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  1. Get a Bonzibuddy to read it to you.
  2. Hello Evan, That sounds quite alarming, like a knocking. From what I have observed helper springs sound more like a solid grouped chiming than a knock. Ride in the second vid looks quite harsh, (maybe exaggerated from one hand video) have you checked the dampening rate of the rear passenger strut? Really nice car though, hope you and JRZ figure it out.
  3. Really? Do they have a bad reputation in Norway?
  4. Came to check out the car. Strangely intrigued by the laundry. Where can I get some of that gourmet xúc xích pâté? Sullivan's Cove, quite difficult to come by. How is it compared to the French Oak? Looks fancy.
  5. My bad. Is terrible joke, Comrade. I've heard cats can be quite restrictive but it looks like nothing will get past that dog.
  6. Yeoboseyo! Nice one! Welcome to the forums.
  7. Well done, glad you managed to figure it out. Was just about to edit an post this to help.
  8. Hello _scott, I got stuck on this too because it's hard to see how the tabs interlock. It's true, pacel shelf is push towards rear windscreen to disengage from c pillar, push down to dismount. It's a snug fit and parcel shelf may be a bit brittle in its age. Keep us updated on the progress and if you think you need pics for reference I can have a look through my files. Good luck.
  9. More than welcome, David. I used to watch RCR alot when it was new, haven't seen this vid. I see he's got a much more casual style of editing now. Back to topic on hand. I'm no expert and I've never seen a quick shift in action but if I had to guess I would say that is a short shifter. I'm basing this assumption on: 1. Length and comfort of throw, 2. No perceivable transmission noise of vibration, 3. Shaft is black instead of chrome, 4. Passenger stating "Nismo short shift" at 1:19 I could be totally wrong though... Ben may have a more thorough understanding.
  10. Hello David, To address the initial question, the solid shifter a subtle upgrade to the stock shifter. It feels nicer and for the small outlay I think it is definitely worth it. As discussed above, it's not a performance based upgrade, but it makes the experience of driving a bit more refined. In this circumstance not marketing BS, description is pretty accurate.
  11. Hello Barker, Welcome to the forums! Great pics of Fujisan, I can't believe the view you had from the base. Man, I miss Japan. Are the APCs for the weekdays and the GTR the weekend? 😃
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