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  1. Why did PayPal refuse you? Screenshot your emails with kustom20 and present a solid appeal. I got 100% of my money back. I'll Crack open a cold one for ya. - Canadian guy
  2. Well, I hope they sort their problems such out and are back I business soon. Maybe I'll put in a order in the future...
  3. Got my money back but they did say they'll send it for free if it hadn't shipped by a certain date... if they fulfill that, then ill return as a customer, gladly.
  4. they even said this. It's really too bad because I didn't mind dropping like $300+ for these. I just wanted my product...
  5. Hey, I was in the same boat as you. I contacted PayPal and got my money back. Or you can call your credit card company. They went dark like a month ago. My order never came, always promised that they'd send it but never did.
  6. Please send my item and tracking number. If you're not going to send it just let me know at least so I can call my credit card company..
  7. Just for your awareness. I ordered from them 3 months ago. Order has always been delayed for one reason or another. To be honest, I really didn't care, just wanted the products to arrive in a reasonable time frame. I've been patient and never was my intent to cause a ruse. However these are the facts. I was told on 12MAR2018 that my shipment is complete and will be sent out no later than 16MAR2018. I've followed up on them and haven't gotten anything back. It's the 26th now and still nothing. That's okay with me, and I'm not mad at all, but I'll give them a few days and then initiate a PayPal investigation for return of funds. They've been very nice and I think their customer service is spot on but at the end of the day, as a customer I want transparency and validity. They've also told me that they'll add in a free item for the inconvenience. A billet badge. This is one of the items that I ordered, so they're either giving me a duplicate or haven't really looked into my order and responded with a generic reply. I don't know and to be frank, I just want what I paid for. I've searched through each page of this thread and have only seen two testimonies of people who received their order. Both were locals in AUS. Maybe they have difficulties shipping international? Doesn't seem likely. I understand that they have their personal lives too and that things happen. But I believe in maintaining a strict business ethos and that when a man says they'll do something, they'll do it. I hope that I can hear from them soon and that the order will be shipped out.
  8. Hey Kustom20 team, Are you still experiencing high shop temperatureso? I'd like to follow up on my order and when they'll ship. Thank you, Sam
  9. Sam62391

    Hello, I'm looking for advice on which model i should use for a reverse camera. I've searched the forums for related posts but haven't found anything of use. This link says i don't have permission to view it. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  10. Sam62391

    Thanks, this helps alot. Btw, nice build thread.
  11. Sam62391

    They discontinued them
  12. Hello, I'm looking for a set of rear quarter fender malls for the R34 GTR. Here's a picture of what i'm talking about. I believe the terminology might be different however this is the part i'm looking for. The arching piece above the wheels. Does anyone know a manufacturer or shop that sells and ships these parts internationally? I'm located in Canada. Thanks!
  13. Hello, I know this an old thread however I'm in a similar situation but slightly different. This is my current bumper I would like to know if z tune fenders (guards) will be flush with the bumpers. I've made a reddit thread that includes the fenders I'm planning to purchase Thank you!