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  1. i just dont think any euro car suits me nor do i like them as much as jap cars in general. if i were to sell my skyline id look into buying another jap car haha. in saying that the only positives i can take from a golf is that there lightweight which makes them quick but with the right mods and tune any skyline would pump a golf in my opinion.
  2. my mate recently bought an 86 he wants to do a lot of work to it too but ive told him to build an 86 will be expensive, now hes just interested in the aesthetics of it by lowering it and putting a rocket bunny kit on too lol i wouldnt mind building something unique but im thinking of doing that sort of thing when im older when ive got more time and money on my hands lol
  3. hahaha yeah youre right its hard to find a r32 especially to get it registered most of them are used for track nowadays and the gtr's are getting expensive by the minute it seems. my cousin has a VE ss and hes just chucked in a massive pod filter thats not even covered. he doesn't really care if hes pulled over by the cops lol
  4. what are the golf gti mk7 stock power? they are quick but there relatively new so they should be quick lol as much as id like to burn someone at a set of lights, unfortunately cant race anywhere these days without the chance of being pulled over by the cops but in saying that id like something decent not too overboard just looking for a bit more power, you get sick of driving a NA your whole life its why i want to turbo it and not to mention the sound!
  5. hahaha i dont think ill ever change my mindset i can be pretty stubborn at times lol my cousin was the same, back in 2001 he brought a brand new s15 sold it and now owns a 2014 holden maloo R8 and he loves it. he said the same thing he always likes jdm's but will from now on buy holden/ford V8's or something euro like a bmw or merc
  6. sorry my bad! all good will take a look at it now thanks!
  7. your 100% right i only want a decent amount of power around 200-250kw on safe boost i dont want to go crazy. again this would only be for street use im not planning to put this out on the track where i would need over 300kw
  8. the only blame should go to the so called Victorian "government" modifications are illegal but stealing someones pride and joy or committing an actual crime like murder gets you absolutely nothing sometimes i feel like moving states lol
  9. ultimately id like to keep it RB. but i get your point, i know of people who have added turbo's to NA cars and while they said it caused some headaches at first its all worth it in the end because of what they wanted in the first place which is to have a turbo and have some fun lol but i havent made up my mind yet not in a total rush just want to see other peoples opinions were and try to decide then.
  10. a r34 gt can and does usually go for around 10k. i bought mine for 11k and that was 4 years ago. so id assume the price wouldnt have dropped heaps. also i dont have much kilometres done anyway so i reckon i could catch a decent figure for it. i am already registered. but yeh you're totally right its up to me whether to take the advice or not and do whatever i so choose lol but im always open for anyones advice or tips as it can persuade me on what to do next
  11. if i were to sell what i have now id really like to try something else like a 32 gtr or an evo but you make a good point with the price and wasting money on stupid things, everything is expensive these days and its only gotten worse. but if i were to save up money it might be a while before i buy a new car considering what the gtr and evo's are price wise
  12. none of us should be giving each other shit. were all here to help or give advice and share our own experiences. we all make mistakes anyway, i dont claim to know everything in fact i probably know as little as possible when it comes to the mechanical side of things i just enjoy what i drive and thats it lol. we all enjoy the same thing which is cars!
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