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  1. How about the celarance between pistons an valves? Is it a problem, when I reduce the hight of the cylinder head on a neo engine with variable valve timing?
  2. By the way, what do you think about applying permatex spay gasket to the tomei gasket before assembly? Does it help to get a better sealing, or is it just wasted money?
  3. Thank you all for the replies. This forum is much better than the german equivalent. ARP studs are already in my garage waiting for me to screw them into the block. I think I'll go for the tomei gasket because of the small extra cost but higher (presumed) reliability compared to the oem gasket. Will the higher compression ratio be an issue when mapping the link ecu because of the risk of knocking? Keeping in mind that the stock knocksensors will stay in the block.
  4. I've clculated the compression ratio value for the 1.2 mm including the 0.16 mm of material that the machine shop removed from the head. When I use the 1.2 mm gasket it will be the same as 1.04 mm gasket with the cylinder head before machining it.
  5. The Tomei compression rate calculator says that the oem gasket thckness is 1.1 mm and the compression is 8.97. With the 1.2 mm gasket the compression rate would be 9.03 and with the 1.5 mm it would be 8.76.
  6. Ok, thnks for the info. Is this the correct one? https://www.tj-partshop.com/products/13009-Tomei_Headgasket_Zylinderkopfdichtung_Nissan_RB25DET It is available with 1.2 or 1.5 mm. Which thickness would be the right choice?
  7. Hi guys, i'm going to get off my stock turbo an put on a Garrett GTX3076. Other mods like FMIC, 600 cc injectors, link g4+, DW fuelpump etc. will be or were already added. So I took the head off and got it machined to have an even surface. I've cleaned the block with a razorblade to get off the rest of the oem headgasket. The machine shop took off 0.16 mm from the head to get an even surface. The oem gasket thickness is 1.2 mm as I've read, so if I add the 0.16 mm the replacement has to be at least 1.36 mm. Correct? As I am from Germany, i've searched for a metal headgasket in the local online shops but just found 1.2 or 1.5 mm but no 1.4 or 1.3. So which thickness would you recommend? Or would the oem Nissan gasket be good enough for my setup, keeping in mind that the block was only cleaned by hand?
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