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  1. Thank you, again great and money saving advice! I'm thinking a permaseal gasket from gcg for about $50 does that sound about right?
  2. Thank you so much that makes a lot of sense and will save me money! Are the RB's similar to the Nissan diesels - do studs tend to break when changing the gasket?
  3. Hey All I've checked the forums but nothing, I will need to replace the exhaust gasket soonish - any recommendations. Engine will only ever run 220rwkw max. Which is better - metal, aftermarket replacement or genuine Nissan and where is best place to buy pls?
  4. I'm about to order a gk tech hicas delete kit. Can someone please advise which options I need and why? The car is a daily driver, not very low, not drifted, about 200rwkw. Polyeurothane or bearing?
  5. Ok it's actually not as bad as I thought. All of the rubbers are hard but not brittle and not on all doors. Pics attached. Maybe some hot water, stretch them out then condition them? Apologies for some of the pics, bad time of day but all of the outside sills are good. Its just a few have warped on the inside?
  6. Hello All, So I've gone through the scratching window saga and the replacement part is obsolete so I've used a boating carpet off cut suggested to me on this very forum. My next problem is the top window rubber sills - they have gone hard and all 4 have warped in areas. Does anyone have a model number or even better a hack to replace with something that will be easily available and cheapest?! Thanks in advance.
  7. Thank you GTSBoy, very very useful info. You seem very knowledgeable about all things r32, and youve answered a lot of my questions,can I ask what you think of the yaris coil pack conversion?
  8. Hey All, I have checked the forum but just get a heap of for sale posts. I know the pros and cons of raising the boot rear but I had a few other questions. - should I use a spring washer and if so, where exactly in relation to the hood and hood plate and other washers? - should I use a rubber/nylon washer and if so, where in relation to the hood and hood plate and other washers? - should I stagger the number of spacers between the front and rear hood panel bolts so that they keep the angle of the bonnet or mount flat on the same number of washers for both? - should I take the coil pack cover off in addition and if so where is a good spot for the igniter? Thanks guys. Btw I have just changed gearbox and rear diff oil to redline lightweight and motul gearbox competition - best money I have spent on the car so far wow!
  9. Thank you so much, I looked for an hour but didn't find that kit I t looks perfect! Any ideas on dash, door screws and speed clip kits?!
  10. Hey All, Just wondering if there's a kit I can buy which will have a various assortment of panel screws and plastic clips, backing drill plates etc as my 32 is 30 years old and there are a fair few missing. I've looked around but can only find them in single packets - doing it that way would cost a fortune and I'll never be sure if they are correct until they are delivered?
  11. Hey All I'm having trouble finding a full set of floor mats for less than $300. Fine if theyre all buggered but the standard rear ones are in great Nick and the fronts aren't too bad so I'd like to preserve them. Can anyone tell me either where I can get a decent set for a decent price or if there is much of a difference between the coup and sedan floor mat sets?
  12. Thank you! Bit stiff for a gtst tho, might check out the local alterations place
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