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  1. For sale: 1972 Nissan Skyline GT-X GT-X - Luxury version of the hakosuka, not a GT-R. Asking $155,000. Price negotiable and entertaining all offers, you never know i may just take your offer. - Serious buyers only please, willing to work out the right price for the right buyer. Call me on 0421 324 876 - My name is Kieren. About the car: Car is unrestored and in its original condition (besides the mods). Paint is in pretty good condition given the age (49), there are some small scratches and parts that are not perfect with 1 small paint crack in the engine bay and 1 small ding on the left quarter panel. Drivers seat has 2 small tears that were there when the car was bought and havent got worse since. The car also comes factory with power windows, fan/aircon kinda thing and a radio. The car has 55xxx kms on it and as far as i am aware, they are genuine km's. Car was bought privately in Japan, so no there are no auction papers or grades. Car has no signs of an accident and everything is straight, some slight surface rust in some spots but nothing too crazy - can be sorted after deposit if you wish. - Do have videos of it running and underbody photos which i will send to any serious enquiries. Mods: - Custom Maddat coilovers all round. - Built motor. - Triple 45mm OER carbs. - GT-R Flares all round. - Nismo Racing/Competition Steering wheel. - 5 Speed manual (Holinger gear set ratio, Exedy Heavy Duty Clutch , do also have the original clutch). - Car does not currently have the front lip on it as it came off and i will need to replace with a new one. - The TE37's will not come on the car, rather i'll put a set of something else on prior to sale. Rego is not transferable due to Historic scheme. No you can not test drive, as there is no insurance for anyone else other than Historic rego owner. Happy to take you for a drive though. Serious enquiries only, please call/text me on 0421 324 876.
  2. Hey everyone, hows it going? I currently own a 1972 Skyline/Hakosuka (which is now for sale) and a S13 Silvia! From Sydne, Aus. Not really sure what else to put here!
  3. R32 GT-R Nismo Questions Hey guys/girls, i'm going to check out a R32 GT-R Nismo and i want to know if there are any significant differences between the regular GT-R and the Nismo version such as different cluster or anything? I've tried to look around but can't really find much. I've read that if the Vin is 100XXX then it's legitimate, how accurate is that? The model says (KBNR32RXFS RA) Im not sure if it's S bit hard to see over photos but he said that the RA means it's a nismo edition? Sorry if these are really noob questions, i've just come from owning an RX-7 FD and have always loved GT-R's so thought it was time to jump ship. Any info would be much appreciated!
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