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  1. Haven't done too much research into the turbo side of things, wanted to make sure it could even be done before getting too invested. Would be aiming for a nice 275-300rwhp if possible, anything more'd be a bonus. Was thinking smallish turbo to avoid the mad lag of a big unit, just want something nippier than the DE. In my mind quick spool small turbo > max power big turbo
  2. For anyone still interested, I've been told the NA Neo combustion chamber is around 51.5cc in comparison to the DET's 55-56, meaning the comp ratio with Spool's pistons'll be closer to 9.2. Not sure on the accuracy of the chamber numbers though as Spool thinks the DE and DET share the same size, just with smaller valves and ports on the NA head. How will these smaller sizes impact on the feasability of a small turbo 30DET?
  3. Spool sells a piston kit they're saying will net an 8.7 comp ratio with a Neo head. I shot them an email and they seem to think the ratio'll be about the same regardless of whether it's a DE or DET head which I'm not so sure about, but they'd hopefully know a f**k ton more than I do on the subject. When you say the right turbo, could I get some more elaboration on what you mean by that?
  4. RB25 Neo NA head Hey all, I am having a surprisingly difficult time finding an answer to this question, essentially I have an R34 GT which I'd like to get a bit more power out of and I'm wondering whether its NA Neo head is of any use in building an RB30DET? I wouldn't be chasing mad figures, just something with a bit of high comp for that early boost sitting around the 300hp kinda range, something that runs fine on the streets but can have a bit of fun. Unfortunately that PDF everybody loves to link to every time an RB30 build is brought up has next to no info on the Neo heads, and I'm assuming there's a good reason for this, and that's that the intake ports are too small for them to be useful. But I thought I'd check in before I scrap the idea and buy a GTT or, if money allows, start looking into an LS1. Cheers fellas
  5. R34 front bar - thoughts? Hey all, Recently got my hands on a genuine R34 GTR front bar for my GT and was wondering short of using genuine GTR front fenders (the one pair I found online were well over a grand before they sold) how have people overcome the slight overhang the bar has into the GT series wheel arch? I'm hesitant to go for aftermarket fenders as I've heard fiberglass is prone to cracking and carbon seems too far for a car that's already getting too boy-racer. I recently spotted hh00nn's widebody GTT which got me thinking about potentially moulding some sort of fiberglass lip to give the guards the same pumped look without going all-out on the FPR. Anyway any thoughts'd be appreciated, cheers. This is the overhang I'm talking about, as you can see the bar dips slightly into the arch. At the end of the day I can live with it but if there's a fix I'm missing that won't cost me an arm and a leg I'd be interested.
  6. ZSS Racing Hey all, Looking at buying some upper camber arms for my R34 soon and was wondering if anyone's had any experience with ZSS Racing. They seem to be an Australian based company and offer free shipping within Aus, so they work out at around $475 for a set of front uppers (for context the same parts from Cusco are $400 including shipping). I've heard Japan is the way to go for parts, but if anyone can give me some good feedback on these guys I'd be inclined to consider them (they offer some pretty solid package deals). If not I'll either go Cusco or Sun Line. Cheers
  7. Yeah that's fair mate. Only issue I see now is whether or not these things'll fit behind my new wheels, which is something I'll just have to get out a ruler for haha.
  8. Yeah sorry that is what I was talking about, cheers. So assuming I can confirm that the GT has 12mm bolts I might actually go ahead with this in the near future, I'll be sure to keep yall posted on the results. Cheers for the help fellas.
  9. I've heard conflicting things, some people say 12, some say 14, others say the series 1 models had 12 while the series 2 had 14. Again, probably why nobody really bothers with these cars, way more info on the turbo models. I was reading a post about some guy fitting G35 calipers to his GT saying he had to drill the bolts out from 12 to 14 though so I'd say it's a safe bet they're 12mm. With the disks being considerably larger, would I have to flatten out the surrounding rim to accommodate the increase in width?
  10. GTSBoy, yeah apparently they're the same as the SS Redline's calipers we get here, though for whatever reason the prices don't quite seem to match up between the two. iruvyouskyline, I did take a look at that thread, it being the only one on SAU to actually touch on the topic. Unfortunately nobody on that thread ever seemed to reach a definitive answer as to whether or not the calipers could be easily applied to our Skylines. Being a GT owner especially, nobody really bothers too much with my model, with good reason honestly. So I was mostly interested in the accuracy of the guy's statement when he said their S13 adaptors could be used on my GT. If not, f**k it, I'll grab a set of 4 pots from a 33 or something and save myself some headache. Just thought with the CTS-V's being newer and in a lot of ways cheaper it'd be worth bringing attention to.
  11. CTS-V calipers Hey all, Heard quite a bit about folks swapping CTS-V 6-pot calipers into their S13s for a stupidly low price but am yet to hear of anyone doing it to a Skyline. I was interested in some 4-pots for my GT so hit up a guy who does custom adaptors for the S and Z chassis (http://www.ctsvbrakeswap.com/nissan/), he claims the S13 style adaptors should fit the non-GTR model R34s at least. Anybody got any more info on this type of swap/heard about anyone who's done it? Cheers
  12. Thanks for the replies guys, the guy who owned the car before me obviously damaged the front of the car somehow as the passenger side light if completely buggered, and to fix this he's done a very sketchy job of siliconeing up the casing then bolting on some loose bits of metal to hold it to the frame. Kinda hard to explain without pics but they're well beyond repair. Other than that there's the standard yellowing and scuffing to the lens which just detracts from the car's appearance. The headlights do stuff all as far as lighting the roads go so I'm probably going to swap them out for halogens with a HID setup.
  13. R34 headlight replacement Hey all, Unfortunately the headlights on my R34 are completely stuffed, so it's come time to replace them. The current ones are xenons, however considering the stupid money you have to pay for them I was planning on just going plain old non-xenons as a cheaper alternative. The actual process of swapping xenons to non-xenons has been covered a million times, but what I'd like to know is, are there are physical differences between the two with regards to shape? Despite the dozens of threads on the topic each one gives me a different answer, with some saying the rubbers are different and just need trimming to others claiming they're a whole different shape. Given I'm swapping over to a GTR front bar in about a month I need to know if the new non-xenons I'd like to swap over will actually fit the bar. Cheers
  14. Fender/hood options? Hey guys, I'm sure someone somewhere has asked this question before but amongst the millions of threads on this topic it's hard to pin down an actual answer: if I buy a genuine GTR front bar for my GT series, can I use an aftermarket fender/hood set-up in place of OEM parts to ensure correct fitment? So say for example I use an East Bear hood instead of an official Nissan item with my GTR bar, would it all fit up fine or would I be having issues with fitment? I understand when you use the OEM bits you need hood latches and all the rest which I'd rather avoid the hassle of if I can. Cheers
  15. R33 GTST brake clearance for 25GT Hey all, Getting some Rota Grid 18*8.5+30s thrown on my Skyline R34 25GT later this week and was wondering, will this put a stint in my plans to upgrade the brakes to the R33 GTST 4-pots? The guy when we were buying was pretty adamant that I not have Brembos on it due to problems with clearance, most people hear R34 and just assume GTR I guess, but presumably those'd be considerably larger than the GTST's? I don't have any pics at the moment but can get some once the wheels are actually on the car. My question is will I have any issues fitting the brakes to my car with these wheels? Cheers