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  1. Hey all, I'm trying to get some answers for a (very tentative) VH45 swap somewhere down the line and need to get some stuff sorted before I get too carried away. I've been doing some reading on Z32/R3X hybrid gearboxes that'll take a lot of trouble out of the driveline side of the swap, however obviously most if not all this info pertains to the manual side of things. I plan on retaining my auto. Hence I have a handful of questions. I'm still very much a beginner when it comes to all this so please bear with me if some/all of them are stupid. Currently my plan is R34 NA shifter section + gearset -> Z32 bellhousing -> adaptor plate -> VH45DE engine 1. Probably the most important question, is there a difference between the auto and manual bellhousing in a Z32? I've heard the NA and TT manuals are different (same bolt pattern, need to shave down some metal on the NA to fit the beefier TT flywheel is my understanding) and the NA and TT autos may be different lengths 2. Will the rear half (the shifter section, is there a more technical name) of my RB25 NA's auto gearbox bolt up to the bellhousing of the Z32? I've seen a manual RB rear end bolt up to a manual Z32 bellhousing with no dramas but not an auto 3. Can I use the gearset from my NA's/the Z32's gearbox for the hybrid?
  2. Apparently you need 350Z discs either way so I guess it just boils down to cost v. hassle really
  3. Hey all, anybody considered trying the CTS-V caliper swap that seems to be real popular with the S-chassis crowd in the US? Just taking a glance at eBay it seems tonnes cheaper to grab a set of 6-pots off one of those than try and go the 350z Brembo route. Plus the parts can be had new instead of used and (correct me if I'm wrong here) the disk size is also bigger. One company's offering adaptors for the S13/14 and 300ZX (literally just called CTS-V Swaps or something, first result on Google), got in contact with the guy who says the S13s should work no problem for the 33 GTSTs/R34 GTs. Been thinking of looking into it for my R34 GT so if anyone else has given it a shot would be interested to hear.
  4. R34 GTR fender washers Hey all, Currently in the process of doing a GTR front end conversion to my GT, got some fenders on the way and was just hoping if anyone could tell me what size bolts and washers are needed to fit the GTR fender stays to the GT's body? Can they be picked up from any local hardware/automotive store or do I have to order them specifically from Nissan? Kinda stupidly assumed the ones already in the GT would just bolt straight up but having read through the conversion guide here... ...I'm now not so sure. Any help'd be greatly appreciated. Cheers
  5. Yeah I'm thinking that'll be where I end up, just swap out the centres. Only problem I'm really running into is sourcing one for my specific model. RHDJapan lists the "RB25DE non-viscous model" and the "RB25DET MT" models as using the same centre. Which I would take to mean that, if they use the same model, then they have the same axle hubs, which we've been over pretty thoroughly as not being the case. Could just be more to do with the ratios instead of the actually parts but it doesn't clearly state either way, so will have to shoot them an email to confirm. Nengun also has the KAAZ model which differentiates the models a bit more clearly (25GT and R33 GTS use the same centres, like we were saying earlier) and is about the same price as the Nismo (RHD actually works the Nismo out a bit cheaper with shipping). Probs be more inclined to the Nismo side of things with that being the case but if anybody's had experience with either or better yet both I'd love to hear about it.
  6. So I take it the cases between the 25GT and GTT are different then? I can't simply buy a Nismo GT LSD for the GTT and throw it in my current case? Were I to buy the full GTT LSD setup, would all I need be: -GTT stock LSD -Nismo GT internals -GTT 5 stud axles and these'll all bolt up to my car without much drama in comparison to the R33 GTR gear? Appreciate the info man, seriously, been a big help. Realize I've been asking a lot of questions but hey, gotta learn somehow right?
  7. Yeah, sounds a bit too tricky for me to sink over a grand into it based on guesswork. While we've got a bit of a ball rolling, were I to put a Nismo GT setup into my current casing, could I use one designed for a GTT so I could utilize the 5x1 pattern hubs over the dodgy 3x2s? My understanding is there's several variations with the GT, GTT and GTR all having different setups
  8. So is it simply a matter of removing the taper, replacing it with the bushings from my current upright and then hooking it up to my non-HICAS toe arm, or am I misunderstanding something?
  9. I don't think the NA models came with HICAS, no. What would be required to change the bushings, is it a simple swap-out job, take out the tie rod ends and replace them with bushes from my current knuckle or is it a little more complex than that? I take it using a HICAS lock bar wouldn't work as there'd be nothing on the GT side of things for it to hook up to?
  10. And so by using those would things like my control/camber arms still bolt up without issue? Hopefully not as dumb a question as I assume it is.
  11. If I can afford it in the next few years I'm actually hoping to LS swap it but we'll see how it all goes, chances are I'll end up buying a GTT in the end but for now I'm going to swap out parts so I guess if I can improve things like axles I may as well, at least for the next dumb kid to pick it up haha. So GTST diffs are a no-go, could you explain what you mean by uprights?
  12. Yeah, definitely sounds like I'd be building up to a headache, Nismo GT centre sounds like my best option. Just in the interest of exploring all my options, one guy on here claims the R33 GTST diffs are a direct swap (although there was some confusion due to his axles being 5x1 rather than 3x2, possibly due to his car being a GT4 rather than a standard 25GT). Given this, would it be worthwhile exploring the possibility of an R33 GTR mechanical diff? Presumably I'd need the accompanying axles as it'd be a 6x1 pattern, or am I just going to run into the same problems as the S15? Cheers for all your info so far mate, seems every time I have a question you're the go-to guy.
  13. Jesus, it's never easy is it? I did take a look at the Nismo centres but they're unbelievably expensive for what they are and I was worried I might run into some issues what with a lot of them being manual only and my car being an auto. I've heard an S15 setup will fit and, correct me if I'm wrong here, they have the same bolt pattern being a 3x2, but in this instance the GT had the turbo model subframe installed so I dunno how much difference that would make to the installation process.
  14. 350Z LSD in R34 Hey all, Fair warning, this might be an incredibly dumb question as I'm only just getting into the whole car modification scene and don't know much about how everything works, but I'm looking to get an LSD for my 25GT. Unfortunately the amount of info on this topic isn't so much scarce as just contradictory, some people say a GTT's will fit, others anything from the 33 side of things, an S15's might etc. I recently came across a 350Z LSD (I wanna say R200) and accompanying axles, my question is this: could I feasibly swap all this into my R34? I've heard the 350 has considerably stronger axles due to a ball and cage design so I guess that's a bonus, but I assume the bolt patterns on my current axles won't mate to the 350's LSD housing, hence the need to swap those out as well. Any thoughts on this'd be greatly appreciated.
  15. Haven't done too much research into the turbo side of things, wanted to make sure it could even be done before getting too invested. Would be aiming for a nice 275-300rwhp if possible, anything more'd be a bonus. Was thinking smallish turbo to avoid the mad lag of a big unit, just want something nippier than the DE. In my mind quick spool small turbo > max power big turbo
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