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  1. $2700 Includes turbo, dump, loom, manifolds, crossover pipe, injectors, coilpacks and alternator. Was running well prior to removal. Comp tests welcome. Vehicle had 140xxx reading on ODO Can include a nistune ecu for an extra $300, or $400 seperately.
  2. OSH1FT

    Yeah assumed as much, just didn't know if they were stamped with something externally i could suss before pulling it apart. Cheers,
  3. Hi guys, I've purchased a wreck which i stripped for a bunch of parts for my street car. The owner of the wreck told me the car had a nismo 2 way in it, is there any particular way to identify this diff? I can't see any markings on it to indicate what it may be. Cheers,
  4. OSH1FT

    I have a fibreglass one available. $450 in KV2 Grey
  5. Have a full manual conversion from an R34 GTT for sale. Box shifts nicely, in great shape. Includes shifter, itnerior trim, tailshaft, clutch pedal, slave and master cyls. $2500 ONO
  6. I'm fairly confident this is the issue too. Just wanted to check I hadn't missed another main fuse somewhere before I take it to a sparky to have it removed. The wiring is a jungle 🤣
  7. Hey guys, I was changing over my battery in my R34 GTT at night in very little light and managed to connect the terminals the wrong way around. Had a small spark and then nothing. I Charged the other battery back up and put it back in the car, replaced a couple of blown fuses but now the car wont start. My remote locking which is powered by an immobilizer doesn't work at all and the only sign of life the car currently has is being able to flip the headlights on and off. Currently every fuse is good, and i've tried swapping the ECU over on the off chance it had been fried by the battery, but this has made no difference either. Is this likely to be a problem caused by a dead immobilizer system? or is there another big master fuse somewhere that isn't in either the engine bay or foot well fuse boxes? Cheers
  8. OSH1FT

    The donor car already has a nistune, I just want to be sure that leaving it out of the car and disabling it in software isn't going to cause the ABS to have a fit.
  9. Hey guys, I'm transplanting a motor and gearbox from a GTT wreck into a GTV shell, already has all of the turbo gear, brakes, suspension etc and the manual conversion component and wiring including speedo is all stuff that i'm familiar with. The only thing that I haven't dealt with is getting TCS to work as the GTV (despite being a 'turbo car without a turbo' doesn't have a TCS unit) Has anyone got any info on the specifics of wiring TCS into the GTV loom? or wether or not i'll need to use the entire GTT body loom and TCS unit. Cheers
  10. OSH1FT

    Got an auto wheel in vic with a bit of wear, $50
  11. RB25 Neo cas removed from running car at 120xxx kms Chasing $125, SE Melb
  12. OSH1FT

    Hi guys, Looking for a (preferably silver) R34 coupe shell. Let me know what you have, must be registerable. Don't need any running gear or front end panels, but budget will depend on what is included. Cheers
  13. Is this still available? Would you part shell from running gear?