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Found 16 results

  1. Hey boys and girls, so stupid thing to be saying but I only just noticed I’m missing a belt, which is it, why does my car still run without it, it’s in the pic. is there a pulley kit to replace the things the belts run on? my headlights have what bulbs to use, I’m assuming I can just buy the ones at super cheap nothing has to be special about them, they will fit? when I go from park to reverse or into auto there is a shift in my car and sometimes a cluck, i saw on chrisfix that it might be the uni joints, can I replace those without replacing the whole ?tail shaft? and lastly someone before me has use like a liquid glue to stick the side skirt on, looks like polyurethane maybe, any ideas to get this off?
  2. Hello, I'm after a passenger side Xenon headlight and an air box to remove the pod filter and return it to stock.
  3. Could someone please help me out with what I need to replace these headlight globes, I’m getting so confused over what’s actually in it
  4. WTB R34 Xenon or Not Headlights to USA Ciao Ragazzi, I want to buy a complete pair of headlights for my R34. I don't want to bother with any units that have broken screw tabs/brackets. 100% working condition please. It would not be a issue if the covers are fogged / yellowing. kik: aleoking // line: backt0thefuture // ig: iam__valentino *Needs to be shipped to the USA*
  5. R33 S3 Xenon Headlights As above. Post or PM with price. I'm from Alaska so must be willing to ship too.
  6. R34 headlight replacement Hey all, Unfortunately the headlights on my R34 are completely stuffed, so it's come time to replace them. The current ones are xenons, however considering the stupid money you have to pay for them I was planning on just going plain old non-xenons as a cheaper alternative. The actual process of swapping xenons to non-xenons has been covered a million times, but what I'd like to know is, are there are physical differences between the two with regards to shape? Despite the dozens of threads on the topic each one gives me a different answer, with some saying the rubbers are different and just need trimming to others claiming they're a whole different shape. Given I'm swapping over to a GTR front bar in about a month I need to know if the new non-xenons I'd like to swap over will actually fit the bar. Cheers
  7. Hey guys selling my vehicle, i am came to a problem with my headlights being HID Xenon and they are now a problem for me to pass roadworthy. It is a 2001 R34 25GT Sedan. How am i going to fix this issue so it can pass roadworthy? From previous posts it seems like the only way is to find standard headlights and replace the xenon with them so they can use standard bulb, but the wiring wouldn't suit it.
  8. Hi guys, For sale: R34 GTR/GTT/GT/ER34 Xenon Headlights, with bulbs and ballast. Condition: They are in excellent condition, the plastic is clear and doesn’t seem to have any fade/haze. However has a few little marks on the inside of the clear cover (photo below). Also one of the bolts has a bit of erosion. Other than that, all clips are intact, everything is as pictured. Location: Brisbane – Will post at buyers expense Price: $1100ono Note: I also have a R34 GTR bonnet for sale I was saving for a defect notice on my conversion. Bayside Blue, pm me. Pictures:
  9. Hi guys, So I'm kind of new at this stuff so go easy on me, Just recently about a month ago I brought a Nissan R34 25gt P-plate legal off a private owner and what I noticed was on rainy days there was water getting into the right side head light and as I looked closer I noticed a crack and what seems to be like a clear sticky tape from the previous owner which did not help at all, I'm thinking of putting water proof silicon on, but wanted to ask around for advice before I do it, Or should I replace the right side head light all together ? If you could help me out with some advice and ideas would very much be appreciated thanks.
  10. Hi All, I have recently done a projector upgrade on another set of headlight so selling my originals. Selling Left and Right Headlights (not high beam). Were factory Xenon but got converted to Halogen during compliance. I ran an ebay HID kit in them for over 2 years without any issues (can be bought on ebay for $50 - all wiring is there already). Good condition, just need the HID bulbs / ballast installed. Will throw in x2 LED white parkers. $215 (Can post at your expense). Pics to come - PM/Reply if interested so can take them sooner!
  11. Since i bought my R34 my low beams have always been terrible - ie. poor visibility. I'm pretty sure they are some kind of cheap HID kit from ebay that the previous owner has put in. They take a second to flick on and have a blue tint to them. Anyway i think one of the bulbs has blown on the passenger side or something else is going wrong. When i turn on the headlights the passenger side flickers on for an instant before turning off. Is the bulb gone or is it something else? Also what options do i have if i wanted to put in brighter (more usable light) lights? Don't want blue ones, wouldn't mind white but i'd prefer to see the road first. Also i tried to take off the dust cover to see what globe was in there but there was a weird hexagon screw with a small piece in the center - do i need a hollow hex key or something to take it off?
  12. Hi all, Im not sure if this topic has been covered before, but Im sure this might apply to some of you. Have front end damage on my car, where the xenon light "clips" or tabs for screwing onto headlight bracket has been broken. Also has some damage to the light housing itself. Anyone tried to fix this problem by fabricating a custom mounting plate instead of shelling out hundreds of $$$ to replace the whole unit? Any suggestions on where I can get this done or is it achievable as a DIY? Picture below as reference
  13. hey, i have a rather big question (which is probably going to turn around and bite me, but you get that) the friend who crashed my car tried to fix thigns on the cheap and bought a non xenon head light for my car. my old xenon still works great but the cover was smashed. I dont want to connect the new headlight up since its non Xenon and the light differences will be completely out of wack (and i need to change the plugs to connect it) now, is it possible to remove covers on lights and switch them over? or i it better to buy a conversion kit or just bite the bullet and save for another xenon light...
  14. A Pair of R34 gt/gtt Xenon HID's for sale, located in Donvale Victoria, looking for around $900 ono. no globes included. I purchased these from a wreckers but didnt use them as i needed a RWC and have stayed with the standards since. Get back to me if interested. -Steve
  15. R32-4 Bee-r style bodykit & R34 XENON Headlights to match - Sell the lot for $2000 non negotiable Marine Coated Fibreglass - Never been fitted: Front Bar Front Guards Bonnet Side Skirts Rear Quarter Panels Rear Bar Located on the Mornington Peninsula VIC.
  16. Have a set of R34 xenon headlights in perfect working order for sale, these come with ballasts and globes. $800 plus postage. Prefer pickup from Newcastle, NSW area, but happy to post at buyer's expense.
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