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  1. Yea I saw those, just wasn’t sure if there was a difference to those then the modern ones
  2. Ahah yes I have, as I thought it might of been that. alright thanks I’ll do that then
  3. Hey boys and girls, so stupid thing to be saying but I only just noticed I’m missing a belt, which is it, why does my car still run without it, it’s in the pic. is there a pulley kit to replace the things the belts run on? my headlights have what bulbs to use, I’m assuming I can just buy the ones at super cheap nothing has to be special about them, they will fit? when I go from park to reverse or into auto there is a shift in my car and sometimes a cluck, i saw on chrisfix that it might be the uni joints, can I replace those without replacing the whole ?tail shaft? and lastly someone before me has use like a liquid glue to stick the side skirt on, looks like polyurethane maybe, any ideas to get this off?
  4. hi peeps, so im trying to fix my highbeam which do not work and have not worked since buying. so i was checking the fuses and pretty much is everything in order? that missing "headlight" square seems like it should be there. and which headlight ones are the highbeams?
  5. Help finding this piece or maybe you have one
  6. Hi, I’ve never worked with fibreglass before but anyone think this is repairable? Or should I just buy a new one
  7. Hi guys, I’ve got a 2000 non turbo r34 gt25 sedan, and I was curious if I have to watch out for when buying parts that fit my car, do like gtt parts cross over to gt and the years don’t matter? ive read this and seems helpful if it’s correct. It’s mainly the year and if it’s a gt/gts/gtt and if they fit each other, need to replace a couple things and gotta figure this out first. https://justjap.com/blitz-nur-spec-r-exhaust-system-nissan-skyline-er34-4-door.html this is for a gtt, will it fit mine
  8. Hello i am new here and also to modding cars, most likely see me a lot asking questions when i do start doing things because i have no idea what im doing 😅😅 This is my very stock 2000 R34 gt25 (looks nicer from a distance)
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