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  1. I've looked on the forum - my r32 gts4 uses h3 and h3c bulbs but if i want to upgrade them for the same power what are the oem units - 55W or 100W? I don't want to put too much power through them cos I know they can develop switch issues
  2. Does anyone sell whole bolt-in headlight upgrades for r32s?
  3. Thank you sounds like good advice. Do you have a rough idea of cost?
  4. Thank you so much, i think I'll go with the Phillips option. What a phenomenal waste of time. Anyone thinking of LED bulbs - don't!
  5. Can someone suggest an upgrade then - are the whiter/brighter light bulbs any any good. Anyone had a good result from a certain brand?
  6. Ok thanks for the advice - I'll take them out and return them - dammit more frustration. What about for the low beams should I return them also?
  7. Plus I saw heaps of posts with pics showing the improvement?
  8. Isn't LED always better than 30 year old yellow bulb tech?
  9. Hello All I've searched all over the forum but no luck. After a couple of extremely frustrating hours and all of my knuckles scraped I finally managed to swap my yellow high beams (h3 - the one with the wire - rectangular light on inside of light bank in picture). The bulb is basically a wedge with a bank of leds in each side. They seemed to fit best with the wedge horizontal in the socket. Went for a drive last night and the light is much whiter - but not focused at all: they are actually worse than my low beams now. Have I installed them incorrectly or should I never buy from eBay again? Has anyone else had this problem and is there a fix?
  10. Can someone please tell me the above? I live half hour out of town and no matter which one i choose ill get it wrong? I have searched thoroughly and i know everyone says h3 but ive looked t o buy upgrades and theres a 55W or 100W option? Im assuming its 100W but Murphy is an arsehole. Also does tge light s spread ok if i go to LED on the high beam?
  11. Ok thank you, it's just most of the posts advise that the original hose will be extremely hard to remove?
  12. Hey All I'm about to do the above but had a few questions that I can't find the answers to: - where is the fuel pump/relay I need to remove to bleed the lines? - do I need high pressure 5/16 fuel line and if so how much? Im not even going to bother trying to remove existing will just cut it - best places to cut the top and bottom fuel lines please? - will I need any adapters and/or fittings to install the new lines? I know there are a few threads but nothing really specific, and no tutorial?
  13. Thank you that explains why I can't find a specific place. Saved me lots of frustration thanks again!
  14. Another stupid question. I have searched a lot thinking it would be easy but I'm sick to death of reading where to put the jack. I have a 89 r32 gts4 with what appears to be oem scissor jack behind pass. Side trim panel. I can't find where the handle goes, perhaps I am missing some clips or something? Anyone?
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