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  1. Oh okay that makes sense then. I’ll keep fiddling with it but from what you’ve said it seems like I probably just tried to shoot for the moon and it pulled timing on me. Appreciate the fast response, it’s my first year or so with the car so pretty new to it’s quirks.
  2. Maybe that’s my problem then, ecu is stock. I was of the understanding that guys could push around that but not past 14 without grenading a turbo on more or less stock everything but perhaps I’ve been mislead
  3. Hey all, first post, I’ve come here for help as I can’t find any information elsewhere. I recently purchased a Blitz SBC type S and installed it on my r33 GTST. Car is almost completely stock except for exhaust and filter. The issue I’m having is my car boosts to roughly my target (12.5-13 psi) and then falls off in the high end to around 4-5 pounds of boost. The controller has 3 settings, duty, gain, and p gain. Has anybody experienced this or have a set of settings that works for them that I could steal? There’s next to no information on the internet on this particular boost controller and the translated manual is basic at best. Thanks in advance
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