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    stagea, vyii s, peugot306
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  1. Been a member since 2005 when I first bought the s1, several mods and 300k's later the car has been in the shed for 2yrs although showing its age I still start it once a month( starts first go every time) . So today I thought I would give it a wash and a fang up the road and share the love( std wheels on, black 18's are in the sh! trim.0C776972-B132-4270-B4CC-6335AD4CB16D.MOV
  2. leetom

    S1 No Reverse

    ok stop looking found reverse, car hasn't been driven for ages only started so i took it out of the shed and reved it in reverse and it kicked in( nearly cleaning up my wifes passat) so it seems ok
  3. leetom

    S1 No Reverse

    s1 auto reverse gone any ideas?
  4. hi Hugh, ring Stones brakes and automotive at sth Tweed (0755243602), they got a pair for me in a couple of days, i did post the part no but i can't find the post, regards Leigh.
  5. leetom

    Eyelids C34 S1

    i have a set for sale only drama ls they come with the car, $3000 if your interested, got stacks of goodies
  6. sensational bayside blue 34 gtr with a tapered thin white stripe running along the top of front doors towards back ending in red, just south of Tweedheads on pacific hwy heading south, gave me (humble stagea driver) a beep as i took the Pottsville off ramp
  7. process of elimanation, and frustrating, mine turned out to be crank angle sensor
  8. hi hugh my s1 for sale, as advertised in " whole cars for sale"
  9. my mistake on model not an S but a rs4v, sorry must have been dreaming heaps more pics in my gallarey
  10. silver dayz rs4s 280000km showing signs of wear and tear still drives strong, twin sunroofs,eyelids, nismo bodykit (cracked front bar) also original dayz kit ( also damaged) ces full s/s front dump and exhaust, bilstein suspension, whiteline springs and swaybars,whiteline body alignment kit, camber adjustment, greddy f/m, yellow jacket coil packs, apexi safc11, 18" gmac rims, boost control, k&n filter,also have original wheels and exhaust, suspension etc, ph 0439 803 681 or 02 66 771 695 located nth nsw.
  11. haven't used my ipod thru my xanavi for so long i forgot how to access vtr2, thought all i used to do was select tv and choose vtr2 now i can't locate it, any help appreciated.
  12. i spotted this car at sth tweed it was like new, very tasty with vented guards little lights under t/lights nice spoiler, certainly a bit different, ....lucky p plater.
  13. if your on the goldcoast and having trouble finding a good p/beater for those doors shoot me a pm.
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