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  1. You got a link to one mate? I've just had a look, and even unplugged the headlight switch and they're still on. Only diagram I could find online seemed to be pointing to a tail lamp relay which I don't believe actually exist lol
  2. Any idea if the switch point for the tail lights is on the headlight stalk or if theres a signal that comes from a switch somewhere else?
  3. Hey guys, bit of an odd one - The tail lights in my r34 won't turn off - NOT the brake lights, i've had the rubber stopper problem in the past, the brake lights function perfectly fine. I've checked all over the internet and it seems like a really uncommon problem - wondering if anyone has any ideas on how to troubleshoot it -i'm thinking potentially it has something to do with my headlight stalk? But in all my years of owning these cars i've never had this problem. Would love any ideas on things to try - I cant really drive the car if I have to disconnect the battery every time I park it. Cheers,
  4. As usual, our humble little motorsport club is holding our annual timed grip day, both Alex (Pr0x1mity) and myself have been around this community for a long time, and would love to extend our club member pricing to members of SAU. While it's cheaper to get in on the earlybird rate regardless, we still love seeing other members of SAU come along, the more skylines we get to drive alongside on track the better! Hope to see a few of you there! SUCC returns to Broadford for UTAC 2020!We can't wait to hit the track with all our friends again! Get in early and save with our earlybird entries! With a focus on maximum seat time at one of the state's best motorsport venues, this is one not to miss!Earlybird Entry $200 (Before March 15)SUCC Members $210GA Entries $225Laps will be electronically timed, timing transponder hire is included in the entry fee.Entry Form >https://forms.gle/ZV1fHPLtzafUewgQ7Supplementary Regulations > https://docs.google.com/document/d/1yIRfwbDq3w7-6g80tizr48toFkTdp3potxRfAEmAmw8/edit?usp=sharingPlease note payments are non-refundable after the 1st of June, we can however transfer entries to other competitors up until July 12. https://www.facebook.com/events/1455044337987130/
  5. I'm purchasing a 34 sedan that i'll be picking up later this week. When I Inspected the car, the owner explained that the central locking has shat itself, while it keeps the car locked all the time, you need to hold the door lock open to open a door, and it immediately locks itself again. While this sounds like a terrible aftermarket central locking problem (car has an immobilizer, so assume some sort of aftermarket central locking) I wanted to see if anyone else had the same problem with factory door locks and kinda hoping theres a simple fix. Cheers!
  6. SUCC UTAC 2019 - Sunday July 14 Cheapest Broadford track day that we could possibly put together $160 for payments made before June 2, $185 afterwards (Unless you're a club member in which case it's $170) Max 45 Cars, won't be too much traffic. Get down if you're keen! There are a bunch of Supras signed up and it would be great to see some more SAU guys down there to fly the R Chassis flag! https://www.facebook.com/events/2369218813366451/
  7. Hey dudes, our organisation SUCC Motorsport runs a number of drift weekends at Wilby Raceway each year. These are ideal for beginners who want to learn some drift basics, intermediate drivers who want to get a lot of seat time in for a very generous price and high level drivers who want to test and tune their vehicles and run a few tandems with mates. If anyone is interested shoot us a message through facebook or here on SAU if you prefer. We have a limited number of spots still available and after the last event pulled a few SAU members in, we thought we'd share the event here also: https://www.facebook.com/events/2224313334480651/ WIlby Motorsport ParkMarch 30/31Catered dinner Saturday night provided,there will also be drinks at very reasonable prices, or BYO.General Admission driver entries $249SUCC Members $230Additional Drivers same car - $125Passengers $25 - Includes camp site and catered dinner Saturday nightWe have a cap of 40 driver entries for this eventEntries => https://drive.google.com/open?id=19jITQDIOnAI6adzug3-CIPkKJOVwdoTdGeKPWGGv-kAFeaturing all of your favourite SUCC motorsport acticities:-Tandems-Passenger laps-Drift trains up to 4 cars (CAMS track density)We have a camp site included in your entry for both Friday and Saturday night. Few videos from the last event:
  8. $2700 Includes turbo, dump, loom, manifolds, crossover pipe, injectors, coilpacks and alternator. Was running well prior to removal. Comp tests welcome. Vehicle had 140xxx reading on ODO Can include a nistune ecu for an extra $300, or $400 seperately.
  9. Yeah assumed as much, just didn't know if they were stamped with something externally i could suss before pulling it apart. Cheers,
  10. Hi guys, I've purchased a wreck which i stripped for a bunch of parts for my street car. The owner of the wreck told me the car had a nismo 2 way in it, is there any particular way to identify this diff? I can't see any markings on it to indicate what it may be. Cheers,
  11. I have a fibreglass one available. $450 in KV2 Grey
  12. Have a full manual conversion from an R34 GTT for sale. Box shifts nicely, in great shape. Includes shifter, itnerior trim, tailshaft, clutch pedal, slave and master cyls. $2500 ONO
  13. I'm fairly confident this is the issue too. Just wanted to check I hadn't missed another main fuse somewhere before I take it to a sparky to have it removed. The wiring is a jungle ?
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