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  1. Thank you GTSBoy, very very useful info. You seem very knowledgeable about all things r32, and youve answered a lot of my questions,can I ask what you think of the yaris coil pack conversion?
  2. Hey All, I have checked the forum but just get a heap of for sale posts. I know the pros and cons of raising the boot rear but I had a few other questions. - should I use a spring washer and if so, where exactly in relation to the hood and hood plate and other washers? - should I use a rubber/nylon washer and if so, where in relation to the hood and hood plate and other washers? - should I stagger the number of spacers between the front and rear hood panel bolts so that they keep the angle of the bonnet or mount flat on the same number of washers for both? - should I take the coil pack cover off in addition and if so where is a good spot for the igniter? Thanks guys. Btw I have just changed gearbox and rear diff oil to redline lightweight and motul gearbox competition - best money I have spent on the car so far wow!
  3. Thank you so much, I looked for an hour but didn't find that kit I t looks perfect! Any ideas on dash, door screws and speed clip kits?!
  4. Hey All, Just wondering if there's a kit I can buy which will have a various assortment of panel screws and plastic clips, backing drill plates etc as my 32 is 30 years old and there are a fair few missing. I've looked around but can only find them in single packets - doing it that way would cost a fortune and I'll never be sure if they are correct until they are delivered?
  5. Hey All I'm having trouble finding a full set of floor mats for less than $300. Fine if theyre all buggered but the standard rear ones are in great Nick and the fronts aren't too bad so I'd like to preserve them. Can anyone tell me either where I can get a decent set for a decent price or if there is much of a difference between the coup and sedan floor mat sets?
  6. Thank you! Bit stiff for a gtst tho, might check out the local alterations place
  7. Hey All I have searched everywhere but no luck - obviously being 30 years old my gearbox and handbrake shrouds are flaking. Does anyone know if any of the universal ones fit well and if so which one? Is there a website I can buy an actual r32 factory replacement (again, looked for hours)?
  8. I think this is the problem, I checked the diff oil and it's 75w90, thanks for the great advice. I love the motul stuff but can't find where to buy except stupid prices online?
  9. Hey All I can't seem to find this problem anywhere. After highway driving for 20 mins or so and leaving it in 5th I hear a slight whine from diff at 80kph. I have changed the diff oil to nulon 75w90 correct spec and it made absolutely no difference. Any idea what the problem is? And no vibration at all. Some say additives work some say they don't but I don't want to fork out for the redline stuff for it not yo fix anything. Ideas pls?
  10. Thank you guys, the autolec I took it to said it tested fine for gas, so I'm assuming maybe the dryer hasn't been changed and/or it wasn't flushed completely and it's now running some weird mongrel mix of gases in it. Anyway know of a good skyline ac guy in coffs?!
  11. All I have an 89 r32 gtst, my ac blows hot for the first 10 minutes then works fine? I have looked on sau and run the diagnostic; as per usual amb temp reads -33 degrees. All cycles run fine through diagnostic. An autolec said it seems to have gas but it is prolly the newer legal gas which runs at a different pressure hence the lag. He said it would need a new compressor and valves/fittings to accommodate the new gas and could cost thousands. I have had a skyline for years so I know there has to be a hack - I live in coffs harbour so don't have access to a heap of rb fanatic mechanics. Any help pls?
  12. Thank you so much for this info - i def have a gts4.
  13. So I've looked around for about an hour and I still have a question- I have a 89 gtst that's a little crunchy when cold and when fast shifting 3rd to 4th and 4th to 5th. Everyone says redline shockproof- do I assume it is the 75w90ns (non slip) gl-5 due to the hypoid gears? Cheers for any help.
  14. Thanks for the details. What about ctp though? Plus does a subframe, instrument cluster and maybe a front diff constitute a gts4? I can't figure it out. Is there anything in the vin that delineates a gts4 from a gtst? I can't figure it out?!
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