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    Having a broken rb powered s chassis among other things

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  1. I don’t have Facebook anymore. Figured the guys here would be somewhat more informative/helpful. haven’t had great luck with what I’ve bought/people I’ve tried dealing with on Facebook in the past though. Partly why my engine got wrecked so bad, mechanic I used was pretty abominable after pulling it out and seeing shortcuts I couldn’t actually see while it was in. Figured the second comment was essentially a don’t bother replying but thanks anyway dude, I’ve hit up some people I know overseas. Fingers crossed. Lock whenever, flame war or whatever ? Good job getting the saying wrong as well as proving my point..
  2. Apparently no one sells this shit anymore it seems. Helpful as f**k, 10/10.
  3. Want to buy Rb25det neo. if over 120,000km I don’t want it. dont need that rubbish cold side or any ic piping. would prefer a later gtt neo over a c34. optionally assembled long block ready to have head put on. I’m in the act so I’m willing to pick up if it’s the latter. cheers guys.
  4. Yeah man, ACT Australia sorry, I just blazed through the profile creation to get the post out as it was in my head. Full details: drove a mate home from work, started overheating which turned to clunking and screeching. Stopped and saw my trail of oil down the highway. engine is now apart out of the car, bearings are no good, piston 2’s lobe is a bit scratched up but not horribly. Whether or not it’s unfixable is yet tbc. ideally I’d prefer to start with a fresh engine, and use what I have as a spare, or build one pull the other later on. A long block and poncams isn’t out of the question as long as it’s a full long block. also don’t need hot/cold sides as they’re of course fine and it’s plazmaman. will start a proper build thread in the coming days/weeks cheers as well
  5. Hey guys, first post here so excuse any of my forum etiquette being poor or my topic being incorrect or whathaveyou. As the title goes, this year I finally started tearing down my 180’s engine after the driver side mount somehow intruded on my oil filters personal space and ejected it from my car. My current position, I miraculously snapped my exhaust cam taking the head apart; and upon inspecting the bottom end the crank seems salvageable but bearings definitely gone. At this point I would rather a stocker go in to get it moving again. I’m in search of a later Rb25det neo, also preferably around the 100k. mileage mark and not flogged like Christie mack and not my kidney. Low chances at this point I know. This projects now on the second car, and transplant and been in the works since 2013, driven it maybe 6 of those months. Both the cause and the cure to my problems.
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