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  1. Can you please advise model numbers power ratings etc? Does the relay make a big difference?
  2. I'm thinking of leaving the original headlights and adding road lights but I think they are illegal in Australia? Anyone else got a recommendation?
  3. Could you guys tell me what upgrades you are All using and if you're happy?!
  4. Hello All, The above has recently happened to me so I obviously got onto Google. I found a great video by gk tech on how to adjust the handbrake. Before you put your rear on blocks and take the wheels off - check the handbrake cable adjuster attached to the handbrake lever in the centre console. My adjuster nut had worked loose and fell off; I put it back on and set the handbrake. I'm not sure if this is a common problem but it took me 10 minutes instead of 2 hours to fix.
  5. Hello All, Ad per above my LH rear wheel bearing is noisy after driving on the highway. My mechanic said he would replace it so long as I have the bearing. My drama is I'm not sure whether it's a gtst or gtr bearing? And are they interchangeable because the gtst version is cheaper and I'm only running 200kW through the rear wheels?
  6. Yeah I figured it's just easier to cut the hose and replace - they probably need replacing anyway. Do you know how long the fuel filter is meant to last?
  7. I've just watched a video on it - apparently they are a bitch to get out.
  8. That is a great idea!! Where is the fuel filter btw? Should be in any additional filters?
  9. Wow that's awesome - I'm in Coffs though and they won't deliver nor do they have any in stock dammit. The LED won't present a spark hazard?
  10. Hello All, I've done searches on the above but only come up with how to swap fuel tanks or parts for sale. Is there an easy hack for checkingthe state of my fuel tank? Im assuming let it run down obviously - surely there's a fuel line I can disconnect so I can quickly fill a jar with fuel for inspection? Is there any other way?
  11. It seems I have h3c bulbs on the outside globes and h3 (with the earth lead) in the inner rectangular housing. It all works but is that right?
  12. Hello All I've searched the forums but no luck. I have an aftermarket steering wheel which is wired correctly and have checked all the fuses. I think I found the problem - my actual horns aren't connected to the vehicle plug (see pics). I have spent the last half hour trying to find the loom plug but no luck. Any one have any hints - is there a popular spot they get tucked away to for whatever reason? Also attached to my horn wires is a few more which tie in but disappear under the radiator shroud - just out of interest anyone know what they are?
  13. This is good to know Thank you. Being so old I didn't know they would still be easily available.
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