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    So is the diff the same as a normal gts-t or something different altogether? If I put the gear ff lsd oil in will it do any damage?
  2. Hey All I'm about to change my rear diff oil (little whiney) in my 1989 r32 gts4. I've read the forums for hours and have a few questions: - is my rear diff the same or similar to the r32 gtr? - is my rear diff viscous or mechanical, and - most importantly what oil should I buy. I like the motul engine oil so is gear ff lsd the go?
  3. LINK17

    Hello I have an 89 r32 gts-4 converted to rear wheel drive. My a/c, after several diagnostic runs, is now blowing ambient air. When i do the diagnostics the compressor definitely engages as the idle changes. When I turn the a/c on however it doesn't? I have had a quick look at the blend motor and plug and it doesn't seem to be the problem. My outside air temp sensor is showing -30, will this stop my a/c coming on? I have checked every relevant post on the forum and can't find out? If it does, can someone please advise what size resistor I need to put across the plug? Can I assume it's the same as the inside air temp sensor?
  4. LINK17

    I can't open these images?
  5. Thank you thank you. Will be purchasing a gk tech hicas delete kit immediately!
  6. Hello All I am recently the proud owner of 89 r32 gts4 sedan and have had it in the mechanics getting a new clutch. He advised me the car is pretty sound except that I need left and right rear rose bushes on the end of the hicas steering rack? From the photos can anyone please advise where I can buy these from as I have searched the internet without success. Plus what is their correct name? Apologies if this thread has been done before I searched and couldn't find anything. I have talked to white line who advised they have a hicas lockout bar but it still needs to connect to these bushes.