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  1. its all in the 60ft. my zed has run a best of [email protected] with a 2.2 60ft& R33 [email protected] 2.3 60ft(its a std auto) what gearbox do you run&what car is yours?? I assume a R32 2 door?
  2. Chris32 , I will have to find my dyno run & post, I have not seen the injector stats on my Zed but the skyline is maxed out. R u happy with the Pfc, and have you run it down the strip??
  3. Huddy, I run a RB20DET in my Zed with the GT25-440Hp & it is sweet, currently running std computer with fcd, and it makes [email protected] also have the same turbo on my R33 and it makes 240rwkw at 15psi. there is a lot of adapting to get it to fit/connect but I find it a great option. cheers
  4. I have already fitted a RB0DET to my Zed And it is a sweet combo. The biggest hassle is the sump!! If you need any help drop me a line.
  5. I see you have a Zed in your avatar is it yours ?? I have a 73 260Z 2 seater with RB20 in it. ian
  6. Hi Can you tell me where the box is at the moment. Im in Mackay QLD. Cheers Ian Zedman
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