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  1. yeah i get it now, the workshop manual says each mark is 5 degress 0 being first on the left ill check for vaccum leaks and will also give the iacv a good clean another quick question would my idle being at 1200rpm effect me setting the timing? as right now say everything else is perfect and tdc is correct i cant adjust the cas anymore to get any less timing as per the picture of the cas?
  2. ive checked everything with the throttle body and its not set to high, i can change the revs up to 2k with the iacv screw but can't go any lower than 1.1 with the screw all the way in, dont know about any adjustments on the aac which i think is the thing right next to fuel rail? ill have to check for vaccum leaks but dont think thats it ill also check TDC with spark plug out and ill also check and make sure the cams align up also the retarding timing only happens while driving it will hit 4k revs and boost will still go up but it feels like i have the brakes on and it just bogs also no idea what you mean by the 360 part
  3. even if wide mark is TDC i cant turn it anymore right to go more timing or less timing
  4. i thought first mark was 0 then 2nd 5 3rd 10 4th 15 5th 20 6th 25
  5. Hey guys so im having an issue with my timing and idle and ive searched everywhere and tried everything i can so my timing is maxed out between the 4th and 5th mark so around 20degress when manual is suppose to be 15degress, my cas is turned all the way right so i cant lower it anymore. im doing the trick where you put a old ignition lead on cyl 1 but could it be that the way my timing light sensor clicks on is the wrong way around? as when it gets to 4k revs it feels like it retards the timing alot as it bogs down but still makes boost then around 4.5k it kicks in and it throws you back as its like i was brake boosting it. my o2 sensor wiring is a little bit melted so thought that might be causing the timing issue but i unplugged it and the same issued happened or could that mean i was never getting o2 sensor data and thats why it retards timing at 4k? my idle wont go any lower than 1.1k revs, ive set the ecu all the way anti clockwise ive backed out the screw on the iacv and backed it all the way in, my tps is set to 0.53v ive made sure my throttle cable is loose enough and not holding it open. just looking for ideas on what else it could be, i have a friend coming over on the weekend to help but just want to try narrow it down, firstly will get a new connector on both ends of the o2 sensor.
  6. found the part number and a replacement part number for the relay its about $45aud from nissan dealer
  7. hey guys I've searched everywhere and i cant find a replacement for my headlight relay thats in the fuse box in the engine bay, my headlights are gone and i suspect its the relay and cant find any replacement on ebay or anywhere anyone know what relay it is and what replacement would work? cheers
  8. I just had a look and I actually have no knock sensor loom at all, both knock sensors are there just no loom, going to borrow a friends and see if that fixes my issues. Have never had a check engine light tho but its always had this issue since I owned the car so its never had knock sensor loom.
  9. alright ill try do that, i just did a ecu diagnostics and got code 34 which is knock sensor
  10. yeah i suspect fuel pump or the regulator, i was told to block off the regulator return and see if problem still happens
  11. havent checked for fault codes as dont have the right reader for r32 dont think its a boost leak as boost doesnt fall off or anything
  12. Hey, im having an issue with my rb20det before 4k revs it felt very boggy and then after 4k revs it felt fine till 6k then it felt like it had no power it has a 25det gearbox and a r34 neo turbo fmic 3inch exhuast ive tried to turn boost up and down didnt do anything ive also tried resetting timing and the timing was off but now its set but its become worse where if it gets any boost at all if just boggs down have no idea what this could be or what to even look up any help is appreciated
  13. thats the plan ? like i said the guy before me just ran 98 and he was trying to blow his engine he said 2 years of 18psi and going hard it didnt blow
  14. destroy the engine and ill drop a 25 in I guess, everyone keeps saying the blow up engines but anyone got any links that i can read?
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