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  1. Thanks! ill check it out.. Would you recommend any way of 'cleaning' the intercooler? The intercooler piping looks sheeeit and i was just thinking of sanding it down and hitting it with some primer and spray paint maybe.. thanks for your advice, im sure ill have some more questions soon xD
  2. Hey guys! I just bought a manual r34 gtt and i’m absolutely loving it.. but i’ve got some questions 1. The car is fairly stock apart from a HKS intercooler that looks like it’s at the end of its life (the condition isn’t the best, i’ll provide photos) Would you recommend just buying a whole new kit or just get its refurbished? if so what kit would you recommend 2. After getting the car all checked over.. what modifications should i install first? A list of these would be greatly appreciated Can’t think of anymore questions but i’m sure something will pop up and i’ll just ask again! thank you for your time and help
  3. Hey guys Not sure if anyone could help me here but it’s worth a shot i have been wanting to buy a r34 4 door that is manila and turbo Nothing has really popped up that i have really been interested in so i thought i might just import one I was wondering who should go with? and why? and also is it worth it? would i be losing money? I’m located in perth, Australia. Any advice would help as i’m just a bit skeptical of handing over some random people my money and then wait a couple of months to get it sent over :’) Thanks guys - hudson
  4. Hello everyone. I am located in Perth I have been looking to buy a nice clean 2 door r34 for a while now but i am struggling to find the right one for the right price. What are the main features to look at when buying one of these cars. Also roughly in what price range would be acceptable for a r34 gtt 2 door! that is completely stock with around 130***kms on it? Would love some help with finding the right one for me!! Thanks for your time! - Hudson
  5. oh and these are the ones i was thinking of getting by the way..
  6. Hey guys.. need some help! i have recently been having some trouble with my skyline so i decided to have a look at the spark plugs aswell as doing a compression test Compression is good in all of the cylinders but the spark plugs smelt like burnt oil.. does this have anything to do with the coil packs? i don't know how long they have been in the car for so maybe it might be time to get new ones.. i just wanted to make sure before i go paying $450 for a pair and then not need them.. Thank you
  7. Hey guys, recently my car blew out blue smoke out of the exaust thought it was the rings but then i compression tested it and all was good apart from the spark plugs.. they smelt burnt so i decided to change them to new ones and then with out realising i had to change the coilpacks aswell.. so pretty much i am running new spark plugs with old coilpacks.. just wondering if it is bad for the car to be driven like this and will it hurt the engine in any way? i don't have another car to get around in and also what coilpacks would you recommend that aren't overly priced btw i have no experience with cars.. a starts a start some help would be nice! thanks🤙🏼[emoji1417]
  8. Hey guys, i was also wondering this might be a stupid question but i don't know how to turn contraction control off and on? is there a button that should know about? thanks
  9. thanks for that, i'll keep that in mind!
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