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  1. on my tan plug i don,t have a red wire got a pink one and one red strip wire which on is it?
  2. where can i get a bee r rev limiter in australia?
  3. got some 18" flames that will go on ya car off r33 with tyres on 235/40 call me 0405990715 $1000
  4. great cruise had good run with da blue r31 see ya in da next meet hope da gtr chick gets her front bar fixed should have better tyres on next run push it harder see ya all next time round.
  5. hey 4 doors rule don't see too many 2 skylines in d1 do ya and hey better root ya bitch in da back seat ey don't play poofy folding seats you just a loser bro who got burnt by a 4 door car
  6. my crank angle senor making a noise like a bearing gone in it can they be lubricated? or is it stuffed?
  7. how to install 400r front bar on r33 s1?
  8. need to know what to do to change water pump in r33 skyline rb25det what tools and how long?
  9. do you have r32gtst rb20 gear box manual? how much? call me 0405990715
  10. do you have r33 s1 headlights if you do can text me on 0405990715 or email me on whatupbo@hotmail.com
  11. thanks for the replys will a catch can do anything?
  12. i got a 93 r33 it got oil marks around the trumpet of my blow of vale i've got a trust super sequential? can any1 tell me if it's a big problem
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