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  1. Sorry for the late reply, but yes, I had some difficulty with the cradle. It was a few years ago so I don’t exactly remember. But it was a bastard to get it re-installed and I you couldn’t tell the hose was kinked. But I do seem to remember it seemed to go together better and easier once I got it in there right. So maybe an alignment issue while wrestling with it.
  2. Years ago a bunch of us were out at these gravel pits where you could take a dirt bike. A buddy gets fed up with rotten Ford Monza and starts ripping around. Ends up tearing off the oil pan. At this point car is toast so he puts in neutral and plants a rock on the gas pedal. It ran for about 20 mins at near wide open missing an oil pan.
  3. Not sure if you got this sorted but I had same problem. Took the pump 3 times before finding the problem. With me, the pick up hose was getting kinked when I was putting the pump in. It would start and idle fine but would bog right down on acceleration.
  4. Well as embarrassing as this is to admit, my R33 ran identical to that after swapping in ECU with Nistune. Had nothing to do with the ECU itself but the plug/connector. I had not tightened the bolt down far enough on the connector on the ECU. Once I tightened it ran perfect. Needed a set of plugs as it fouled them bad.
  5. Sounds like a great project. Welcome.
  6. Thanks. Kind of figured it must be a leak somewhere but I can’t seem to find it. So at non-zero speed elevated RPM’s are normal. 1100 vs 700? It’s been a while since I’ve had a manual but maybe it was so gradual I didn’t know whereas 1500 rpm is quite noticeable. i used to get constant high rpm until replacing a split vac line. Now only as described. Do these symptoms suggest a particular area to focus on?
  7. Brakes are not too crazy. Just went with the 350Z Brembo conversion. Pretty easy to do and rotors and pads are easy to get here. Pics will be coming. It had been sitting awhile before I bought it and in need of some attention. It’s in a few pieces right now as I work on it in between work and life.
  8. Hello everyone, New here. Just posted an intro and here is the problem I am having that I have not found on here. Or anywhere for that matter. 1993 R33 GTST with no real performance mods done yet. All my reading here has a garage full of parts to install but having a running/idle problem. Car starts and runs great. Did all the standard stuff, filters, fluids, coil packs, plugs, brakes, etc. Idles fine and normal during warm and cold starts. The issue is when driving. When coming to a stop at a set of lights and I put it in neutral or just push in the clutch the rpms drop to around 1500 rpm and sit there until the car comes to a complete stop. Then they drop back to normal. Doesn’t matter if brake easy or hard either. I’ve cleaned and tested MAF. Cleaned IAC Valve, replaced vacuum hoses with silicone. Checked and rechecked clamps/hoses/piping throughout engine bay. Anyone got any ideas? Thanks!
  9. Greetings all, Been reading on here a lot and finally got around to joining. Well to be honest, I was finding all my answers here but have a problem I can’t figure out. So thought I would officially join, be a part of the community and hopefully pick some brains. In the meantime my ride is: 1993 R33 GTST with: GTR body kit - installed previously 3” exhaust - installed previously Coil overs - installed Upgraded brakes - installed Upgraded clutch - installed previously R32 ECU with Nistune - in process of installing Walbro 255 fuel pump - installed 550cc Injectors - to be installed HX35 turbo - to be installed FMIC - in process of installing HID headlights - installed previously etc.
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