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  1. Hello All, Yes I've done all the searches. I know there are plenty of 'universal' seat belt replacements. Cogs have gone on my oem retractor- anyone have a diy fix or know how to get the problem fixed easily? Btw I fixed it once by removing the plastic trim and 2 coffs fell out; worked for 6 months and I figure that trick won't work again. Anyone know new legalities - ie must it be fitted by someone certified if it hasn't been picked up in safety cert etc?
  2. As usual, Einstein (me) didn't think ahead when he took these window felts out to see if he could improve them (See pics). They were easy enough to remove, one screw and they dropped to the bottom of the door. Putting them back in however is a lesson in frustration. The gap at the top is way too narrow to allow me to simply place them back in position and re-fasten. Is there a hack to this or do i need to remove another part ie window glass in order to re-install them. Any help is appreciated.
  3. Ok thank you - apologies I just skimmed your post and as soon as I saw 'discontinued' i stopped reading!
  4. Anywhere else I can get them or is there an alternative pls?
  5. But why?!! Maybe the gts4 shared a lot with cefiro? Or maybe they dropped the 4 dr was dropped? Either way I love my skyline.
  6. How is so many of the parts different between gtr and gtst? Shouldn't it just be motor and drivetrain? It's not like the gtrs had carbon fibre door locks?!!
  7. Surely, like everything R related; there is a hack/zip tie/duct tape solution?!!
  8. I've looked on kudos and justjap - anyone know the name of the part?
  9. Hello All My drivers power window stopped working so I took the door card off hoping that is the regulator pc board. I have the obligatory scrap marks on my window so I thought I would replace them while the door was in bits. What are they called?!! I put in felt and all I get is complete window liner thingies? Picture is attached - what are they called and does anyone have a tip on where you buy please? Or is there a hack like microfibre and superglue or something?
  10. Can you please advise model numbers power ratings etc? Does the relay make a big difference?
  11. I'm thinking of leaving the original headlights and adding road lights but I think they are illegal in Australia? Anyone else got a recommendation?
  12. Could you guys tell me what upgrades you are All using and if you're happy?!
  13. Hello All, The above has recently happened to me so I obviously got onto Google. I found a great video by gk tech on how to adjust the handbrake. Before you put your rear on blocks and take the wheels off - check the handbrake cable adjuster attached to the handbrake lever in the centre console. My adjuster nut had worked loose and fell off; I put it back on and set the handbrake. I'm not sure if this is a common problem but it took me 10 minutes instead of 2 hours to fix.
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