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  1. ERO54N

    Nice find, Sean 👍
  2. ERO54N

    Hola! Como estas? Nice car Reibah, enjoy your sta! Mi casa tu casa
  3. Hello Raefalot, Mine flash when I lock or unlock using remote. How come?
  4. ERO54N

    Hello Ryan, Maxed out as in lowered to the limits? Can you check if the dampening has also been adjusted to suit? Coilovers usually work well within a range but when they are set to extreme settings for daily duties they tend to fail. The short travel stroke can result in over agitation of fluids (decreased dampening, ie springy) and components to physically bottom out on bumpstops. Also the car's roll centres will be really out if you lower too much. Disadvantages may outweigh benefits.
  5. Hello Brent, Don't be afraid to upgrade if you feel the need to. Swaybars are a safe enough swap for a commuter as you only really notice them when they flex (potholes rather than speed humps). From what I have heard swaybar bushings are another important factor in ride compliance. I think standard links will suffice. I believe adjustable endlinks are generally used to remedy misaligned suspension geometry due to excessive lowering and to balance corners via preloading. Might be excessive in your circumstance. Although you may want to consider refreshing the rubbers on the endlinks to keep everything tight. I do like the fact that Whiteline provide a whole kit. Keep us updated with the results!
  6. ERO54N

    Kon nichiwa, Kitsune-san! Hajime mashite. Welcome to the community and please enjoy your stay. Hai.
  7. ERO54N

  8. ERO54N

    Yay, friend! I have a sedan aswell. Welcome to the forums!
  9. Not to take this off topic but I am surprised to hear that Nismo had made a packaging error. I was under the illusion that Japanese manufacturers seldom, if ever, made mistakes. I received mislabelled stabiliser end links from Nigasa Auto in Japan. Thought it would have been an isolated incident. Good luck with the sale!
  10. Hello walperstyle, Welcome to the forums! What car club did you used to run?
  11. ERO54N

    Sweet setup! Welcome!
  12. ERO54N

    Hello R377, My understanding is that spring rates and damper rates are 2 totally different things but are tuned in conjunction with each other. I think substituting damper hardness for spring rate wont be equivalent to uprated springs. And harder not always better for track. Sorry, probably not what you wanted to hear.
  13. ERO54N

    Welcome angakh! What's it like owning one in Boston?
  14. ERO54N

    Hello Charles, Do you know if Coupe wipers are compatible with Sedan? If so can I buy them off you? Would you be able to arrange postage? I live in Sydney. Thanks mate
  15. ERO54N

    Hey guys, sorry I'm late. This came up on my feed last night. Though it would be relevant.