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  1. Thank you bro I'll get onto that and go and check them out..thanx heaps for the msg
  2. I need to know of a good mechanic to work on my R34 around the Macleod-west Heidelberg area asap.. PLEASE someone hook me up with a mechanic that I won't chase around the workshop with a tire iron wen I pick up my car and it's damaged=that happened...im new to Melbourne from the gold coast and am having drama finding a good skyline mechanic so please someone let me in on the secret of the good mechanic...thank you for your time
  3. Can anyone recommend a good mechanic around Macleod area to work on my r34???
  4. I'm new to this site and I've got a GT-R34 and don't know anybody with a skyline or any imports and would like to meet people who love skylines
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