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  1. Man, that's pretty cool! (pun unintended) Where would a regular bloke like me be able to find one of these?
  2. Hello Dylan, I'm really curious about it possibly being a converted factory turbo. Keep us posted. But back to the question, what if you treated it as if the motor hit 250,000km and the motor spun a bearing or something? Would you drop in another non turbo motor or would you swap in a RB25DET?
  3. Hello thenixtone, I think some places do full recirculation blow off valves. I think they got you on venting to atmosphere. Have a quick look at turbosmart webpage. And maybe visit a wrecker to get your hands on a factory bonnet. Sounds like you got a lot of leniency, count your blessings bruv.
  4. Hey quick question, I run into alot of kids with pop bang exhausts. I feel like it's kind of obnoxious, attention seeking mod especially when on non performance orientated cars. But may be I'm wrong. Anyone care to educate me? Are there benifits of pop bang tunes on econoboxes or is it another useless, counter productive fad like spinning hubcaps, guccigang and key banging?
  5. Hi! Does anyone have one sitting about? I'll take it off your hands, thanks!
  6. Get a Bonzibuddy to read it to you.
  7. Hello Evan, That sounds quite alarming, like a knocking. From what I have observed helper springs sound more like a solid grouped chiming than a knock. Ride in the second vid looks quite harsh, (maybe exaggerated from one hand video) have you checked the dampening rate of the rear passenger strut? Really nice car though, hope you and JRZ figure it out.
  8. Really? Do they have a bad reputation in Norway?
  9. Came to check out the car. Strangely intrigued by the laundry. Where can I get some of that gourmet xúc xích pâté? Sullivan's Cove, quite difficult to come by. How is it compared to the French Oak? Looks fancy.
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