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  1. Okay, fair enough. What about if I wanted to get a GTS-T with an RB20DET but just take off the turbo? I'm not asking how fast it will be as speed is only important for sprinters and muh street racing. I don't do sprint, I prefer circuit or drift. How about answering the questions instead of judging the reasoning behind said question? mUsT bE sChOoL hOlIdAyS aGaIn Thank you for the advice. Unhelpful and somehow more dumb than my initial question. I was thinking about maybe getting a GTS type S or M so I could get a feel of a Skyline in general and slowly upgrade over time. It is easier to find an unmolested GTS or GTS-T than it is a GT-R for obvious reasons. I prefer to stick with an R32 if possible. The one I was looking at at the moment was an HCR32. Thank you for giving some actual advice to the problems that can arise from doing this. Can you shed some more light on it or link some reading on the topic? fAsT aNd tHe FuRiOuS le may may Pretty sure that was your mom and her alcoholism in utero. So there is a reason I worded my post in the way that I did. I am wanting to know this because I am planning on getting a Skyline as a daily driver. Yes it is possible, because the Skyline is just a car. A car with a particularly sturdy engine. I believe most people have so many problems with Skylines because they want to molest the shit out of them and are to asinine to just drive a naturally aspirated or even in the case of a GT-R, just driving it as stock as possible minus upgrading for manufacturer defects in engine design such as the oil pan problem. Extra boost is extra pressure, extra heat, and more wear and tear on not only the transmission but the internals. We're talking about a 25-30 year old vehicle. Also I love how everyone in this thread apparently is le master racer yet they can't understand getting to know the feel of a vehicle and how it handles naturally aspirated, how it handles weight distribution, turning radius, how it takes corners, etc. Why would I want to learn all this with a shit ton of power initially? That is just adding extra wear and tear on the internals when I know I won't be going balls out on it for a while. For instance, before I would even THINK about putting a lot of stress on an pre-95 RB engine I would be upgrading the spark/coilpack/ignition system (probably the platinum racing R35 conversion kit) given the arc problems the packs tend to come with leading to terrible misfires at high RPMs. Something that gets exacerbated with a f**king turbo being added. While I don't know a lot about Skyline in particular as they have been illegal to have in the States doesn't mean I don't know cars in general. Some car manufacturers, Japanese and German specifically, are very finicky when it comes to removing stock turbos or super chargers. They aren't just bolt in, bolt out. So that is why I posted this. Jesus f**king Christ the amount of whining in a thread that you didn't even have to post in. To those of you who kind of tried to give a decent answer, thank you. To those of you who decided to stick your finger in your ass and smear your phone screen with it as a response: You're cancer and no matter how high your post count no one is ever going to actually like you. in b4 trolls bandwagon and pile on because they know I'm right If you would like to post some helpful reading material and links please feel free to do so so I can get some actual advice.
  2. This may be a dumb question but let's say that I buy a Skyline GT-R, probably an R32 in either the RB20DET or the RB25DET. I really want to get a feel for the car N/A before getting the power boost of a turbo. Can you take the turbo off of the engine and run it N/A? If so are there any modifications that need to be done beforehand? Thank you in advance for the answers.
  3. Sorry but when you say LS1 all I can think about is the Corvette engine. That's not what you mean right?
  4. So wait is not showing the license plates on a car a red flag? What if the seller is a one man broker type seller with a website and all that?
  5. This may be an incredibly ignorant question but let's say that something fails on my GTS transmission and the entire thing needs to be replaced. Would I be able to replace it with a GTS-T transmission or a GT-R transmission? Also since the GTS and GTS-T uses such a similar transmission can I source transmission parts from it?
  6. I am in the process of getting a 1990 HCR32 Skyline GTS Type S (Sedan) and I have a few questions I am hoping someone can answer. Is there a R32 Skyline GTS or GTS-T service manual? I have the GT-R manual and the RB series engine manual, but this document is NO WHERE online. Every topic here and elsewhere the links are all dead and are a decade or more old. What transmission does the GTS and GTS-T use? As per this blog it says that the R32 and R33 GT-Rs used the Nissan(FS5R30A). Did the GT-R and GTS-T use the same? Are GTS-T parts compatible with the regular GTS? It says that the 300ZX transmission parts are pretty much exchangeable with the R32 and R33 GT-Rs but does that also go for the GTS and GTS-T? I am mainly wanting to get all my ducks in a row and the information lined up before hand in case any problems pop up and I am caught off guard.
  7. When dealing with cars that are 30 years old, some forum posts with tutorials are going to be ancient. Just call me the necromancer lol Also I didn't know pics showed on desktop, thank you. The pics were linking from google images but on the mobile forums not showing.
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