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  1. Thanks. I think I've found the right ones out there. Hopefully my copy has all the torque specs
  2. Thanks. I'm undecided between a 350Z or a BMW E36 or E46. I'm looking at an R33 GTS this week but it was imported and not legal as a road car (so would be strictly track or drift)
  3. Hey SAU I'm hoping to join your community to get lots of tips on building RB motors. I'm not from Aus but I've found the best advice here, hope that's ok. I decided to start building an RB25DET as a hobby that I've always wanted to do. I picked up my motor from a scrap dealer as it was a damn sight cheaper than an RB26 or even a 1JZ motor but I'm super stoked to strip the motor down to the block and rebuild it to test my abilities. I've never built a motor before but have a background in Mining Engineering so not averse to getting into technical details. I wanna start off my first build with stock internals and see how things go from there
  4. I picked up an old RB25 from a scrap dealer who sold it as a NEO. It didn't come with an engine cover (the obvious indicator) but I figured I'd be able to identify it once I started stripping it. The first thing I checked was the crankshaft oil pump collar. To my disappointment, this was the standard, short collar which made me think that I was sold a non-NEO. But as I stripped the head, I see it had solid lifters, indicating a NEO. I read that early NEO's hadn't addressed the oil pump collar issue but have the improved cylinder head. It's also meant to have GTR conrods but I'm not sure how to identify those. Anyone else know how I could identify the motor that I have? At this stage, it would be important for me to know how much the stock internals can handle
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