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  1. Master, slave and hoes? You have aroused my attention.
  2. SAU nerf war later? Losing team mans the grill. Also,
  3. Welcome! Really good to see that you're enjoying your new ride. She looks mint.
  4. Hey guys, Just wondering what the benefits of an open diff are when compared to any sort of LSD on track? Genuine question.
  5. That's such a nice photo. Love how the signage complements the car.
  6. I was recommended [email protected] and have used them quite frequently for smaller items aswell as work. Cheap, reliable and all round good service. Maybe drop them an enquiry.
  7. Hey Ben, Awesome insight into the topic. Quick question, what would be involved with swapping over to Optima Yellow?
  8. Hello Alex, Not sure what the intricacies are in regard to "lsdpro_manual02" but feel free to have a scanned copy of the manual that came with mine, hope it's still useful. NIS GTLSDP.pdf
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