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  1. RB25 Neo cas removed from running car at 120xxx kms Chasing $125, SE Melb
  2. OSH1FT

    Hi guys, Looking for a (preferably silver) R34 coupe shell. Let me know what you have, must be registerable. Don't need any running gear or front end panels, but budget will depend on what is included. Cheers
  3. Is this still available? Would you part shell from running gear?
  4. OSH1FT

    I'll be slower than you! 😝
  5. OSH1FT

    Still about 20 spots left!
  6. OSH1FT

    There's heaps on the SUCC Motorsport facebook page
  7. $16,000 Stock wheels, Concaves have been sold
  8. OSH1FT

    Turbo manual R34, stock at the moment but happy to throw performance parts into a deal depending on what you want to do. Has a nistune, z32 afm, fmic, full turboback exhaust, full adjustable arms and coilovers, big tyres with A048s for track use. Chasing 17k as is, or more if you want injectors and a turbo setup that previously made 300rwkw
  9. 17k no wheels if anyone is interested.
  10. Car had 140xxx when removed. Rad and shroud sold
  11. Very sory, copied the ad from gumtree so missed price. $18,500 ONO, a bit less without wheels and rego