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  1. Welcome to SAU. That's a good looking car. A 26 into one of these is a good start... :D That said, there is a fan club of the RB20. Supposedly a pretty tough engine. 

    I like seeing what Americans do with their cars, I feel like even though we like JDM, Americans do things I've never seen before. It's cool and interesting (to me anyways). 
    If you have questions we'd love to answer them (not me though, i'm a professional at "have you turned it off and on again guy) and maybe give some thought to a build thread. I feel like you might need it! :)

  2. Possible the car had a TV/DVD screen in it at some point. It may be using  switched 12V from the column,  and the handbrake  sensor to know when it should turn the screen on/off. I can't think of a reason anyone would use the handbrake switch for any other reason. 

    Not only that, no one in the world ever bother with these, and depending on the model, just hooked the look to ground or 12V permanently. Then it was up to the driver to not watch TV while driving. :)

  3. My wife and I took our cars out to a night meet at Docklands Costco (Cars and Coffee). 
    It was absolutely packed. I had no idea how many cars would show up, turned out hundreds...

    It was a pretty good mix of cars, if they could just lose the people who show up in stock Commodores and Falcons with straight through exhausts it would be perfect. 

    The GTRs got a lot of love while we were there, and the silver one picked up a very slight scratch in the rear bar (sigh). I'm sure it's only the clear top coat, but it's still annoying as hell.

    Anywho, pictures (not all mine btw):







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  4. On 9/27/2019 at 9:07 PM, mosquitocoils said:

    Anyway it's good to be back... I'll shortly go ahead and make a build journal here, which is the best place to do that?

    Welcome back to the fold. You must have been OG! Cool that you've come back. 

    I put my cars into a build thread: https://www.sau.com.au/forums/forum/190-projects-overhauls-and-build-ups/
    I think I misuse them, but if you're doing actual work on the cars, you'll be right! :)

    I love wagons (a lot for someone without a stagea anyways) so I'll be following along enthusiastically.

  5. 2 minutes ago, Alex787B said:

    I just prefer to progress at my own pace, think about safety first and most important thing at the Ring, stay humble & keep my feet on the ground  :)

    Good attitude man. Keep them coming no matter how slow! :D
    People who don't subscribe to this find their car in the fence after half a lap (and I'm told that's super expensive).

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  6. On 9/12/2019 at 11:41 PM, Alex787B said:

    EDIT : also, sorry guys but my girlfriend's on holiday, so I took my biker bud to replace her as a passenger haha

    Unacceptable!!! lol


    On 9/13/2019 at 6:58 AM, GeeDog said:

    - at least get your mate to wear shorts


    as a minimum. 

    I've DM'd you Alex. Good to see you still at this. I really, really enjoy watching your videos. I already was watching people lap the ring, but it's super cool to see a 33 doing laps. :)

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  7. 13 hours ago, DouglasHayes said:

    I have never been in depression but sometimes I fell very anxious and angry. Once I broke my phone cause I was so angry that just threw it. To fix it cost a half of the price! Occasionally I've got a feeling that everyone without me will fell better. It's realy hard for me to take all these feelings under control and I'm considering about psychologist.


    Maybe you've got some piece of advice for me how to overcome all of this?

    Hi Douglas. Thanks for posting.

    Most people who suffer from Depression have anxiety in some way, shape or form, for me it was Flying, and being late to appointments (I really feel that time pressure in my life). 

    I would consider a couple of steps that might help you out:

    • Get out and about during the day (a walk at lunchtime or while on a call can help immensely). If possible walk to ride or walk to walk, even if it means just jumping off the train one station early (I understand that isn't always applicable though).
    • Consider meditation/mindfulness activities that you can start. Yoga, meditation or anything that involves self reflection could help. 
    • Try to learn about anxiety and in particular attempt to identify how you can be triggered (even a basic understanding helps). 
    • Cut down on coffee. (This one was hard for me, i went from 3 double shots a day to one, at first I was sluggish and felt rough, but I got through it). Coffee in the morning isn't terrible but late coffee can affect your sleep pattern/quality.
    • Also for me, overthinking things and playing out hypothetical situations was really bad. If you also do this, try to identify the chances of this happening (normally for me it was very low) and only apply the same amount of energy to that scenario as it's likelihood to becoming a reality. (Google Occam's Razor for more details on this one).

    There are some free apps and websites that might help you out:




    It may still be worth consulting a psychologist as they have a neutral view of you and your thought pattern. For me this is a big bonus as my psychologist can point out when I am being too harsh on my self and help me to correct some of my thought patterns. 

    If you can do just one of the things above (actions or use an app or see a psychologist) you might find you start to improve your mental well being.

    I've PM'd you as well. Let me know if I can be of assistance. 
    All the best. Steve. :)

  8. I kind of like the above as stated by OP. My only comment is where would Build Threads/Upkeep go? I really like these threads and are where I spend quite a bit of time. 

    Could we also add a Build Thread into here like this:

    1986-2002 RB Series

    • Forced Induction
    • General Maintenance
    • Suspension & Braking
    • Build / Upkeep 

    I too like the idea of sorting by generation of Skyline. It's how my mind thinks about these cars. I know an awful lot about R32, R33 and R34, but couldn't tell you the first thing about a R35 (ok, well maybe the first thing, but not much else). 

  9. 2 minutes ago, Dose Pipe Sutututu said:

    Most people who are hell bent on "apps" are generally Apple users (I work in the tech/dev space, but not a dev).

    I 100% concur with this statement. Apple people seem to be obsessed with apps to a fault. Instead of doing a decent web app/site they chose to release an iPhone and iPad app, then acted all surprised that it needs a billion years of development/support just to keep it running. 😡 (Source: I used to work for the example above).

  10. 1 minute ago, GTSBoy said:

    I can't imagine using any forum** on a phone. Typing is balls on any touchscreen.

    So I guess I was the only heavy user on the app then... 😮 

    I have just added the page to my home screen as a shortcut. It's ever so slightly different, but not really an issue. 
    I found that the app (and mobile) are waaaaayy more convenient for uploading images. None of my pictures are on my laptop.

  11. Have a look through these threads. Some are ancient though, so make sure you follow up by viewing their Google or Facebook reviews or asking someone who uses one of them.





    I'm sorry i can't be more help. As mentioned I've never purchased from QLD. [emoji848] Good luck. [emoji106]

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