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  1. If anyone cares, i got a link G4 and retuned and it drives like a million bucks. It was also a lazy injector.
  2. My boost controller (GFB) always records the last highest boost hit, and it always says 14psi.
  3. CDIRTY4

    QLD government are putting cameras in "high hoon." Areas to try and catch people rippin skids etc..
  4. Looks like a tune is the go then, thanks for the replies boys. ☺
  5. When i hit the rev limiter on wide open throttle, before i even put my foot on thr clutch to change gear.
  6. CDIRTY4

    If anyone has C34 LHS and RHS front doors for sale, hit me up. (RUST FREE)
  7. I got the car off a guy and the problem was there when i got it, when i removed the BOV it didn't make Any differences.
  8. Hi all new to SAU ill try and be sweet, so i have a S2 rb25det, with a nistune ecu and Z32 AFM, 1000cc injecotrs, did have a recirc BOV but not on atm, if you need any more info on mods please ask, the main issue is, when i hit WOT and hit redline the car stalls and litterally turns off, ill then have to slow right down and pop the clutch to start it again, the car is currently running 14psi on 98, its got splitfires. Someone suggested that my intake pipe into my turbo is too big (4.5") - (GT35) and when the air snaps shut it overloads the airflow meter and causes it to freak out and it turns the car off.. i gues the airflow meter (Z32) is alot smaller than the intake pipe, but i have never heard of this before.. I'm really at my wits end with this problem and all i wanna do is drive it hard once in a while without it stalling and me looking like a clutz. Thanks guy
  9. CDIRTY4

    I live on the Goldcoast and my close friends dad has some of the contracts for installing the new anti hoon cameras around the area, ill try and get locations of the cameras.