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  1. It's rapid performance from Timaru, nah he's already recommended me 45mm but i end up buying a 60mm gen v for brand new on good price from a friend so just curiousity to know does it make the car way too loud haha
  2. Was it gen v 50mm pro gate, coz even tuner recommended to get a smaller 45mm one
  3. Hii guys just wanna know is anybody running a bigger 60mm wastegate on their rb25 with 500hp? I know it's overkill but i got it for good deal so want to know ur opnion. My current setup Holset hrc35/2 pro rated 600+hp Sinco t3 twin scroll Walbro 455 + tomei fpr Otaku ffp Fmic 3 inch full catback exhaust Link g4+ plug n play Bosch 1000cc injectors Cometic 1.3 head gasket Stock internals
  4. So u mean i should go with .63housing then turbo doesn't matter
  5. It's not engine swap , i already gone through 100 threads but my concern is if i choose gtx3582r with.82 housing does it lag cause i read gtx3576r gen2 spool more faster and cause no lag at mid range with same housing.
  6. Read carefully, i said it running on stock internal and i had much sense it's not possible on stock internal . Mostly my concern abt choosing a right turbo with not big housing ,i already gone through heaps of thread still struggling can't find anybody using gtx gen2 on rb25 with 600hp. Rest of mods i know very well.
  7. I want 550-600hp on my 96 r33 gtst which currently running on stock internal, turbo and aftermarket intercooler, 3"full exhaust, excedy hd clutch, bov, hks boost controller on 98 making 300hp. Little bit confusion in buying turbo, wat should i go with gtx3576r gen 2 or gtx3582r with wat housing for street purpose and which one spool faster making stututu sound . I'm new to rb world and wat mods exactly i want to achieve that power on 98.
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