I went down there a little early  as we had some IT work to discuss/google (<that's an IT joke folks). As a special bonus, Lance's (and I suspect everyone's) mate Jason had left his R33 GTR in the workshop for us to ogle. 

    I also invited down a mutual friend Carl who brought his GTR also... 

    I'll let the images speak for themselves...







  2. I like how you turned an envelope full of cash into a sweet, sweet wagon. You have my appreciation. :D

    And yeah, those wheels, what was the previous owner thinking? Or was it a case of car for sale, bring your own wheels? 

    On 5/15/2020 at 6:45 PM, ProjectStag1 said:

    he was a rude dickhead and I’m sure he won’t know who is if he’s on here because his Narcissism won’t allow himself to think negatively about himself,

    He must also have a GTR. There's a high number of GTR people who are too cool for school... (the one's here are good eggs though).

  3. I laughed so hard at this... holy jeebus. i know the feeling here, where you just don't want to give the car the satisfaction of acknowledging its issues.  😂

    I remember something similar happened to a friend with his Boss kit. The switch/wiring broke and his horn was stuck on permanently. 
    He was freaking out while i laughed so hard i nearly wet myself in the passenger seat while we drive down the Monash. The best part is while I kind of knew what had happened, he though the car was going to explode (or something i guess). He pulls over after a couple of minutes, i rip the button out and toss it into the back of the car... problem solved. 

    Sometimes when cars break it is hilarious. Other times... it's lucky I don't carry a lighter!


    17 hours ago, Dose Pipe Sutututu said:

    And it's back again 

    I'm not familiar with this car at all, but geez, it's a sad looking thing now. It looks as though it's been to hell and back. 
    I really hope Motive can bring it back to life and do some cool stuff with it. 

    On the plus side, it looks as though we are (maybe have) arrived at the point where people are going to start pulling these out of garages (and possibly dams around the country) restoring the cars to a tidy and working state, instead of parting them all out.

    It's good to see in my opinion. :)

  5. On 4/17/2020 at 10:15 AM, MoMnDadGTR said:

    hahah just a nice casual 2 r35's and  a couple porches that's big meech status….anyways my 32 would smoke any 4 of those cars so I don't even know why your looking for an r35...….lol ya right just kidding mate. my friend has a 2012 and im sure he has a hole in his floor from matting it time after time. car seems to love it. its not tracked but driven hard. seems like these cars hold together nice at lower hp and with quality maintenance. see a lot of people buying these cars that cant afford them that's when they seem less reliable.

    Had me in the first half... ngl. Was getting ready to dish out some internet rage... lol

    And I think your are right, you maintain them well at low/stock ish levels or be prepared to pay mega dollars for upgrade replacements each time something breaks. 

  6. Hi John,

    While i can't help with a schematic, a good high end audio repair place should be able to fix this for you. 

    It is important you don't take it to any repair place, as they may not understand the value of the item and attempt to bin it. 
    Make sure you explain what the head unit is and why it cannot be replaced.

  7. I'm going to go against the grain here and say, i'm not that concerned by E85 prices. I didn't buy the car to be economical, nor to try to go for hyper mile efforts.  It's a ridiculous car and if it means paying more for petrol for another 100kw so be it. 

    If I was allowed out of my house, i'd be burning through enough E85 to solve the overproduction issue on my own. (obviously an exaggeration).

    I may have burned about a half tank in 30kms the other day... foot to floor. Hit speed limit (ish) foot on the brake, repeat. Good times.

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  8. Hello and welcome back to Steve's upkeep where he updates things whenever he can be bothered, or he remembers, or he gets so bored he takes to the internet and adds content!

    As I write this we are in the middle of "social distancing" or "preferred human contact" if you're an introvert/IT guy. Things are quite bleak for a large portion of the worlds population. So what better way to "spark joy" than to show you the results of having my car, washed, detailed, corrected and finally ceramic coated...

    Please see these pictures from a good guy I know through the GTR owners in Melbourne, he completed all the work for me. He is quite popular among GTR owners and has outdone himself again!

    33 GTR LM Initial Wash.jpg

    33 LM Before_After.jpg

    Ready for wheel cleaning.jpg

    33 GTR wheel well1.jpg

    33 GTR wheel well2.jpg

    33 GTR wheel well3.jpg

    33 GTR wheel well4.jpg

    Finished R33 GTR LM Limited.jpg

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  9. Welcome to SAU. I like your car, it's cool you got your dream car. I remember the feeling. I go out and stare at my car. You may find you lose hours in your garage doing the same.

    I really like your mirrors though. I'd kill for a set of Ganadors. Keep us up to date with your adventure. I like seeing what owners do with their cars. :)

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