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  1. hahaha! yeah I must admit I wasnt expecting it to work, all the solder looked fine to me. Goes to show that visual inspections dont really count when it comes to circuit boards... just resolder everything! And now onto the next problem on the list.... ! #skylineownership
  2. Ok to update the fix.. I took the instrument cluster out on the weekend and unscrewed the speedometer from the unit. On the back is a printed circuit board (PCB). I saw a few videos on youtube for nissans around the mid to late 90s with problems similar to mine and they suggested simply resoldering all of the solder joints on that printed circuit board. I did exactly that and its worked so far! No hicas fault lights and speed reading perfectly. Power steering is working better and the engine seems to be running smoother but Im not sure if thats true or not! On the first test drive around the block the tacho also stopped working so i took that out and resoldered all that PCB as well. Hopefully I dont have to take them out again for a while. Thanks for your help GTS Boy - you were absolutely right that the clocks were at fault rather than the speed sensor.
  3. Ok ill try that test and see what readings I am getting. Is there any information around the speedo head that you know of? Ive got the white nismo cluster so it'd be a shame to take them out, better to fix them if possible. I did have them out of the car a few years back and resoldered a few places which did the trick for a while but now the problem has returned!
  4. Great knowledge GTSBoy. I have a similar problem with my car although I dont have a seperate set of dials. Perhaps you can help? I measured voltage at pin 53 of the ECU (speed signal in from cluster) with the car sat still and it read 4.8V, when it was moving this value did not change. According to the service manual it should read 5V (within 1V) and then have dropped to 2.5V at 40kmh. Would you think this is a problem with the speedo head or the speed sensor? Any tips to find out more? Are there some connectors in the dash that can cause hassle? It looks like faulty connector or sensor to me but i could be wrong!
  5. yes 89 Cal! That top diagram is brilliant. I just disconnected a connector that you circled at the bottom next to the relay housing this morning before work - it was absolutely full of white gunk. solvent sprayed it a load and my clocks worked perfectly on the way to work. I'll give the plug a really good clean up later on. I took the clocks out last night and got the speedo off, then resoldered the four connections between the motor and the circuit board by just dabbing the soldering iron onto it. I don't reckon this is the smoking gun though - I think it is the connector that you circled. If anyone has a speedo that's really intermittent then check the connector between the screen wash fluid and the box full of relays (front left of engine bay). Give it a thorough clean. Cheers onto the next problem... high idle and damp headlights!
  6. Any luck solving the problem? ive got a very similar issue. Nismo white dials. Speedo dial just randomly decides when it wants to work or not. Dials were converted from kmh to mph in 2005. Can't see any obvious wiring on the back to change the signal other than the aerial switch which seems to be wired into the loom going onto the back of the speedo connector. Was it the sensor on the gearbox? I might try a new one of them
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