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  1. Hey I’m new here so I apologise if this is the wrong section upfront. i am considering new project cars and was thinking about building a V8 R32 GTR and wanted to ask if anyone has done it while retaining ATESSA and what engines? If I do it I’d want to retain an Nissan engine and I can’t go past the potential of the VK56 based on performance and available parts etc from the US and as I know that the VH45 will fit I was wondering if anyone had or knows of anyone doing or mocking up a 56DE in a 32 GTR? The aim of the car would be to a fast a street car as possible which I will use in drag, roll and top speed racing events. I am aware of the custom fab work needed and am mainly trying to work out first if the engine will fit along with a nice twin turbo setup along the lines of twin 6466 or 6870s. Thanks in advance!!
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