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  1. Hi guys, I’ve got a 2000 non turbo r34 gt25 sedan, and I was curious if I have to watch out for when buying parts that fit my car, do like gtt parts cross over to gt and the years don’t matter? ive read this and seems helpful if it’s correct. It’s mainly the year and if it’s a gt/gts/gtt and if they fit each other, need to replace a couple things and gotta figure this out first. https://justjap.com/blitz-nur-spec-r-exhaust-system-nissan-skyline-er34-4-door.html this is for a gtt, will it fit mine
  2. Hello i am new here and also to modding cars, most likely see me a lot asking questions when i do start doing things because i have no idea what im doing 😅😅 This is my very stock 2000 R34 gt25 (looks nicer from a distance)
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