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  1. Hey sorry to revive an old thread but did anyone have any luck with this. I'm at the point now of giving it a go but have no idea where to start. any idea's on the best method? moving the mounts or fabricating a rose joint onto the trailing arm?
  2. I know its been 2 years but are these still for sale? Looking for one to replace my busted one.
  3. Time has come for me to part with my old daily. I never drive it anymore and I have to many cars. Looking for $6500 no rego or RWC 1989 R32 GTS-t M-spec 110,XXXkm's The Good: - full interior - Working cold A/C and climate control - Alloy Radiator with twin Thermo fans - 18" Manta-ray Wheels - New Front Tyres - Cusco 2-way diff - Hicas Eliminated - Front mount Intercooler - RB25 Turbo - 3" turbo back exhaust - All new brake pads and discs >10000km ago - New brake master cylinder - New clutch master and slave cylinders - Full Head recondition about 3000 km's ago from Brisbane cyl heads - New Nissan gaskets and seals from the block up - New Belts etc - New coil pack loom The Bad - Turbo oil seal is starting to fail and blows smoke for a couple of minutes on start ( I have the stock rb20 turbo still that will come with the car) - Rear tyres will need to be replaced for RWC - Paint job is not great but its not too horrible. Door jams etc are not painted. If you looking for a show car then this is not the one for you. - Could use a few suspension bushes etc replaced Car is in Brisbane. please PM or email me johnohanlon@optusnet.com.au if you are interested and I'll give you a call. Thanks John
  4. Hey do you still have any of the panels? After front guards, bonnet, front bar, grill etc Thanks John
  5. Hey I'm Chasing a drivers door latch from a r32 coupe. Also chasing Ambient air temp sensor that sits in the front bar near the horn for the air-con system. Also a Passenger side type M side skirt or a pair if someone has them laying around. I'm located in Ipswich E-mail: johnohanlon@optusnet.com.au Thanks
  6. Made_guy Not sure if you still want this but i still have a STD intake cam gear. John
  7. Ok I’ve got to get some shit out of my garage. Offers accepted if reasonable. All on the Gold Coast. Ring or e-mail me at johanlon@iinet.com.au or 0438 760 918 I’ll try to get some photos up tomorrow. Ok I have: Skyline gear - Bare rb25det head $50 - Bare Rb25det block STD bores $200 - Rb25det crank STD size $150 - Rb25det Rods STD size $100 - Box of rb25det valve gear + GTR valve springs $100 - Rb25 Lifters almost a full set $50 - Rb25det STD exhaust cam $30 - Rb25det RWD sump $50 - Bare Rb20det head $30 - Shit condition Rb20det block complete – sump $30 - Rb25det STD exhaust manifold $40 or stainless eBay ex gate one $100 - Stainless eBay sr20det manifold t25/t3 flanges ex gate $100 - HR31 GTS-X front struts, king springs, brakes, control arms etc $250 - Silvia set of King springs $100 - S13 sr20 cross member + steering rack $100 Random Shit - 2 x shit condition random weber carbs like 32/36 - $20 each or $30 both - 2 x Escort 2lt manifolds - $5 each - 350 Holley (i think)+ air cleaner great condition $150 - Shitty old intercooler.600x300x45 $20 - BA falcon radiator and fans (too big to fit in a 31) $120 - Ae86 drivers seat and ae71 passenger seat $80 - Ae86 struts, hubs, brakes $100 VN V6 common door rust bucket good engine no RWC no rego still runs and starts $500 Contact me if you want more information on anything or want to make an offer. I’ll mail small shit but most of the big stuff you will have to pick up. But no COD I hate having the crap come back and I just want it gone. John
  8. PM me the CHRA numbers please (the ones on the garret plate on the centre) and i'll give you that for it if its not sold. I just want to check i can put my spare housing on it thats all. Thanks John
  9. Very interested in this as i was looking at buying a gt3076 in the next few weeks. But would like to see the pics of the same places at discopotato before i make a offer. Thanks John
  10. shouldve advertised them on toymods.org, would've sold at that prices in hours
  11. This happened to my 25 when i rebuilt it. We got a little careless at the end of the rebuild and didn't check the lifters as they where fine when i pulled the engine down. At least 5 or so where locked up and not letting the valve close all the way. Replaced them and its been running fine until now. So that may be your problem too. John
  12. no problem i think he would like a local buyer anyway but as it says in the first post I'm just posting it for a friend without a internet connection so please dont bother to e-mail me just ring him. (I only put the e-mail up there for pics) Also he had what seemed like a good offer but they didn't follow through so he may have stopped answering calls after that for a while due to the interest. Sorry for anyone really interested in buying it. John
  13. available again due to time waster. $2250 rear housing .82 turbo is rated at 750hp
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