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  1. So they aren’t legal then? I’ve read from multiple sources that you can legally drive a Stock turbocharged rb20det on Ps is qld. It’s so hard cause there’s so much mixed messages an statement. Yes I’m aware a lot of them are beaten to shit, but if I can get one, I’m going to try get new kit new parts “fairly newish parts” I’m aware it’s going to cost a lot, but I’m up for the challenge an I’m working towards it, I got money saved from when I was 13 an started saving for an r32.
  2. Hey everyone, ever since I was around 10-12 (im 17 now) I have had me eyes set on buying an R32 GTS-T, but I was told multiple times because they're turbocharged I wouldn't be able to get one until i'm 25, but recently i've read up on a few sources that in QLD you can own and drive a turbocharged R32 GTS-T on P's because they are about 123 kW/T and the max is 125 kW/T, if this is true I also read up that you need an exemption, what would I have to do to be able to drive one? (I'm aware im prolly gonna get some comments saying its not worth it, or that i'm going to get pulled over all the time etc etc, but i honestly don't mind this is my dream car an im down to go through all that.) Sincerely Kye. Please let me know if this is the wrong area of the forum to be asking.
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